Saturday, April 28, 2018

An open letter to the CEO of Deciem, Brandon Truaxe || #RivetRant

CW: Racism, Anti-Semitism

Dear Brandon Truaxe,

You said you only wanted constructive criticism, and I am here to deliver.

You are somebody I have admired for a while; as a beauty consumer, a beauty professional, and a future cosmetic formulator.

You have become increasingly more difficult to support. You founded a company that brought overall great cosmetics to the market, and gave pride to everything abnormal in this world, reaching out to us weird folk. The Ordinary is something that changed my skin for the better, because I know that I will find actives that will work and I won't be spending mega-bucks. I've supported Deciem from the beginning, when Hylamide and Hand Chemistry (now The Chemistry Brand) launched here in Australia a few years back. Grow Gorgeous was also a brand I fell in love with prior to being sold.

Your biggest mistake was taking social media into your own hands. You have alienated your customers and anybody trying to reach out to you. You have been irresponsible with emergency services. You have scared the shit out of people. You have wasted everybody's time. You have people worried for you. You literally have people trying to diagnose you with a psychiatric disorder and commit you, but it's not my place to speak on that note.

We once thought that Lime Crime and Doe Deere were scandalous. Jeffree Star's behaviour was also driving away customers. These indie brands that became huge because of social media and drama, but Deciem was far more than that, it is far more accessible.

You have money and can buy retribution, but how much are you going to have to spend before you completely lose everything? Are your investors and distributors really going to hold onto you now? Is the drama really just a PR stunt?

You're taking screenshots of comments where you are calling people idiots and posting them in your Instagram stories, and now I am taking screenshots of your post. My blog is not a place for drama, I'm just here to say your products are great, but you are not. I've mentioned Deciem in countless posts and recommended products to friends and readers. I'm really trying to support you, but it's coming to a bitter end.

UPDATE: And you're being Anti-Semitic? You realize I am Jewish, right...? DO YOU THINK THIS IS OKAY?!?!

My ultimate question is, why are you doing this?

Brandon, if you're reading this, and you probably will find it eventually because of how drama spreads; stating that you're "abnormal" is not a licence to be an asshole. Get your shit together.

Rivet Licker


Note for my readers: Until this is rectified, I will not be purchasing any more Deciem products, but I will continue to use and review the backlog.

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  1. All this drama surrounding Brandon & the brand is a real turn-off I gotta say. I haven't read all the comments (nor have I been fully following along), but the whole thing has been utterly troubling from the get go. Brandon really should've kept well away from the socials as he will now be solely responsible for his brands collapsing.

    It's so sad as I really like some of The Ordinary's products (the Niacinamide + Zinc has been a godsend for me of late, it's really worked on my skin) & I want to continue purchasing, but I feel like I can't because the CEO/co-founder comes across as an erratic & unprofessional arsehole. Not gonna lie, I'm really torn about this.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. Don't read the comments or look at the stories, they're a bit much. It's basically Brandon replying to people that are telling him to cut it out and calling them idiots, swearing, personally attacking them, sending hoards of his fans to harass them etc.

      I have been speaking to the user to whom he made the pulled pork remark to, which sparked this, and it was because she had her profile on public, which now has become private due to people harassing her, and also bringing out terrible tropes of antisemitism that seem small and easy to brush off, but have accumulated to provided a backbone into justification of harm to the Jewish community.

      I genuinely do love the products, but Brandon is something leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. I don't think it's marketing; I think he's just an asshole.

  2. It will be a no from me. Such a shame. I recently discovered the brand too.