Tuesday, October 16, 2018

THE DOWNFALL OF DECIEM || What about the products?! || #RivetReview

As things get more bizarre, I'm talking conspiracy theories and incomprehensible banter bizarre, with Deciem and its problematic founder, Brandon Truaxe, it's hard to tell what is going to happen with the brand. Brandon was ousted as CEO as of the 12th October 2018, after he stated that Deciem was going to cease operations for two months. With the Instagram account deactivated (reactivated as of 15th October) we don't know what is happening inside the brand, and whether this is just all an elaborate PR stunt or just somebody who has lost themselves to their mind.

Leading up to this, I have been trying to use up the stash I have left, and I said I would give my thoughts on the products, feelings aside for a person who publishes confidential emails, accuses his board of criminal activity, and calls customers 'idiots'. I'm not sure where the brand is going now, only time will tell, but I want to be confident that things turn around for the better.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

10 Shitty Things Nobody Tells You About Life With Chronic Illness || #RivetRant

Everyone thinks that chronic illness is a one way ticket to Lazy Town (not to be confused with the children's television series that appealed to creepers on the internet), but it's no cakewalk. Most chronically ill people are working harder to achieve the same results with half the resources, and that's just to survive the day.

Image Description: Cartoon depiction of Rivet Licker, the author of this blog. She is a tired looking woman with short purple/pink hair and has thermometer in her mouth. She is wearing a bath robe and holding a mug of coffee in one hand, and the other is placed on her face. Text reads "Chronic Illness Is Shitty".

I know it's not beauty related, but I don't really want to publish a story with a well known chronic illness website that is pretty crappy to neurodivergent people and rhymes with 'She Fighty'. Better published on an independent platform!

This post comes with a massive trigger warning for lots of swearing, mental health, suicidal ideation, drugs, bodily functions, dismissive doctors, ableism (naturally), financial woes, inspiration porn, flashy GIFs, etc.