Welcome to my blog.
Curated by Lara Schilling aka Rivet Licker. 

It's all about beauty; cosmetics, skincare, makeup, treatments, science and more! Cruelty free brands, vegetarian friendly beauty, and harm minimization in a world of consumer products.

#RivetReview started out as an Instagram hashtag for me to review products - a blog gives me the freedom to expand on this, so now we are here! 

I'm 31 years old, a product of the 80s; and I hail from Sydney, Australia. I'm a weird character, full of social awkwardness and colourful hair. I experience life as a disabled person which gives me a unique perspective on the beauty world. I'm a qualified audio and electronics technician, and I do some multimedia things in my spare time, I'm not necessarily good at it, but I like to have fun. I dabble in makeup and hair too, but primarily focus my interests on skincare and nice smelling things.

"LARA IS A NERD" - All of my friends.


The name:
Rivet Licker, yes, it's a silly name, but it has stuck as a brand and here's the story:
Rivet: From "rivethead", an industrial music subculture.
Licker: Nickname for random objects at an old workplace (like the spider on the wall).

There's also that other name, the one on my birth certificate:
Lara: Famous
Schilling: Currency
I have neither. Irony at its finest.

Outside interests:
Nine Inch Nails, Star Trek, Angry Birds, Ratchet & Clank, STEM, karaoke & trivia, food & cooking, Netflix, YouTube EDU (Hank Green FTW!), DIY & crafting, coffee, tea, producing music, being an occasional guest host on my friend's radio show, memes.

The Dog:
#jackbcollie was started to show pictures of Jack, my border collie. He crossed the rainbow bridge a few months shy of his 14th birthday.

Miss you, Jack.

Byron was adopted in October 2015. He is me in dog form; has freckles, loves dogs, dislikes people, ultra-neurotic. 

His Lordship.

I love all things doggo, so if you follow me on social, please send me doggo pics!