Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Summer Goth - Beauty & Fashion Essentials

Whoever said we needed to brood indoors when the temperature rises along with the UV index? I'm your stock standard alternative, black clad and existential goth girl (with a sun allergy - extra goth points for the Vampire hiss), but the outdoor world doesn't scare me; or at least areas in the shade don't! As some of you may already know, and a heads up for those that don't, I have an intolerance to sunlight (and other forms of UV emitting light sources) caused by having Lupus. I also lost pigmentation and the ability to tan (a far cry from the little olive brown kid I was). Surely enough, the goth lifestyle was my destiny - I used to express myself more when I was active in the scene, but I tend to keep things very casual these days.

Bright hair, black clothes, skin that looks darker than it really is.

I have curated a list of essential items to survive summer as a goth!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Range - #RivetReview

Antipodes Skincare, hailing from New Zealand, offers nature inspired beauty products to target and treat concerns at a cellular level with the patented Vinanza Performance Plus antioxidant blend from Vinanza Grapes and Kiwi. This brand prides itself on its holistic approach that is backed up by science; a balanced approach to being effective and eco-conscious.

Product jars.

Having tried other products from Antipodes with great results, including the very active Apostle Brightening Serum, and Grape Seed Butter Cleanser, I was very excited when I was invited to the launch of the brand new Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening range including the Light Day Cream with Bee Venom# and Vinanza Grape and Kiwi, and the Eye Cream with Persian Silk Flower.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

10 Misconceptions about Beauty Bloggers as told by Rivet Licker

We're all one and the same when it comes to beauty communications. A blog, a YouTube video, a social media #sponsored post; whatever platform; somebody in the public is going to make assumptions about what we do, how we act, where we congregate. I don't speak for everybody, but in my experiences as an almost socially incompatible human attempting to communicate thoughts I have when washing my face, I had a lot of assumptions myself, until I met the people who play the same field. 

The life you THINK I live.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Finding My New Foundation- Part 3

Urban Decay had two foundations I was interested in trying, so I requested samples of both when I visited Mecca Maxima. Unfortunately, due to the weather change since Part 2, my skin is behaving slightly differently (i.e. I am sweating a lot), and sun exposure has really amped up my freckles and redness. I am currently wanting something full coverage that doesn't feel like an oil slick on my face.

Foundations applied only on cheek area.

In Part 3, I road test Urban Decay's Naked Skin and All-Nighter foundations. I picked the shade 0.5 in both formulas as they blend seamlessly to my neck, despite my face being darker.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Have you ever gone to Priceline or any store that sells budget through moderately priced cosmetics and you see people applying testers directly onto their faces? Do you find opened merchandise that appears to have been used or witness somebody using it? Do you have an urge to react in an anti-social manner but use every strength to not punch the perp in the face, or at least hope they contract an infectious disease so they learn their lesson? Do you alert staff to suspected theft and merchandise damage?

Reenactment of in-store tester application directly to eyes and lips using my own products.
I'm a consumer. I tell it like it is. I alert staff to asinine acts that take place in the makeup aisle because I don't want to get sick from irresponsible citizens who think applying testers to their face, or worse still, opening merchandise to use as testers is okay. You're just ruining it for everybody.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Brite Organix Matte Lipstick #RivetReview + Swatches

Brite Organix are known for their bright and bold “fashion” hair colours. As an ethics driven brand, they are 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan, along with having options for semi-permanent and temporary hair colour from all over the spectrum. And yes, I'm a #BRITEBABE right now! 

Brite Organix Matte Lipstick

In 2016, Brite Organix released a range of nine Matte Liquid Lipsticks in 9 on-trend colours, with shade names such as “Hella” and “Dope”, ranging from nudes to deep darks to brights, embracing their ethics and offering the Australian market another range of Cruelty Free matte lipsticks at an affordable price point.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lip Plumpers – Trending #RivetReview

Lips are a huge business in the beauty industry. Many people strive to enhance their pout slightly and others want to go full with Angelina Jolie in mind. From the one and only King Kylie, to YouTube Makeup Influencers such as Carli Bybel having fillers, with their fans following suit, it has become one of the most popular non-surgical procedures. There's absolutely no shame in having them, but not everybody can afford it, or simply aren't suitable candidates to have the procedure done (that's me!)

Upper left lip collapses into my mouth.

A luscious pout is something I've always dreamed about. I don't have the thinnest lips in the world, but I certainly wasn't blessed with, or have been able to achieve the size or shape I want. Having braces as a teenager pushed my lower lip further out than it originally was, and a dog bite left me with some scarring and a crooked smile, not to mention nerve damage to part of my face. I'm so contraindicated to having lip fillers that even cosmetic doctors have said no, so in my quest of getting the pout I want, lip plumping products will have to do.

Friday, November 25, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part Seven

Part seven of the #RivetReview archive brings you Designer Brands going into hair care, and Model Co's ingenious face wipes that took my [then] eyebrows with them.

Here we go.
Note: Information not pertaining to the outcome of the product review may have been been edited. Purchase/PR sample/gift status has been stated on each item.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette Swatches + #RivetReview

Kat Von D Beauty speaks to every cruelty free beauty addict out there, particularly those of us who stray from the norm. Where alternative subculture meets the demands of the beauty market, KvD offers an unapologetic array of products for EVERYBODY.

I definitely stray from the norm.

The Metal Matte LIMITED EDITION Eyeshadow Palette covers neutrals, brights and bolds, in 13 matte and 9 metallic finishes. Aside from the cool packaging with optical illusion text, designed by KvD herself, there are 22 pans of highly pigmented goodness.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Swisse Skincare 2016 Releases - #RivetReview

Swisse, yes, the vitamin and wellness company, also make skincare, and have been for several years now. Just in case you have missed the memo, this brand has been one that has found a praise in my skincare cupboard. The botanical formulas and eco-friendly products make Swisse Skincare great for your skin and for your conscience.

Press Box

In June 2016, a new range of product hit pharmacy and supermarket shelves; including two BB Creams*, a sunblock, a clearing moisturiser, a body scrub and a body oil. These products joined the already flourishing range of some of my favourite makeup remover, oil cleanser, and toner mist.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

What happens when life ruins your skincare routine. And Malar Rash.

Things have been really unorganized and not so great lately, so my skincare routine has really suffered. Between all the practical exams, practical lessons and Lupus flare ups, my skin has gone from OMG WOW! to OMG HOW?!

My neck is normal... My cheeks are extremely red.

I'd like to welcome you to the last few months of my life; stress, illness, and an "I don't care" attitude.

Friday, October 28, 2016

AUSTRALIS TURNS 30! Swatches + NEW Products October/November 2016

As of October 2016, Australis Cosmetics has been an Australian icon for 30 years. In 1986, just under two years before my arrival, this fresh brand of cosmetics hit pharmacy shelves to appeal to the female youth of this land. This brand has always had affordable products and on trend colours, definitely appealing to me when I was a teen! (Who remembers those sticky lip glosses from around 2001, one similar in colour to Velourlips Tok-i-o, and a chocolate brown?)

Vintage perfume packaging and promotional material.

Last week, I received a PR package full of the new goodies; it brightened up what was a really bad week and I was also invited to be a guest at the 30th birthday celebration at the Ivy Penthouse where we were showered with great food and drink, great company, and a great presentation. Our goodie bags were packed to the brim with new releases that have already hit shelves, or will be available as of November. This means I have plenty of swatches to show! All products are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) and many options are Vegan!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Can you really get results with at-home waxing products?

I just completed and passed waxing after many weeks of agonizing hatred for the process. It's not a career path I was going to take down the road of beauty, but it's nice knowing that I know how to do it. Let's just say, your eyebrows are in good hands.

Eyebrows waxed using hot wax + tweezing by me. Model: Cassandra
Between practice in class, I had the opportunity to practice at home with my Lycon LycoPro Baby Wax Heater and products I was able to get at pharmacies, supermarkets and discount department stores (there were a few PR samples thrown in the mix), plus all the Lycon Professional products when I attended Beauty Expo. The ranges of products and accessories Priceline and Chemist Warehouse stock are quite up to date with trends in waxing and “ease of use” accessibility.

Friday, October 21, 2016

IT Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under Eye Illumination Concealer - #RivetReview

Foreword: Again, exams are getting the better of me, but as of the first week of November, posts shall be scheduled as normal; but I really owe my lovely readers a review, so be it!

IT Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under Eye Concealer already does two things, covers enough to not require a separate product to correct dark circles, and now, it does three things; COVERS, CORRECTS AND ILLUMINATES. It's like "8 hours sleep in a tube!"

Light + Medium

Having just been released in 2016, this concealer was featured in the goodie bags we received from the Sephora Exclusive Brands Showcase back in July.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Finding My New Foundation - Part 2

Finding the perfect match for a foundation doesn't just come down to colour, it comes down to formula. My skin is very dry, so a foundation that is Oil-Free is probably not going to cut it for me.

I thought I was impressed, but was I?

Here, I wear test the foundation I was dying to try when it launched, however the lightest shade (available in 2015) was still too dark, and since then, new colours had become available in the range here, including that match for my pasty neck!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Finding My New Foundation - Part 1 & Intro

Foreword: Apologies about there being no posts last week, my flight home was stuffed up and I had exams.

It's about time I invested in a good high end foundation again. My last big one was Illamasqua's Skin Base in 003, which set me back around $50AUD and did me well for about 2 years with great coverage. I've dabbled with professional type foundations (the likes of Kryolan and Ben Nye), but found them to wear too heavy and not feel nice on the skin, especially for everyday type of wear, even though they offered the coverage I was after. Drugstore and budget brands do not make my shade at all, and the ones that do are not Cruelty Free. I just want one product that I don't have to mix with anything to match my skin tone, one that will also offer good coverage, and I want a quality product that will be worth the money.

Porcelain Princess can no longer get a tan.

After narrowing it down, I've requested a few samples/applications to test for colour, coverage, wear, feel and all the important things before I drop my dollars on a product.

Friday, September 30, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part Six

Part six of the #RivetReview archive takes a look at WOTNOT Facial Wipes and the Antipodes Apostle Brightening Serum. I also find burning sensations and cosmetic chemistry go together hand in hand, and also my thoughts on these products below!

Last week's and the next 3 weeks worth of archive!
Note: Information not pertaining to the outcome of the product review may have been been edited. Purchase/PR sample/gift status has been stated on each item. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Travel Essentials: Rivet's packed her bags and gone to Melbourne!

If you are reading this between 28th September - 4th October 2016, I am currently away in Melbourne. I don't get to travel often, so when it is time to pack items to take for a stay away from the precious collection of dozens of beauty products, I'm generally useless. Here are the products I have managed to bring with me on this 6 day “I need to get out of Sydney for a few days, but not too many, because I'll miss my dog too much” getaway.

Reason 1 for visiting Melbourne.

Reason 2 for visiting Melbourne.
Melbourne is home to some of my family and many friends, including Simon Proietto of The Skincare Obsessive, my BFF in blogging and life.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sukin Hydrating Facial Masque - #RivetReview

Sukin is a brand that is adored by many eco-conscious Australians due to the pledge of environmental stability; 100% Vegan formulas, carbon neutral manufacturing practices, and recycled packaging. Adding to that, their tagline "Skincare that doesn't cost the earth" has meaning; no microbeads and all products are grey water safe; very low impact on our waterways.
Smells good enough to eat!

Sukin Hydrating Facial Masque is a rich creamy mask that aims to hydrate and exfoliate dry skin, protect the natural moisture barrier and leave skin with a glow.

Friday, September 23, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part Five

At this point in time (around September 2015), my reviews started looking more like reviews. I present to you, part five of the #RivetReview archive. From now on, the archive posts will be going live on Fridays with two products per post.

I assure you, this is part five.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Juliette Armand - Skin Boosters CHRONOS Therapy - #RivetReview

The team at Juliette Armand, whom I met at Beauty Expo in August, were kind enough to invite me for a treatment to their Skin Moods Clinic up in Hornsby (a fairly long trek from my home in Sydney's South East). I took the opportunity when I needed a salon/clinic to do a case study for a module at college. Up to Hornsby I went on a pleasant Saturday morning.

The undercover, discrete car park.
 Juliette Armand are a self-sufficient Cosmeceutical and Para-Medical skin care company from Athens, Greece, run by Chemist Ioulia Armagou. They cater to all skin types, conditions and concerns, with the added bonus of customisability to create a personalised treatment plan with three different product categories.
The Elements range consists of 36 products that address 7 categories; Hydration, Eye Care, Prevention & Protection, Biological Ageing, Sensitive Skin, Oiliness & Acne, and Body.
The SkinBoosters range are para-medical in-salon treatments performed by a Dermal Therapist, and have five different therapies as an alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures such as injectibles and surgery. The treatments are followed up with complementary home care products.
The SunFilm range offers finishing products with SPF ratings suitable for the Australian UV index.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

QV Cream - #RivetReview

If you have ever had sore, dry and highly sensitized skin, you will have probably been wandering up to your local pharmacy to find a product that is suitable to use for your condition. The famous white bottles with the blue logo have probably caught your eye. Ego Pharmaceuticals' QV have been saving Australian skin since 1975, mine included during periods of painful dermatitis. Sometimes, it's the simplest formulas that really stand out.
Image credit: https://qvskincare.com.au/product/qv-cream

QV Cream is a rich, emollient and occlusive cream that creates a barrier between your skin and the outside world, allowing to protect sore and dry conditions that may affect the function, which is to keep things out.

Friday, September 16, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part Four

When reviewing products, you have to dig deep, analyze ingredients, claims, how to use the product and then you can give your final outcome. Not quite there yet, but as time went on, #RivetReview became more detailed. Future archive posts will be reduced to two products per post until we reach the point where my detail warrants individual posts.

The products in this part are in this photo!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dragon's Blood - Trending

If you watch morning television, you have no doubt seen this miracle ingredient flaunted around in paid segments that claim you can delay a face lift by using a cosmetic product; is it a marketing ploy or is there actual benefit? After researching products and the raw ingredient, does the ingredient live up to the claims?

Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croton_lechleri
Dragon's Blood is a colloquial term for the a red latex resin that is found in several flowering plants around the world, however, the one we are talking about here comes from Croton Lechliri (Sangre De Drago) plant that is native to Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. For many years, indigenous peoples have been using the sap as a “liquid bandage” to seal wounds and encourage healing.

Friday, September 9, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part Three

A slight delay (life got in the way) made this a little difficult to get up within a reasonable time frame, but fret not, part three is here! Still rather poor writing on my part, but progress is a journey.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Beauty Expo Australia - Haul

Beauty Expo Australia is the industry-only trade show for all things salon, spa and clinical aesthetics. I went as an opportunity to write about the experience of my first Beauty Expo for my last story in this round of The Australasian College Student BlogHERE.
I picked up some great deals that I thought I'd like to share with all of you!

Friday, August 26, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part Two

These reviews started to get a little more detailed, but still aren't up to the standard paragraphs that I tend to write these days.
I assure you, this is a different post.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sunday Riley Power Couple Kit - Good Genes & Luna - #RivetReview

Two best-sellers, one box, complementary actives.
Sunday Riley is a brand that resonates with cult beauty fiends because of its luxe status and powerful actives. The Power Couple, which was available at Mecca Cosmetica for a limited time, featured the two most popular products, Good Genes All-in-One and Luna Night Sleeping Oil.

These two were designed to be used together to assist with your skin's brightness, texture and cell turnover, using the AHA, Lactic Acid (in Good Genes) and Trans-Retinol Ester (in Luna). Simon Proietto of The Skincare Obsessive had told me about Good Genes a few years ago, and how his obsession with Retinol makes Luna one of his HG products, but what about my findings?

Friday, August 19, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part One

Once upon a time, I started reviewing products on Instagram. I didn't actually review them a formal sense, I just stated what I thought, and those thoughts were very vague (but honest). I give you the archive - Part 1 - my early #RivetReview posts.

#RivetReview had to start somewhere!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lush - Avocado Co-Wash - #RivetReview

Avocado Co-Wash from Lush is a new product, being the first of its kind in the haircare range. Much like the oil cleansing method in skincare, this method of hair 'washing' (although not a new concept) has captivated me so much that I just had to try it out.
Image credit: http://www.lush.com.au

I've heard of people doing the 'no-poo' hair cleansing method, one which really can create an uncomfortable environment for your scalp, and the 2-in-1 shampoo with conditioner saves time and space but is horrid for hair; haven't touched one of those since the 90s! Lush sent out 'Ideal Hair Day' kits to beauty media, and we got to chose between a few different packs. I chose the 'Quench' box which included a slice of the brand new co-wash product.

Monday, August 15, 2016


Welcome to my new official blog!

Posts here are more article-like in structure and will commence in a few days (or weeks, depending on how busy I am with college).

That fancy new logo I designed and stuff.
#RivetReview AND original content!
So I enjoy this writing thing way too much, and I finally motivated myself to get on the real-deal blogging bandwagon. I am slowly going to write new articles (1 or 2 per week for now) and in the mean time, archive my #RivetReview posts from Instagram on here and add to them! I have close to 150 posts under that hashtag, and I intend to get them all up here! I want to keep delivering product reviews!

What else will I be posting?
I hope to get some inspiration and write about all the awesome things that I see in Beauty Therapy, give the low-downs on how stuff works, in my own words. This blog will mainly be product focused, however, you'll see my mug here a lot! I'll be doing beauty event recaps.

What is happening to Instagram? 
It will continue, however, I will post links to new posts in the bio! I will aim to post everyday and have it become more of a casual type deal, rather than exclusively for product related content. I really love doing this, and it has taken way too long to get this happening. I really want to go across platforms to keep my options open, and staying only on one is not an ideal place to stay, have to keep moving!

See you when it starts!