Monday, November 13, 2017

It's skinCARE, not skinSHAMING! || Rivet Licker

Why is shaming natural processes the default form for getting people to buy cosmetics? Sure, even I thought that if I didn't wear makeup or care for my skin, I would never be beautiful. In fact, I feel more beautiful now because I can make the choice to wear makeup and make sure my skin is healthy.

Skincare is probably one of the major culprits, with tag-lines such as "anti-ageing", "anti-wrinkle", and "pore minimizing" etc, being the reason we are being conned into buying products to stay "youthful". On top of this, I go into depth about how I feel about the appearance of my own skin.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

You probably don't have dry skin! || TRUE DRY VS. OILY + DEHYDRATED || Rivet Licker

TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains images containing minor wounds with blood. Reader's discretion is advised.

I don't think most consumers really understand what dry skin is. Is your skin lacking oil, or water? Probably water!

Looking like you're a bit flaky can be one sign of dry skin, but there's a difference between truly dry skin, and simply dehydrated conditions. Skin types are about how much sebum (oil) you naturally produce. Some may product a lot, some produce hardly any; it can be uniform, or it can be patchy (combination), it's not about how flaky or textured your skin is. Most people have the combination type, like myself – I have TRUE dry skin on my cheeks and a slightly oily T-Zone – however, this says nothing more than how much oil my skin is actually producing.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The #GoNaked Lush Christmas || 2017 Edit || Rivet Licker

Every year, Lush puts on a display of conceptually inspired products for their Christmas range. This year is no different.

The #GoNaked theme seeks to offer the consumer a range of products that do not need packaging - so you get all the product you’re paying for, and not a bunch of paper and plastic, waiting to be thrown out.