Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SCOUT Cosmetics Nutraceutical Super Food Skincare || Rivet Licker

I can't pass up testing out Aussie brands, especially ones that are Sydney based and harness native Australian botanical derivatives such as Desert Lime, Davidson Plum and Kangaroo Apple. There's nothing quite like the bouquet and unique experience of our large and remote island.

SCOUT Cosmetics released a line of skincare using those very ingredients to cleanse, treat and moisturise a variety of skin types. SCOUT also offers a range of mineral makeup and all products in the range are cruelty free.

Friday, December 1, 2017

TVSN Beauty Bazaar Media Breakfast || Rivet Licker

TVSN's annual Beauty Bazaar was held for the third time. This event, exclusive to TVSN's top VIP customers, is a trade show style set up where guests can mingle with presenters and play with their favourite beauty brands. Preceding the VIP event was the media breakfast.

TVSN Beauty, where beauty begins, specializes in luxury and premium cosmetic brands from all over the world. Featured brands included were Nick Chavez Beverly Hills, Klara Cosmetics, Algenist, and Lisa Hoffman Beauty.

Monday, November 13, 2017

It's skinCARE, not skinSHAMING! || Rivet Licker

Why is shaming natural processes the default form for getting people to buy cosmetics? Sure, even I thought that if I didn't wear makeup or care for my skin, I would never be beautiful. In fact, I feel more beautiful now because I can make the choice to wear makeup and make sure my skin is healthy.

Skincare is probably one of the major culprits, with tag-lines such as "anti-ageing", "anti-wrinkle", and "pore minimizing" etc, being the reason we are being conned into buying products to stay "youthful". On top of this, I go into depth about how I feel about the appearance of my own skin.