Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Essano Rosehip Clarifying Clay Masque || #RivetReview

Clay and dry skin, not really a winning combination, as per my last review, but are there ways to actually use clay masques in your skincare routine without leaving skin in a worse state than it was before? Apparently you can!

Essano are a New Zealand born brand that offer their gorgeous Rosehip Oil infused beauty products at budget friendly prices. Their Clarifying Clay Masque is vegan and suitable for dry skin. Winning combination!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Cinch Skin || FACE CHEAT(ER) + FACE IT CLEANSER || #RivetReview

Cinch started with one product, Face Cheat, a spray moisturiser that took the place of multiple products, including a primer, illuminator, and powerful antioxidant treatment. The all in one formula was an innovative take on a quick and easy beauty routine for those who are rushed, however, it wasn't suitable for my skin type. You can read my full review here.

Since giving my feedback and requesting a product better suited to dry skin, in 2017, Cinch expanded the range with two new products that they kindly sent out to me; Face Cheat(er), a cream version of the original spray, and Face It, a cleansing micellar water. I've finally given them a go and here's what's going down!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Touch In Sol || WINTER KBEAUTY EDIT || #RivetReview

I've got this love/hate relationship with KBeauty. I find that it focuses its skincare culture on white and poreless skin, while in the West, tanned skin is considered beautiful and dark skin still needs pride movements to show that it's beautiful. I'm kind of sick to death of these ideals, and being a pale, olive skinned person, my skin colour isn't always catered to by Western brands (or if they are, they're too pink), and so, KBeauty is something I sometimes go for when it comes to finding colours with neutral to yellow undertones, and innovative formulas that make my skin glow!

Touch In Sol is a brand available in Australia that isn't tested on animals, and it's a brand whose BB creams have worked for me. I proclaimed my love for In The Skin Renovation BB Cream last year, and yes, I still love it, but there are plenty of other products that I have tried and loved. Here are some!