Friday, January 27, 2017

Rivet Rant: My Beauty School shut down and now I am "Schrödinger's Student"

I made it public knowledge that I attended The Australasian College Broadway [TACB] as a Beauty Therapy student. I even wrote articles for the college as one of their Student Bloggers^ – kick starting what I have here with Rivet Licker. I enjoyed my time there, until I felt that I had exhausted my avenues of learning salon and spa type treatments enough to warrant applying to their higher education Bachelor Degree in Clinical Aesthetics – where the real fun is. Reality bites.

Guess which one I am. Screenshot: @the_australasian_college student blogger promotion. [Account deactivated]

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Perfect Eyes - #RivetReview

Instant results cosmetics are all the rage, and Penny Lane's My Perfect Eyes doesn't need an introduction. I could repeat what the informercial and every other beauty editor is saying, but for those not already in the know; this is the "MIRACLE EYE CREAM" that made the tabloids in the UK.

My Perfect Eyes

My Perfect Eyes, previously branded under Eternal Essentials "Eyesential" (a product that my Mum has purchased before but didn't use), is a veil type product that instantly improves the texture and appearance of the under eye area, including fine lines and puffiness, for approximately 10 hours.

Friday, January 13, 2017

#RivetEmpties Week - PURGE DAY - 2017

#RivetEmpties Week

Day 5

Today, in an incredible finale to #RivetEmpties Week, we purge. All the old products that didn't get completely used because they turned rancid, or I didn't like the product and knew I would never use it again. This is the kind of stuff that won't even warrant finding a new home because it's that old, and questionable. I wouldn't give it to my worst enemy, it's just disgusting and needs to be thrown out. Chances are, I won't be repurchasing anything listed here.


All items featured in this and previous #RivetEmpties posts will be disposed of thoughtfully.

#RivetEmpties - Purge Day

Thursday, January 12, 2017

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#RivetEmpties Week - MAKEUP & MISC. - August to December Empties!

#RivetEmpties Week

Day 4

Some items in my makeup collection needed to go, like the mascaras I didn't completely use up, but have been opened for several months and smell like a rancid mix of waxes and plastic. Here are a bunch of things that were used up enough to warrant an “empty” tag.

#RivetEmpties - Makeup & Misc.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

#RivetEmpties Week - HAIR & BODY - August to December Empties!

#RivetEmpties Week

Day 3

I wouldn't be Rivet Licker without my signature blue hair - 4.5 years and counting. All that maintenance has me going through loads of products, or does it? I also question why it takes me a year or two to get through a single bottle of shower gel.

#RivetEmpties - Hair & Body

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

#RivetEmpties Week - MASKS & TREATMENTS - August to December Empties!

#RivetEmpties Week

Day 2

This particular post felt that it was carrying its own weight to justify a separate post. Masks and treatments target specific conditions, whether they are pesky pimples, dullness & dehydration, and even make a wide array of claims, such as "oxygenating", "peeling" and "detoxfying". Ahh, got to love marketing.

#RivetEmpties Masks & Treatments

Monday, January 9, 2017

#RivetEmpties Week - SKINCARE - August to December Empties!

Welcome to #RivetEmpties Week!

Day 1

If you have been following me on social media for the past year, you'll know that my last empties week was held in July of 2016, and was posted on Instagram under the hashtag #RivetEmpties (go have a look, the posts are still there!) And in previous times, I used to do empties as YouTube videos, when I still had the ability to sit in front of a camera and talk. These theme weeks come every four to six months, depending on when the box gets full, and how determined I am to use up products. This week showcases August through December. As it's a theme week that ties in with the turn of the calendar, there will be posts every day with a special New Year PURGE on Friday.

Being a beauty writer, I go through heaps of product to come up with content, and skincare is probably the big one I talk about, so where better to start than with all the stuff I stick on my face? It's actually REALLY hard using up product when I have to test so many to give my opinions, but somehow, I managed to get these babies fully used (or at least I found them in the cupboard, way past their prime). 

#RivetEmpties Skincare