Friday, March 30, 2018

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Surface Hydration Formula || #RivetReview

Deciem have many brands under their umbrella known as 'THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY', and The Ordinary was the brand to bring high end clinical formulations into the hands of consumers at budget friendly prices. I mean, BUDGET FRIENDLY.

Our skin needs moisture to maintain optimum health and function. The outer layer cells may be dead, but there's a crucial component to the mix; Natural Moisturizing Factors.

Monday, March 26, 2018

UNICORNS: EMPORIUM BEAUTY BOX MARCH 2018 || Femme Fatale Cosmetics Bi-Monthly Indie Beauty Box || Rivet Licker

It has been a while since I have personally purchased a beauty box subscription service – I don't count Mecca Beauty Loop as such, but it was fun to get them until I didn't spend enough to qualify. I love watch those kinds of videos on YouTube, particularly when my long-time friend and fellow goth lady, Victoria of Biohazardous Beauty, does them. This is how I discovered an indie beauty box that comes from right here in Australia, despite me having to find out from somebody in the US!

Femme Fatale is a Brisbane based indie and cruelty free/vegan beauty brand, and distributor for other indie brands. This company had been sitting under my nose and I only ever knew them as a nail polish brand. Lo and behold, they sell heaps of different brands! I decided to subscribe to the Emporium Beauty Box, and this box's theme was UNICORNS!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

BANNED FROM MY BLOG || Why I won't work with MLM brands || #RivetRant

One thing that gets me riled up is how brands/businesses conduct themselves online. Behaving poorly on social media; whether by insulting customers who ask questions, lying about the security certificates on their website, or trying to avoid PR nightmares by deleting comments calling them out; these are more than enough to put me off buying from that business/brand. Another level of evil is the multi-level marketing brands, because there is no social media team behind their online presence; the annoying ones, or even the honest ones.

AVON. YOUNIQUE. LIPSENSE. RODAN + FIELDS. NUTRIMETICS. JAMBERRY. ARBONNE. DOTERRA. IT WORKS. You're probably familiar with these brands. I don't care if they're cruelty free, they're still not getting my support.
Grab your tea, but I'll do the spilling.

Friday, March 16, 2018

RAWW || Coconut Kiss Lipsticks Swatches + Review || Rivet Licker

RAWW Australian Organics is the latest Aussie natural brand to fall into our makeup bags. Infused with superfood ingredients, this skincare and makeup range smells amazing and offers a botanical banquet to add to your routine.

Lipsticks are always welcome here, but I've hardly shown any off on my blog! Time to change that!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Ultraceuticals Ultra C10+ Firming Serum || #RivetReview

The brainchild of Dr. Geoffrey Heber, of Heber Davis Skin Clinic Broadway, started out as a project in a garage that grew to be one of the most popular and respected cosmeceutical lines in Australia. Ultraceuticals is effective skincare for all types and conditions.

I had attended a media event for Ultraceuticals back when I was still studying to be a beauty therapist and only dreaming about becoming a dermal clinician, where was gifted the C10+ Firming Serum. I finally cracked it open and I have regrets not doing it sooner.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Know Your Cleansers || A GUIDE TO CLEANSERS || Rivet Licker

Cleansers. Just soap, right? WRONG. Cleansers are the first step in your skincare routine, the step that gets the day off and leaves your skin prepped to receive treatment, but they're not a one size fits all approach. Your cleanser should be appropriately matched to your skin type and condition, because you don't want to be using something that dries your skin out when it's already dry, or worsens your acne.

This post is an adaptive revisit from a story I wrote a couple of years ago for another blog, but the information is absolutely more than relevant for my readers with some products for all budgets!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Claytox Clay Masque || Alumina Silicate Sea Clay for Dry Skin || #RivetReview

I've never been a fan of clay based masques, because I have dry skin and they really just don't work for me, but after being contacted by Claytox, I was willing to give their product a go and was offered a full masque kit to trial.

I was actually really excited to try this – I wound up picking the Alumina Silicate Sea Clay which was recommended for dry skin, and I couldn't help but feel like Louis Litt during a mud session!