No Animal Testing

I'm an honest and transparent person. Unpopular opinion time.

My blog focuses around products that are "cruelty free". My CF status is that I simply don't believe in animal testing for cosmetics. It's an archaic way of testing ingredients where data has not always reverted back to human biology. This is how I put it. 

My journey in the beauty world has given me access to some of the most amazing brands and quality products, some of which are completely cruelty free and vegan, others contain animal derived ingredients that are collected without harm to animals. I have no preference for formulas or ingredients, so long as they are helping to eliminate the use of animals in "safety testing" by adopting new technologies (human stem cells for in-vitro tissue growth). I will work with, purchase and/or feature Cruelty Free products owned by non-CF parent companies.

I am strict, however, choosing not to purchase products from brands that do test on animals, however this is limited to the brands that sell their products in brick & mortar stores in mainland China. Several brands I like are distributing to the Chinese market via online shopping and Hong Kong, which bypasses the laws. I don't want to fall in love with a product that I know is supporting vivisection of innocent animals. 

My policy surrounding questionable brands is "benefit of the doubt", and if I do feature it, it's up to you, the reader, to decide if you want to purchase it or not. Same with any product I feature. I'm not here to push sales, I'm a writer.