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The #GoNaked Lush Christmas || 2017 Edit || Rivet Licker

Every year, Lush puts on a display of conceptually inspired products for their Christmas range. This year is no different.

The #GoNaked theme seeks to offer the consumer a range of products that do not need packaging - so you get all the product you’re paying for, and not a bunch of paper and plastic, waiting to be thrown out.


In an effort to further their eco-friendly beauty range, Lush have created Naked versions of liquid products to give consumers a choice. Not only does this mean that you can choose to go plastic-free this holiday season, but you get the same bang for your buck! All products in this year's collection are 100% VEGAN!


Naked Shower

The idea of the naked shower gel has confused everybody, because a lot of people (myself included), have said “well, that’s just soap”. Here is the full explanation.

Chemically speaking, the solid shower gels are technically soap-free, like their liquid counterparts, as the cleansing base is not made the traditional way. To make soap, fats and oils are mixed with a strong basic compound such as Sodium Hydroxide (or Potassium Hydroxide for classic liquid soap), and are heated then poured. The liquid products are made with surfactants derived from vegetable oils. Slightly different formulations, but they do the same thing – cleanse.

Snow Fairy (I hate the stuff, but it’s popular) has returned as a cold cured soap. This method of soap making can take weeks (rather than hours) to be fully usable.

The Butterbear Wash Card is made from cellulose and has the familiar sweet and buttery fragrance of its bath bomb cousin. This is an ideal on-the-go product – just find your nearest tap!


Berry Berry Christmas – $18.50, $31.50, $14.95 ea
Bubbly – $18.50, $31.50, $14.95 ea
Rose Jam – $19.95, $32.95, $15.95 ea
Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream – $19.95, $32.95, $15.95 ea
Snow Fairy – $18.50, $31.50, $14.95 ea
Twilight – $19.95, $32.95, $15.95 ea
Price per 250g/500g/Naked each

Santa’s Belly – $7.95
Snowman – $7.95

Candy Cane Shower Smoothie – $9.95
Price per 100g

Baked Alaska – $7.50
Butterbear Wash Card – $3.50 ea
Christmas Citrus – $7.50
Christmas Rocker – $7.50 ea
Golden Pear – $11.95
Hidden Mountain – $7.50
Saucy Snowcake – $7.50
Shooting Stars – $7.50
Snowcloud – $9.95
Snow Fairy Cold Pressed Soap – $9.95 ea
Price per 100g/each


Naked Body

The body products got a wonderful naked makeover too, with in-shower body conditioners being available in solid form, along with body lotions.

The funkiest innovation to hit Lush’s shelves this Christmas are the two naked sparkle powders. How? Pack the powders into cocoa butter shells, so even when you use it all, you can use the shells as solid body lotions!


Body Conditioner:
Buck’s Fizz – $16.50, $32.95, $17.95 ea
Christingle – $17.95, $34.95, $19.50 ea
Snow Fairy – $16.50, $32.95, $17.95 ea
Price per 100g/225g or 250g/Naked

Once Upon A Time – $17.95, $34.95, $19.50 ea
Price per 100g/225g/Naked

Salt And Peppermint Bark – $12.95 ea

Sparkle Jar:
Snow Fairy – $15.95
Twilight – $15.95


Naked Makeup & Skincare

2017 sees two favorites return, Sugar Plum Fairy (Cyclamen Purple) and Santa Baby (RED RED RED) with lip tints and scrubs, in both packaged and naked (solid) versions. Simply BYO packaging – old Lush tubs are great!

Lush Oxford Street invented solid makeup colours, with a lip/cheek/eye block called Shades of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.


Lip Tint/Scrub:
Santa Baby – $9.95 ea
Sugar Plum Fairy – $9.95 ea
Available in tube/glass tub or Naked

Lip Block:
Shades of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh – $9.95 ea

Bûche de Noël Fresh Cleanser – $17.95
Price per 100g


And lastly, the reason why we get naked - bath time! All bath products are Naked and some are reusable!


Bath Bombs:
Butterbear – $5.95 ea
Christmas Sweater – $8.95 ea
Golden Wonder – $8.95 ea
Luxury Lush Pud – $8.95 ea 
Never Mind The Ballistics – $8.95 ea
Sherbet Dip – $7.95 ea
Shoot For The Stars – $8.95 ea
Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb – $8.95 ea
Thundersnow – $8.95 ea

Bubble Bars:
Candy Mountain – $8.95 ea
Christmas Cracker – $11.50 ea
Christmas Eve – $9.50 ea
Magic Wand Reusable – $11.50 ea
Man In The Moon – $11.50 ea
My Two Front Teeth – $8.95 ea
Plum Snow – $11.50 ea
Snow Fairy FUN – $10.95 ea
The Magic Of Christmas Reusable – $11.50 ea
The Snowman Bubbleroon – $11.50 ea

Bath Melts:
Snow Angel – $9.95 ea
Star Light Star Bright– $9.95 ea
Tree-D Bath Oil – $9.95 ea


Naked Gifting

Lush Christmas is not without gifts! Some may not be naked, but they are all beautifully wrapped in 100% post-consumer materials and products are kept in tact with the amazing Eco Flow packing peanuts, which are edible! (They don’t taste so good, but they can go in the compost bin!)

Knot-wraps are back too, with some amazing designs! Give a gift and wear the packaging too!

Rivet's 2017 Gift Edit:
Baked Alaska Soap
Buck's Fizz Body Conditioner
Butterbear Wash Card
Once Upon A Time Body Lotion
Salt And Peppermint Bark Scrub
Santa's Christmas Shower Cream
Shades Of Gold, Frankincense And Myrrh Lip Block
Twilight Shower Gel
All in a Christmas Dreams Knot Wrap

I wish to extend my thanks to the wonderful PR team for inviting me to launch event, I felt very privileged to attend. We were gifted a Frank Green #GoNaked Water Bottle and the amazing “Wonderful Christmas Time” box filled with 19 bath products! WOW!

How gorgeous is this?


The Lush Christmas range is available online and in store now, until the 24th December 2017. All prices (RRP in $AUD) are accurate at the time of publishing and are subject to change.


This post is presented as a non-sponsored communications piece. Acquisition of products and/or services stated alongside each item, my thoughts are honest.
For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

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