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Mesoestetic AOX Ferulic & Genesis Device Launch || Rivet Licker

My readers should already know that I am a cosmeceutical nerd. I am studying medicinal chemistry to enter the pharmaceutical and personal care formulation industries, with a niche around dermatology and aesthetic medicine. I'm only at the beginning of my degree, but making contacts in the industry is essential to my learning.

Mesoestetic Pharma Group is a Barcelona based biotechnology laboratory focusing on researching and developing active skincare for use by professionals and at home ranges to complement in-clinic treatments. For the first time, they held a media event here held by distributor Advanced Cosmeceuticals.


The Brand

Since 1984, Mesoestetic has been providing powerful products and technology to dermal therapists, dermatologists, and cosmetic doctors, plus complementary home care. Joan Carles Font, a well known compounding pharmacist started to offer bespoke formulations to treat each individual client's needs. From there grew the well respected brand that exists today.

In clinic and at home ranges.


The Technology

Not only does Mesoestetic design and manufacture active cosmetics and medical products for the aesthetics industry, they also have entered the technology field with their various clinical aesthetic modalities. These devices can act on their own, or in combination with product to improve the therapeutic benefits products alone cannot achieve.

Fun fact: Mesotherapy is a clinical treatment where actives are micro-injected directly into the dermis, bypassing the physical barrier that the epidermis creates, as opposed to dermal needling, where the skin is punctured with ultra-fine needles and the active is applied topically. The former would more likely be carried out by a cosmetic doctor, cosmetic nurse, or dermatologist, while skin needling can be performed by qualified beauty therapists who have had the correct training.

Other modalities can be used in place of these as non-invasive. These include Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), ultrasound (just like pelvic scans), light (LEDs ranging from red through to blue), radio frequency, galvanic current (direct current with ranging voltage strength), micro-current (pulsed, very low voltage, high DC current), and high frequency (3-300MHz radio waves). There are so many to choose from, each with their own set of benefits (and of course, contraindications). I am personally only trained in galvanic, micro and high frequency treatments and I will go into detail about all these different treatments in a later post.

If this is starting to sound a lot like physics, it's because it is. For more information about frequencies and wavelengths, this little illustration from XKCD is a fun way to learn about it!


The Event

Beauty media were treated to a sit down lunch at La Porte Space back in November 2017.

On the menu, various Canap├ęs, a main of Blue Eye Travella with Broccolini and Salad as sides, and dessert was a deconstructed Rhubarb Trifle.

During lunch, we were given a presentation about the history and business of Mesoestetic by Mr. Font, however, he [jokingly] didn't want to "torture us" with his poor English, so he spoke Spanish, whilst his Export Manager, John Singleton, translated for us.

I was seated at the very front of the table, so I managed to pique the interest of Mr. Font via my hair.

It is with many thanks to the wonderful Caroline Johns of Raw Vision Marketing to offer me the privilege of joining some of Australia's most elite beauty media and to work with the brand portfolio of Advanced Cosmeceuticals.


Products Launched

AOX Ferulic

This serum was designed for Australia's harsh sun and is described as an advanced antioxidant and cell protective concentrate. This serum offers users sun protection while simultaneously protecting against the lesser known light pollutants, such as infrared and visible light (what we see as colour).

Surprisingly, light can be both therapeutic (when controlled), and injurious (exposure to unknown concentrations and energies); as recent clinical studies have discovered about the near infrared spectrum. We can't see infrared, but we can feel it - it is felt as warmth.

AOX Ferulic.

The actives in this formula are 15% Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), 1.5% Protech-Cell Complex, and 0.5% Ferulic Acid.

Available now from Advanced Cosmeceuticals and Mesoestetic salons + clinics.


As opposed to invasive modalities, the technology behind Genesis offers a range of face and body treatments with virtually no side effects. The many different operations incorporated into skin treatments offer the benefits of include skin tightening, improving erythema, improving structural integrity of connective tissues, body contouring, and fluid retention, and is painless, with visible results from the first treatment.

The four technologies fused into this one device, colloquially named SmartDrivity, are derived from radio frequency, visible light, galvanic current, and micro-current. Forget having four machines in your clinic, have the one!

Available as of January 2018.

Genesis and other devices.

Gift Bag

We were treated to a deluxe gift bag to take home, featuring AOX Ferulic, pens, note pads, a clever USB business card with press releases and a few other full size and samples of their retail products.


Have you tried any treatments or products from Mesoestetic? Let me know in the comments!

This post is presented as a non-sponsored event/brand feature piece and some products were supplied as a PR sample for review, my thoughts are honest.
For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

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