Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Finding My New Foundation - Part 2

Finding the perfect match for a foundation doesn't just come down to colour, it comes down to formula. My skin is very dry, so a foundation that is Oil-Free is probably not going to cut it for me.

I thought I was impressed, but was I?

Here, I wear test the foundation I was dying to try when it launched, however the lightest shade (available in 2015) was still too dark, and since then, new colours had become available in the range here, including that match for my pasty neck!

This foundation, although it looks flawless in the above image is Too Faced Born This Way in Snow. Unfortunately, the formula does not work with my skin. This was one of the sample jars of foundation I had requested on a visit to Mecca Maxima in Chadstone, whilst I was in Melbourne.

Image credit: http://mecca.com.au/too-faced/born-this-way-foundation/V-022129.html

The analysis of this foundation is as follows.

Coverage: Medium to Full
Colour match: Good
Undertone: Neutral leaning towards pink
Finish: Matte
Wear: 2 hours, settled into fine lines and enhanced dry areas.
 Other: Oil-Free, "Radiant" + "Natural" look.
Price: $57AUD

I loved the coverage and how it set itself without powder (NB: I don't want to use powder with my foundation). Felt very light and true to the claim of a natural look, which I really liked.

 This foundation dries down to a powdery finish which settles in every nook and cranny available after about an hour, so it's not the best foundation for dry skin. The colour was also slightly too pink, however,  the next shade up would have been slightly too yellow.

Excessive highlighter, but wonderful coverage.
I guess this foundation isn't the ideal one for me, we shall try again!

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