Monday, December 12, 2016

Finding My New Foundation- Part 3

Urban Decay had two foundations I was interested in trying, so I requested samples of both when I visited Mecca Maxima. Unfortunately, due to the weather change since Part 2, my skin is behaving slightly differently (i.e. I am sweating a lot), and sun exposure has really amped up my freckles and redness. I am currently wanting something full coverage that doesn't feel like an oil slick on my face.

Foundations applied only on cheek area.

In Part 3, I road test Urban Decay's Naked Skin and All-Nighter foundations. I picked the shade 0.5 in both formulas as they blend seamlessly to my neck, despite my face being darker.

All-Nighter Liquid Foundation claims to have excellent longevity - hence the name, and it sold me on the waterproof finish. The sample I was given was used a few times in a few looks because I have to use so little product to get coverage. I wore this foundation on Halloween because I knew it would survive several hours in questionable heat.

Coverage: Full
Colour match: Good
Undertone: Neutral leaning towards yellow
Finish: Semi Matte
Wear: 6 hours
 Other: Waterproof, Oil-Free, 3x pigment of Naked Skin
Price: $65AUD

UD All-Nighter 0.5 mixed with Australis Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops to achieve a ghostly complexion.

Pros: Given that this foundation is supposed to have 3x more pigment than Naked Skin, it definitely shows. The coverage is full, it dries down perfectly and feels like nothing. I don't need to powder it at all.

Cons: The coverage of this foundation is TOO FULL and almost gives my skin a fake look. The oil-free formula may be okay for summer, but much like the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, it may settle into cracks during the cooler months. I also feel that it dries way too fast, so it can be difficult to blend, especially because it only needs to be applied so thinly.

Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup was my second choice because of the overwhelming coverage of All-Nighter.

Product packaging. Image credit:

Coverage: Sheer to Medium
Colour match: Excellent
Undertone: Neutral leaning towards yellow
Finish: Semi Matte, Natural
Wear: 5 ½ hours, still in tact
 Other: Weightless feel, Hyaluronic Acid
Price: $65AUD

Naked Skin give a natural finish.

Pros: This foundation feels beautiful on and wears incredibly well without powder. The hydration this foundation provides makes it a good contender.

Cons: The coverage is just too sheer for my liking and strikes similar resemblance to another foundation I have in my stash which is half the price.

I'm pretty confident that I don't like these two foundations based on the coverage they offer, but if I had to pick one, I'd choose All Nighter. It was a nice try, but they're not suitable.


  1. Thanks for your honest and detailed review, Love your ghost look.

    1. Can't be happy with everything!

      Thanks for reading! Xx