Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Summer Goth - Beauty & Fashion Essentials

Whoever said we needed to brood indoors when the temperature rises along with the UV index? I'm your stock standard alternative, black clad and existential goth girl (with a sun allergy - extra goth points for the Vampire hiss), but the outdoor world doesn't scare me; or at least areas in the shade don't! As some of you may already know, and a heads up for those that don't, I have an intolerance to sunlight (and other forms of UV emitting light sources) caused by having Lupus. I also lost pigmentation and the ability to tan (a far cry from the little olive brown kid I was). Surely enough, the goth lifestyle was my destiny - I used to express myself more when I was active in the scene, but I tend to keep things very casual these days.

Bright hair, black clothes, skin that looks darker than it really is.

I have curated a list of essential items to survive summer as a goth!

The stereotype that is that goths don't like going outdoors or doing anything in the sun (only part true). I probably wouldn't go outside in the middle of the day unless I was adequately protected from the elements - just like any other person. I live near the beach and within reach of my neighbour's pool, so there are times when I like to cool off. I also like taking Byron down to the dog park, or beach if it's not too sunny in the very late afternoon.

A goth, Byron and Loki (the Chihuahua) with the beach behind us.


I hate the sun, but I also have to go outside sometimes.

Cute UV protection.

3CE White Milk Cushion 15g - $48.00AUD - Sephora [PR Sample]
This Korean Beauty compact containing a skin treatment to help brighten dull skin also has an SPF of 50. Koreans are serious about their sun protection and skin brightening treatments, so this is a great product to have on hand. It is applied as the last product after skincare, before applying makeup. I typically use this on its own when I don't want coverage; it's handy to have around.

Sun Bum Premium Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ 177/237mL - $17.99-20.99AUD - BeautyHQ, Priceline [PR Sample]
There are unfortunately times where it's simply too hot to cover up, so it's time for shorts. Sun Bum's range of moisturising sunscreens come in 15, 30 and 50, but I'd recommend the 50 because of our little extra breach of the ozone layer over Antarctica. This lotion smells like bananas and deeply nourishes skin whilst preventing day star damage.

Mecca Cosmetica Face Series: To Save Face Superscreen SPF50+ 30/75mL - $18.00-40.00AUD - Mecca [Purchase]
For some added luxury in a sleek [very goth] black tube, this moisturiser is a must have! This is probably the only sun protection product on the market that I've tried and REALLY loved, nothing else has done it for me - it feels like a moisturiser and that's it. (Not pictured).


I love beach hair and marine fragrances, much akin to the theme of Nine Inch Nails' track La Mer. My hair is naturally wavy and after years of not liking it, I finally do!

The sea speaks to me.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray 125mL - $17.99AUD - Priceline [Purchase]
If you don't have waves, but want to achieve a witchy look; simply spritz Dream Waves Beach Spray into your hair, braid it, let it dry, remove braids and comb through. There we go! If you're lucky enough to have hair like mine, simply spritz and leave it to dry.

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Mist 100/250g - $10.50-$19.95AUD - Lush [Purchase]
Don't like going to the beach? Breath Of Fresh Air has you covered. I love to use this sea water based toner before applying moisturiser, or simply just during the day when my face is red and hot. Spritz and stand in front of the air con with your eyes closed, and you'll feel like you're at the beach. 

Cedel Retro Dry Shampoo For Light Hair 250g - $10.00 - Coles [PR Sample]
If you have a "fashion" colour in your hair, which is likely in the alternative communities - you're wondering how much you stretch out between washes without your hair being eww. That's when dry shampoo is going to help with colour longevity; less water and shampoo, brighter colour for longer. This product also helps give hair volume for when you have to need to get that Robert Smith tease, Cedel practically manufactures what you could call "Aussie" Goth Juice. (Not pictured).


Who cares about sparkly corals and pinks when you can wear your makeup dark and not have to worry about water dislodging it!

Some makeup for summer.

Australis Eyegasm Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - $12.95AUD - Australis [PR Sample]
This comes in four shades that are adored by batty girls, and they all have glitter! A good waterproof eyeliner will keep those bat wings on your eyes, not down your face!

Thin Lizzy All-Day Flexi Mascara in Black 10mL - $29.99AUD - Priceline [PR Sample]
Tubing mascaras are great for summer because they are waterproof and smudgeproof. A summer must, especially if you're prone to dark smudges from regular mascaras.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Blueberry Tart (from "THE VAMPS" Gift Set) - $19.95AUD - Target [PR Sample]
A deep vampy lipstick or gloss is STILL acceptable in summer! Break the rules.

Touch In Sol Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream 35mL - $39.99AUD - Priceline [PR Sample]
Koreans know how to make BB creams and this one is waterproof, plus it actually matches my ghostly face! Pale folk, you're covered. (Not pictured).


Black everything, even in summer.

Got you, COVERED. Hat: Target $10AUD. Sunglasses: Factorie ~$10AUD.

Black is a popular colour because it goes with everything, and textures don't make any difference, so long as black is the main colour, I'm drawn to it.

A wide brim hat and sunglasses are a must for the beach, or the park, or just outside. Scarves are also quite good to keep the sun off your back without compromising cool factor. And black will always be in fashion, so department stores will always carry black basics.

Squatting Babushka. Dachshund scarf: Dangerfield $20AUD.

Tropical Goth. PJ bottoms: Kmart $12AUD.
As for swimwear - I found many [black] basics at Target, including swim shorts, a bikini top, and a long sleeve UPF50+ rated rashie (crucial component for sun intolerant me), and in generous sizes of 16-18 (up to size 20), all three items for $66AUD.

It's hot and it'll stay hot for a while yet. Stay cool, baby bats.

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  1. Haha I love this! I am loving Sunbum at the moment, they have such good products!!

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