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My Perfect Facial Kit + Application Tutorial - #RivetReview

Today we take another look at some "instant results" cosmetics that have predictable and visible results every single time. My Perfect Facial is no exception, because it comes straight from the salon and clinic, right to your very home. A professional facial, sans the professional therapist.

My Perfect Facial Kit.

A few weeks back, I reviewed My Perfect Eyes from The Perfect Cosmetics, a really hot "instant results" product on the market. My Perfect Facial is another from the line created by Penny Lane. It was previously called "The Lift" by Eternal Essentials.

My Perfect Facial is a toning face mask that mimics the effects of a non-surgical facelift, aka the micro-lift facial. These facials (using electrical modalities) often cost over $100 per treatment, and several treatments are required, depending on skin condition and desired results, however, maintenance treatments are also required monthly after the initial course, so it's an on-going cost. This treatment is a popular alternative to going under the knife or having anti-wrinkle injections, because you will notice a massive difference after one treatment. I'm personally a huge fan of the non-surgical facelift because it helps tone the facial muscles; I have some nerve damage in my face and the modality (originally used to treat Bell's Palsy) helps with the sagging and sometimes pain.

The kit comes with 10 applications, but you don't need to do consecutive and regular applications to see results, they are instant – perfect before a big event or whenever you feel you want to look "lifted". The mask works by restricting movement. Upon removal, deep wrinkles are less visible, facial structure is toned, and skin is smooth.

In the kit you will find everything you need:
* Activator Gel 60mL
* Elevating Powder 40mL
* Collagen Soak 20mL
* Mask Fan Brush
* Mixing Bowl
* Muslin Cloth
* 3 Measuring Spoons
* Instruction Manual



This is how professional, in-salon kits come, and yes, this is a professional product. The reason why it is a available to the consumer is because it doesn't require salon/clinic equipment, nor the expertise of a therapist to apply and remove the product. The formula is of therapeutic grade, like many other consumer skincare products, but the unique mechanism of action offers professional results. Of course, patch tests should always be done prior to use to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

The Activator Gel is the wet component for the mask. It contains Glycerine (humectant)Allantoin (naturally derived ingredient with soothing properties), and Algae Extract (for the gel texture). Various Lactic Acid Salts (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and Papain (enzyme form Papaya) offer mild chemical exfoliating properties.

The Elevating Powder is the dry component for the mask. It is made from Albumen (Egg Whites, so unfortunately this product is not vegan) and Corn Starch. Other ingredients include Panthenol (Vit B5, has healing properties) and Citric Acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid).

Note: It is advertised to contain Beta Hydroxy Acid (aka BHA/Salicylic Acid), however, I was unable to find any ingredients with this chemical structure in the formula. I have good reason to believe that the main exfoliants are Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Enzyme based Papain.

The Collagen Soak is applied after the mask is rinsed off. It contains Collagen (the protein that constructs the dermis), Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (aka Argireline, a Botox-mimicking topical active) and Vitamin E (antioxidant).



In the mixing bowl, add 4g of the Elevating Powder to 6g of the Activator Gel and mix with the fan brush until combined into a smooth paste. Apply in upward strokes starting on the decollete or neck. Avoid the immediate eye area, but apply it around the temples where crows feet often appear.

4g Elevating Powder to 6g Activator Gel.

Mix until a smooth paste forms.

Apply in upward strokes.

Allow the mask to dry and wear for 20-30 minutes. Do not make any facial expressions during this time because 1) it hurts, and 2) it hurts. The best thing to do is to relax and read something or watch TV.

Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes.

Dried mask is tight and movement is restricted.

I could barely stick my tongue out, the mask was so tight.



Using the Muslin Cloth provided, remove the mask and apply the Collagen Soak Moisturiser with fingertips.



Because I'm a very young looking 28 year old, I don't have any wrinkles, so I can't say that it did anything absolutely dramatic, but the results are visible. It gave me a temporary brow lift, allowing for my eyes to not appear so droopy. It also slimmed down my jaw slightly, whilst also improving my nasiolabial folds.

Me, 28 years old, visible brow lift after using My Perfect Facial.


I also trialled this on others, just to show that the results can be dramatic. I got my friend Cassandra, 34, to be my model. Cassandra has had forehead wrinkles since she was a teenager; yes, it happens. The treatment greatly improved forehead lines, especially the very deep frown line between her eyebrows. It also lifted her brows, slimmed her face and improved the texture of her skin around the neck, dec and mouth area.

Cassandra, 34, minimized lines on forehead after using My Perfect Facial.


Regina (Mum), 69, was the last test subject. Being almost level 70 in life, Regina has pretty good skin – no deep lines, just very dry and crepey texture. The treatment improved the fine lines and worked to slim down the sides of the face and neck slightly. There was also reduction in the nasiolabio folds and marionette lines.

Regina, 69, facial slimming around the jaw and minimized fine lines using My Perfect Facial.



Overall, I am impressed with the results of My Perfect Facial. It's not a replacement for a good skincare routine, but it will improve the texture and appearance of conditions associated with ageing, both temporarily and over time with regular use. It really works for toning the muscles in the face, and unlike the micro-lift facial modality, this product is safe for use during pregnancy. I do not recommend this product for anybody who suffers from claustrophobia, because the restrictive sensation may cause panic attacks.

My Perfect Facial Kit [$235.95 RRP] can be purchased from The Perfect Cosmetics.

Have you tried this? Let me know what you think!

This product was supplied as a PR Sample for review. My thoughts are honest.

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