Monday, March 26, 2018

UNICORNS: EMPORIUM BEAUTY BOX MARCH 2018 || Femme Fatale Cosmetics Bi-Monthly Indie Beauty Box || Rivet Licker

It has been a while since I have personally purchased a beauty box subscription service – I don't count Mecca Beauty Loop as such, but it was fun to get them until I didn't spend enough to qualify. I love watch those kinds of videos on YouTube, particularly when my long-time friend and fellow goth lady, Victoria of Biohazardous Beauty, does them. This is how I discovered an indie beauty box that comes from right here in Australia, despite me having to find out from somebody in the US!

Femme Fatale is a Brisbane based indie and cruelty free/vegan beauty brand, and distributor for other indie brands. This company had been sitting under my nose and I only ever knew them as a nail polish brand. Lo and behold, they sell heaps of different brands! I decided to subscribe to the Emporium Beauty Box, and this box's theme was UNICORNS!


Emporium Beauty Box
This bi-monthly subscription box comes with a range of samples and full size products from indie beauty brands such as Notoriously Morbid, Hello Waffle Cosmetics, Shiro Cosmetics, Geek Fire Labs, Darling Girl Cosmetics, Concrete Minerals, Pretty Serious Polish, Aromaleigh, and more. You probably haven't heard of these brands because they are small and have cult followings. I don't know most of the brands on the website outside of some that I heard about from US based vloggers I follow, such as Victoria, and the awesome Phyrra Nyx. I own a few products from Notoriously Morbid, and now have discovered a bunch of new brands I want to buy things from.

This box is $43.18AUD, a very specific price, but it includes GST and postage within Australia. The value of the box is approximately $35.00AUD. They do send these internationally too, but the total cost is a little extra. Mine took a bit longer to arrive due to an address error and Australia Post not acknowledging that I redirected it, but once it was returned to Femme Fatale, they got it out really fast, and it made it!

I love unicorns. I kind of modelled my blog's aesthetic theme around the colours of unicorns, and I love sparkly things. This theme was such a wonderful surprise when it arrived. As I opened the box, I could smell some sweet things. On top there were cards for the brands with discount codes and a few pieces of candy, including Unicorn Balls.


This box contained four makeup products (including two full size products), two perfume oil samples, and a bath/shower cream sample. All descriptions are as they appear on the information card.

The Chequered Lily Apothecary - COSMIC UNICORN Eyeshadow Mini - approx. RRP $6.99AUD
"A soft teal with blue undertones, it's loaded with gold and colorshifting pink-blue-violet and red-violet-gold shimmer."

I have never heard of this brand before. After some searching, I found out that they are an Etsy store! I honestly have so many eyeshadows this colour and I get annoyed by how little I actually wear them. I do like the colour shifts in this shadow though. I hope to use it in a look soon!


Darling Girl Cosmetics - IT'S SO FLUFFY! Balm Gloss Sample - approx. RRP $3.78AUD
"A sheer berry pink with blue sheen and red/pink/gold sparkle."

I'm only familiar with Darling Girl through Victoria and her multitude of videos using their eyeshadows. This is a sparkly gloss. I thought it would be the texture of a balm, but it's definitely slightly sticky like a gloss. It's moisturising and the colour is nice, totally can see this as a topper over pink or purple lippies!


Twisted Wonderland - KISS OF A UNICORN Perfume Oil Sample 1mL - approx. RRP $3.78AUD
"Early morning dew, sweet vanilla, wild grown lilacs, fluffy marshmallows, & just a hint of luscious grape."

This perfume is really sweet and fruity, unlike anything I've smelled before. I can definitely make out the grape and floral notes. It does have a faint powdery note at the end which is complemented by vanilla and becomes more fruity as it dries down. I like it!


Brija Cosmetics - MY SPIRIT ANIMAL Eyeshadow Mini - approx. RRP $5.25AUD
"Cranberry purple with blue, orange, and green shimmers."

Brija Cosmetics is a brand that I have not heard of before, but they definitely come through with the pigment and colours. I was having a look at their website, and they have another shadow called "Unicorn Farts". I thought this shadow might have not been as intense from the base colour, but the muted purple comes up very nicely.

I generally don't like the casual use of the term "spirit animal" because it is considered to be culturally insensitive.


Obscūrus - THE FABLED HORSE Coven Whip Sample - approx. RRP $4.00AUD
"Soft, sticky spun sugar combined with blackberries and raspberries. Creamy vanilla, white florals and musk turn this from just sickly sweet to just simply delicious.
Note: for best result, press into a mesh shower sponge before massaging across the limbs."

At first, I thought this was a rinse off body conditioner from when I read "foaming bath butter" as the descriptor and saw the product in its form. It's half way between soap and cream. I am pretty down with the fragrance, it's very fruity and sweet. It's not super intense once in the shower, but the berry notes definitely linger, and it's super moisturising.


Hello Waffle Cosmetics - THE MANE EVENT Loose Highlight 10g - approx. RRP $9.10AUD
"A pale pinky-silver with blue/green shift."

I've not used this brand before, but I do know of it. I am super thrilled to have a full size highlight in this box. I love the blue shift and I think it'll go nicely with the blue shimmer from my Australis Eyes On Unicorn cream palette underneath!


Poesie Perfume - UNICORN SKY Perfume Oil Sample 1mL - approx. RRP $4.20AUD
"Constellations of pink bubblegum and peach rings float between twinkles of Stargazer lily while clouds of marshmallow musk rain sprinkles of hyacinth in this magical place. Is that a unicorn we spy?"

This perfume reminds me a lot of some old school Lush fragrances (namely Ghost/Lily Savon). I can definitely smell the musky floral notes of lily. It's got that classic powdery scent as a final note. It's more floral than anything else, but a nice perfume to wear. It's a shame it didn't last very long.


Overall, this box sparked excitement and wonder. The muted and pastel tones along with the sweet fragrances gave way to a magical first Emporium Beauty Box. Super happy with this!

Look using makeup products from the box.

Have you tried a beauty subscription service before? Let me know in the comments!

This product was purchased by myself, my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Have not heard of any of these products, but then I have never purchased a beauty box.

    1. Yeah, they're quite unknown and small! At least you know where to find them now!