Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Essano Rosehip Clarifying Clay Masque || #RivetReview

Clay and dry skin, not really a winning combination, as per my last review, but are there ways to actually use clay masques in your skincare routine without leaving skin in a worse state than it was before? Apparently you can!

Essano are a New Zealand born brand that offer their gorgeous Rosehip Oil infused beauty products at budget friendly prices. Their Clarifying Clay Masque is vegan and suitable for dry skin. Winning combination!


This is one of the two products Essano has entered into the Beauty Heaven Glosscars 2018, where members of the website can vote for their favourite new products. Being an active member on the forums, I was invited to attend the Glosscars Marketplace at BH HQ. We were given nominated products to take home and try for ourselves.

The natural clay formula is made with bentonite clay, known for its oil-drawing properties, but how does this masque work for skin that doesn't produce enough oil? It's the addition of Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Glycerin to the formula that allows it to rehydrate and moisturise skin while giving a deep cleanse. A hint of Lactic Acid gives this masque gentle exfoliating properties.

The product is a light pink colour, and has a thick, mousse-like texture. It smells exactly like Essano's gorgeous Rosehip Oil Hand Cream. I apply it with a brush, either a flat masque brush, but it also goes on well with a silicone foundation applicator brush (I got both from Kmart). It is recommended to be left on for 10-15 minutes and used once per week.

I do get skeptical when I see that a clay masque claims to be suitable for dry skin, but I was pleasantly surprised that my skin didn't feel terrible afterwards. It is cooling when applied, and being as thick and full of emollients as it is, it doesn't dry down or feel tight. After removing the masque, my skin is glowing as it gives a slight exfoliation and stimulates circulation. Overall, I am pleased with this product!


Essano Rosehip Clarifying Clay Masque 100g - $16.99AUD - is available from Priceline, Coles Supermarkets, Woolworths Supermarkets, Chemist Warehouse.

Have you tried this masque or any other products from Essano? Let me know what you think!


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This product was a gift, my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.


  1. I haven’t used a clay mask (or any mask) in years. But this sounds really good. And affordable. I don’t have dry skin but my skin is looking a little dull lately.

  2. Hello back at ya!

    I've only used this mask twice since getting it at the Glosscars Marketplace, but I'm really liking it thus far. It seems to strike a good balance between acting like a typical clay mask & being moisturising. I really feel the latter effects once I remove it, which is a pleasant surprise given that I do get that tightening feeling when I apply it. So glad BH gave one out to each of us at the event otherwise I doubt I would've ever tried it!

  3. I’ve been using this twice a week and love it - and yes, not at all drying or tightening- more softening and hydrating.
    Thanks for the shout out - awesome to meet you finally ❤️ Kassalee

  4. Hiya right back hon! I LOVE this mask to. Been using it every week without fail ever since the event, and the old face is looking considerably newer. So glad it worked for you ♥♥♥

  5. Hiya Rivet!! Great review. Im really loving the mask too. My skin looks so refreshed afterwards. Hope everythings well with you x Freaky