Monday, April 9, 2018

Touch In Sol || WINTER KBEAUTY EDIT || #RivetReview

I've got this love/hate relationship with KBeauty. I find that it focuses its skincare culture on white and poreless skin, while in the West, tanned skin is considered beautiful and dark skin still needs pride movements to show that it's beautiful. I'm kind of sick to death of these ideals, and being a pale, olive skinned person, my skin colour isn't always catered to by Western brands (or if they are, they're too pink), and so, KBeauty is something I sometimes go for when it comes to finding colours with neutral to yellow undertones, and innovative formulas that make my skin glow!

Touch In Sol is a brand available in Australia that isn't tested on animals, and it's a brand whose BB creams have worked for me. I proclaimed my love for In The Skin Renovation BB Cream last year, and yes, I still love it, but there are plenty of other products that I have tried and loved. Here are some!


Beauty Aid All in 1 Cream - $39.99AUD

Multi-purpose products are something that should be in every bathroom cabinet, bedside table or bag, because they're great for everything. Beauty Aid perfects the multi-purpose function by having a protective and hydrating formula that creates a protective barrier for dry skin conditions. It's half way between a cream and an ointment, which is what makes it excellent for locking in moisture, and with winter on its way soon, this will be a hero!

I sometimes suffer the wrath of tightness in my skin because of how little oil it produces, so this cream gives relief from that tightness. I almost exclusively use it at night, applied like a sleeping mask. When I wake up, my skin feels a little bit greasy, but it's hydrated.


Dark Out Long Lasting Primer - $19.99AUD

Colour correcting pigments in primers offer neutralisation and brightening properties. This primer comes in three shades to correct concerns such as redness (Fresh Green); dullness (Bright Purple); and blue/purple tones (Pure Peach). Dark Out also provides sun protection! The formula is thick but doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I'd say this has a slight white-cast effect (it will leave you looking ghostly) but it's a good white-cast, because it provides a neutralized base for BB cream or foundation.

I have Fresh Green and Pure Peach. I use Fresh Green on its own, and I love it. It covers all redness, makes my skin glow without making it look like I'm wearing anything, especially on days when I have a lupus flare and my cheeks are slightly red and under eyes, purple. I love that it hydrates my skin and protects me from UV.


Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream - $34.99AUD

A BB Cream is always welcome, especially if it matches my skin-tone perfectly. I previously gave this product a miss because it doesn't offer sun protection, but the formula is incredible for dry skin and has a good amount of coverage. Come at me, winter!

I used up a sample sized tube of this and loved it, and now that I have a full tube in my bathroom cabinet, I am even more keen to wear it regularly. I usually wear it over Dark Out so I get the sun protection. It wears really well throughout the day without looking cakey and leaves a velvety soft finish. It also doesn't oxidise, which is an absolute bonus!


Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base - $34.99AUD

Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base can be used to prepare skin prior to makeup application, or just stand alone to hydrate and nourish skin while leaving a natural glow. When you open the bottle and take out some product with the spatula built into the lid, it literally looks like syrup.

It's awkwardly sticky when I apply it to my face with the wand, but when I pat it in, it feels more like a non-sticky gel and my skin becomes very dewy. I find that it gets stickier as it dries, but because this is a base for under makeup, it works well as a primer.


Overall, these products have really worked for me, and I'm happy that I have had an opportunity to try them. I don't think I'll be using any other brand of BB Cream for a while!

Have you tried any products from Touch In Sol? Let me know what you think!

These products were purchased by myself (on clearance sale), my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Beauty Aid and the skin base certainly does seem perfect for winter. I also like the sound of the dark out with its sunscreen. Glad youve also found a bb cream that gives good coverage. Thanks for the great reviews Rivetlicker! Freaky