Wednesday, May 23, 2018

MAGNETIC LASHES || Do they really work? MY EXPERIENCE! || #RivetReview

False lashes are the finishing touch to a makeup look. Most people use strip lashes, but some like to use accents and individuals. They can also be a very huge pain to apply, not to mention the disdain that comes with being allergic to the adhesives.

Welcome the magnetic lash – no glue needed. These magic lashes have two parts, one that goes on top, and one that goes underneath, which sandwich your natural lashes between magnets on the strips, but do they work or are they just a waste of time and money?

I am the worst at applying strip lashes, so I generally avoid them mostly because of my eye shape and them being small. Rather than my eyes curving the same way false lashes do, mine are kind of flat and curved downwards, which makes traditional strip lashes look really bad on me. They never stick down on the inner corners, and if I place them too far to the edges, it looks really bad.

I thought that magnetic lashes may have been the answer to my prayers after seeing YouTubers Stephanie Lange, and Phyrra, two hooded eyelid babes, reviewing them. They were originally designed by One-Two Lashes, and then the dupes came out. The two brands I have purchased were Model Co's MCo line, and recently launched into Priceline, Ardell.

The Model Co (MCo line) Half Set (2 magnets) was the first that I purchased. They're available at Woolworths for about $14 a pair. I later purchased the Full Set (3 magnets) when I saw them for 40% off.

MCo packaging.
Detailed view of the MCo Magnetic Lashes Half Set.
Detailed view of the MCo Magnetic Lashes Half Set.

My first attempts were genuinely terrible. I couldn't get them on properly. Try after try and more trying, the best that I could do was get them into a photo of a makeup look. I only have metal tweezers and lash applicators, and my fingers weren't any better, so that may have played a major part in my inability to get them on.

Makeup look using MCo Magnetic Lashes Half Set.

The full set were equally as terrible, I couldn't get them on and when I did, one side of my lashes wouldn't be sandwiched between the magnets. I wound up cutting the under set into three pieces with a magnet each to try and make application easier, and then I lost one of those pieces, so that was a waste, I can't use them now.

The Ardell ones, oh boy, they were expensive. I bought them at half price, and got two pairs, because there's no way I would've paid $25 for one pair. I bought the Accent Set (3 magnets) and Double Demi Wispies (4 magnets), which I will not even bother opening, they're still brand new. I'd have to cut the ends off them anyway, because they're really, really wide.

Ardell Magnetic Accent Lashes packaging advertising ease of application. Look at how ruined the lashes are too.

The accent set was almost impossible to put on. They would not sit right at all. I tried something like 50 times in front of a magnified mirror, in daylight and studio lighting. No avail.

Literally the best I could do. See how small my eyes are? These are the accent set and they almost fit my entire lash line.

I irritated my eye so much from this that I wound up with blepharitis. My eyelid had swollen up pretty badly that evening and reminded me of this unfortunate scene from The Simpsons.




If they work for you, great. I think they are absolutely crap. They're not easy to apply at all, and those numerous attempts at trying to get them on have kinda ruined them, and if you lose one of them, that's it, might as well throw them out. Don't waste your dollars, stick to regular strip lashes.


Have you tried magnetic lashes? Let me know what you think!

These products were purchased by myself, my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Thanks for your review Rivet. I've been thinking about buying some but your review has helped me to decide. Won't be wasting my money. 😀 Freaky xo

    1. It’s such a gimmick! I wish it was as easy as they say.

  2. I got a cheap set off eBay and I spent ages doing it. I’d get one eye right but not the other one. I too gave up. But I have read elsewhere that it takes a long time to get the hang of it.