Thursday, June 28, 2018

OCCULT: EMPORIUM BEAUTY BOX MAY 2018 || Femme Fatale Cosmetics Bi-Monthly Indie Beauty Box || Rivet Licker

My second Femme Fatale Cosmetics Emporium Beauty Box finally arrived after a few issues with postage (Australia Post is THE WORST), and I was able to experience the spooky goodness that followed.

May 2018's box theme was the Occult, and gave rise to all sorts of wicked and delicious beauty treats and swatches!


Emporium Beauty Box
This bi-monthly subscription box comes with a range of samples and full size products from indie beauty brands such as Notoriously Morbid, Hello Waffle Cosmetics, Shiro Cosmetics, Geek Fire Labs, Darling Girl Cosmetics, Concrete Minerals, Pretty Serious Polish, Aromaleigh, and more.

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This Box
"Spiders legs & warts that hiss, just a witch's shopping list!"

Products and other goodies that came with the beauty box.

This box came jam packed with some awesome goodies. There were two mini size loose eyeshadows, a full sized loose blush, and deluxe sample sizes of hand/body lotion, makeup setting spray, lipgloss, plus sample of perfume oil.

Eyeshadow/blush swatches were applied over primer and with a brush.


All descriptions are as they appear on the information card.

Ginger & Waldo - BELLADONNA Hand & Body Lotion Deluxe Sample 30mL - approx. RRP $5.60AUD
"An oriental blend of orange, rose, carnation and patchouli with a hint of vanilla."

I've never heard of this brand, but after a quick search, I found their Etsy store which is full of beautiful natural and vegan products. This lotion has a very thick texture, but feels so lovely on the skin. It's incredibly hydrating for my dry hands and cuticles. The fragrance overall smells like musk sticks (the candy), which I find very soothing. I love it!


Apocalyptic Beauty - BELL, BOOK & CANDLE Setting Spray 15mL - approx. RRP $6.80AUD
"Sage and chamomile scented. Mist your face to set your makeup or just reinvigorate yourself throughout the day!"

Victoria from Biohazardous Beauty on YouTube is the only reason I know of this brand and product, so I was very excited to receive one in this box! I feel the setting spray has a very candy-like fragrance, rather than the herbal/floral mix I was expecting, but those notes do peak through. The little green bottle and label is really cute too. I have used it twice as a setting spray, and while it did help to prolong wear of my makeup, I don't find makeup does wear well on my skin because of how dry it is.


Corvus Cosmetics - HEKATE Mini Loose Eyeshadow - approx. RRP $4.90AUD
"A smoky gray-brown based eyeshadow with a strong violet shift."

I had heard on the grapevine that Corvus Cosmetics has shut its doors and is fulfilling its last orders, so that is rather sad, but I felt lucky receiving a product from them in this box. This eyeshadow definitely makes for amazing smokey eye looks. The purple shift is subtle and needs to catch the right angle of light to show its true radiance. It definitely works better over a sticky base or when applied wet.


Wild Hybrid - OUIJA Perfume Oil Sample - approx. RRP $2.40AUD
"Aged patchouli, oakmoss absolute, clove bud, white amber, champaca and lilac blossom, Spanish moss, polished wood and bourbon vanilla."

Upon reading the description, I was very intrigued as I was expecting an earthy fragrance with sweet and spicy floral overtones. I was massively disappointed when I applied it and it downright smelled like I applied a floral perfume to cover the smell of my hands after a cigarette. I don't miss those days, and this perfume just doesn't do it for me.


Glamour Doll Eyes - PLANCHETTE Hydra Glaze Lip Gloss - approx. RRP. $8.40AUD
"A pastel cotton candy colour with red iridescent shine and Hydra Glaze's signature buttercream scent."

Glamour Doll Eyes make an array of loose eyeshadows that pop! I was expecting this lip gloss to have more pigment and show off the pink shade more. The sparkles are very subtle. It's easy to wear and feels nice on the lips without being sticky, but it's so sheer that it looks like I'm wearing a clear scented gloss. Love the scent, though!


Darling Girl Cosmetics - WITCHING HOUR Mini Loose Eyeshadow - approx. RRP $4.55AUD
"A midnight blue eyeshadow with silvery green sheen and copper sparkles."

My second Darling Girl product after the sample of Balm Gloss in the Unicorns box, and I even bought the Balm Gloss in another shade! Even though this eyeshadow looks really dark and brooding in the jar, it comes to life when applied over an eyeshadow base; white will show its true blue base whilst black will allow the green sheen to come through.


Femme Fatale Cosmetics - WITCHY WOMAN Loose Blush 10g - approx. RRP $8.50AUD
"A cool-toned pink with a hint of a purplish undertone, and soft red glow that shifts to gold at angle to the light."

I was super excited about one of Femme Fatale's own products being in this box, and it did not disappoint. The blush is actually a lot more sheer than it looks in the jar. I found that with a light hand (not packing it on like eyeshadow!) it offers a subtle flush of pink and the warm sparkles give a beautiful glow to the skin.



I did two makeup looks featuring products from this box. For more details, please visit the Instagram posts linked in the picture description.

Makeup look using products from this box. Details on Instagram.

Makeup look using products from this box. Details on Instagram.

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  1. I haven’t heard of any of these brands. Nor have I ever tried a subscription beauty service before. The most adventurous I get with the lucky dip type purchase is when I qualify for a Priceline goody bag. I like to choose my products usually or at least have someone advise what is going to suit me not what thousands of over people might get.

    1. Sometimes the best cosmetics are batch made in someone's kitchen :)