Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Winged eyeliner stamps are probably not going to give us hooded folk any hope, anyway. || #RivetReview

The Vamp Stamp tool was designed by a fellow disabled makeup artist, Veronica Lorenz, after losing sensation in her hands following a spinal tumor. This tool made application of winged liner accessible, and surely enough, the copies flew in, and suddenly a new innovation was brought to town, The Quick Flick. Rather than being a stamping tool dipped into product, it was made as a self-inking eyeliner stamp. It gained popularity after appearing on Shark Tank Australia. 

Even more copies became available, including one by Model Co Cosmetics, which I managed to pick up at Woolworths on my last supermarket trip. Does it work when your eyelids are so hooded that winged liner doesn't even look right? Let's find out!


If you have followed me for a while, you'll know that I almost never do winged liner in my makeup looks. I've tried everything - templates, different products from liquid eyeliner pens to gel eyeliner with super thin liner brushes. Nothing I do is ever going to allow me to have the beautiful winged liner we all see on Instagram and YouTube, done with such ease.

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You see, I have an odd eye shape where my eyes are deep set AND hooded, so when I squint, it looks like I have a second eyelid hanging over my eyes. This has made me want blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery to remove excess skin) for years and I won't stop wanting to have it done, because eventually I will need to have it done for the sake of my vision.

Things improved a bit when I had a Botox brow lift (it was actually for my headaches), but it didn't last very long and once I regained movement in my brows, my eyes just drooped back. I would like to put it out there that I am really bothered by my hooded eyelids, and that it is my qualm.


Somebody once described having hooded eyelids is like having foreskin in your eye sockets, and I got a really good giggle out of it. When I look at my mum and see her puffy eyelids, I know that's going to be me in about 20 years.

Winged eyeliner doesn't look right on me. I can do all these optical tricks designed for those with monolids and hooded lids, but they're difficult to execute.


I bought the MCo Winged Eyeliner Stamp when the Model Co range was on sale, I think it was 30% off or so, around the $9.80 mark.

This liquid liner pen has a tapered felt tip for lining at one end, and a stamp in the shape of a wing at the other. It claims to give a precisely symmetrical feline flick with minimal effort, while the formula offers an intense black finish.

Tapered felt tip to create a line.

Wing stamp to offer a perfect flick.

The stamp end of the eyeliner on my hand, it gives the rough shape of the wing, but does not have the sharpness it claims to offer.

This is literally the best I could do. It took a while to get used to the amount of pressure to use with the stamp end. I don't think the stamp gives the precision advertised, but this could be down to the materials used to create the stamp, and others may apply product better than I can. I'll continue to try, but I can't promise that I'll change my mind about how terrible it looks on me.

When winged liner takes on an awkward shape on deep set, hooded eyelids.

I had another go, but at this point I just used the eyeliner end to draw it in... The eyeliner itself is not bad, but the stamp definitely didn't do anything.


MCo Beauty by Model Co - Winged Eyeliner Stamp + Liquid Liner Duo - RRP $16.00AUD - Available from selected Woolworths Supermarkets and Model Co Cosmetics online.

Have you tried this or The Vamp Stamp/The Quick Flick? Let me know how you went!

This product was purchased by myself, my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Thanks for the giggle Rivet! I really needed a laugh today as it's been a bit of a crappy day. In theory these seem like a good idea but only if it actually worked! I hope you come across something you like to use on your eyes soon :) Freaky xo

  2. Hi! I would ask you if this eyeliner could be used inside the eye?

    1. I’ve seen videos doing inner wings with the stamp, so yes :)

  3. I have hooded eyes too and I've found reversing the stamp to be more helpful. So for example, instead of angling the thin wing tip on the outer of your eye and connecting it, flip it backwards and nestle the thin wing on the top starting about a mm from the edge of your iris. Then you will have a fatter piece as your wing, and you can just draw that out into a longer wing and down. This effectively draws 'over' the skin hood and looks like a beautiful wing. Another way to do it is to apply your eyeliner looking straight ahead and relaxed in a mirror. Draw over the skin in the line, then just close your eyes and fill in any missed parts. This ensure's your wing can be seen perfectly and evenly when you are looking ahead.