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Every year around September, beauty industry professionals gather to attend Beauty Expo, a trade show that caters to the needs of beauty therapists, nail technicians, clinical aestheticians, and makeup artists.

My inner beauty therapist was really thrilled to discover so many new brands and innovations, and my journalistic intuition took me to the event to cover what went on. BE WARNED, THIS IS LONG!


Because I am only one person, I wandered the entire show floor in a day, with no breaks. My goal was to visit as many booths as possible so I could write this story. There are so many categories I can write about, but I think I'll stick to describing them by what kind of products they are, and where they are from, and I will include a special for the South African brands that joined us, because there are so many! I may leave my haul (if you hadn't already seen it on Instagram stories) for another post.

The majority of the brands shown here will not be familiar to the average consumer as they are professional-only brands available through salons and spas.



Many salons and spas are moving towards natural products by request of their clients. Using naturally derived ingredients is probably more of a marketing ploy as they are not always the safer option, but they have their benefits. The fragrances available in nature can be mimicked in the lab, but sometimes, the real thing is what sells the product, especially when it comes down to body and massage treatments. Mineral oil isn't exactly the nicest massage medium!

There were many new brands to emerge in the natural category for face, hair, and body, and some have been around for a while.

Amperna - Probiotic skincare designed to help heal and improve the appearance of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. Aussie made and vegan.

Bestow Beauty - Tea anybody? Bestow creates blends of herbal teas and beauty powders designed to help work from the inside out.

Clockwise from top left: Amperna Skincare, Clemence Organics, Bestow Beauty, Coconut Tree

Clemence Organics - A natural skincare line created by Bridget Carmady to address skin concerns from a holistic point of view. Eco-luxe never looked so fancy.

Coconut Tree - Food for skin and hair, made from coconut oil.

Eco By Sonya Driver - This brand may be known for natural based fake tan, but they have a great range of natural face and body skincare.

Mavala Switzerland - Swiss made products that have been around for 60 years. Known for their nail hardeners and hand care, the range has expanded into natural skincare and makeup.

Clockwise from top left: Eco By Sonya Driver, Mavala, Pure Nut, Pure Fiji

Pure Fiji - A South Pacific spa experience, sans the airline ticket. Tropical bath and body products to whisk you away.

Pure Nut - From the farm to your face. A Macadamia plantation in Northern NSW creates skin products from the nuts of this beautiful native plant.

Raw Earth Co - Brands under this umbrella take eco-friendly, natural formulas to the next level. Whether you want natural and effective skincare from Skin Juice, or need something to help with a shaved face from Man Brew, a cleansing konjac sponge from Spud Sponge, family friendly botanical personal care from Green Habit, a dewy skin finish with Juice Glow, something extra during bath time from Splash Bar, or powerful skin serums from Serum Factory, Raw Earth Co has it all covered!

Raw Earth Co brands.

Rawganic Skincare - Cosmeceutical and vegan skincare for face and body, made in Australia from raw ingredients such as herbs, marine extracts, and select essential oils. With ranges for all skin types, this brand has something for everybody.

Shimmer, Shine & Glow - Luxurious Australian skincare featuring a strawberry body scrub, powerful clay masks, and a gold infused skin serum.

Clockwise from top left: Rawganic Skincare, Shimmer Shine & Glow, The Beauty Chef, Simplicite

Simplicite - Clinical herbal skincare made in Australia by herbalist David Lyons.

The Beauty Chef - Carla Oates GLOW powder for beauty starting from the gut. A cult favourite beauty supplement.



I'm totally into innovative skincare. These are formulas that are loved by professionals, but also have consumer lines.

Some of these brands are available directly to consumers through high end department and retail stores, but some are best left to be sold by the professionals!

Aduro - Salon quality light therapy, for use in your own home with LEDs for face and teeth whitening.

Black Leopard Skincare - Men's skincare does not get any better than this. A lovely family owned range designed for face shavers, and an antiperspirant deodorant that works really well for me.

Clockwise from top left: Aduro, Black Leopard Skincare, DermaEnergy, CrystalSmooth

CrystalSmooth - Microdermabrasion is still a popular treatment, and now you can do it at home with this hand held device distributed by DermaPlane Pro Australia.

DermaEnergy - A brand set out to educate us on why we don't cleanse our skin properly, and to offer us better exfoliation options. They also don't believe in eye creams!

Dermedics - Mesotherapy, reinvented. No needles, just sonophoresis and radio frequency modalities with accompanying skincare from the European Union.

Genie Beauty - Instant results skincare and high performance makeup that works to better your skin. A small and independent business to make you look and feel great.

Genie Beauty featuring founder Lisa Claycomb

Janssen Cosmetics - A German cosmeceuticals brand designed to target the concerns of all skin types through professional treatments and at-home care.

Long Lashes - Grow longer lashes and brows with this Australian made serum in as little as a month.

Clockwise from top left: Dermedics, Janssen Cosmetics, Murad, Long Lashes

Murad - Legendary cosmeceutical brand founded by dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad in 1989. Now available for retail sale in Australia.

Pelactiv - The Australian brand that mastered the lactic acid peel.

Ultraceuticals - 20 years of innovative cosmeceutical skincare that started in Dr. Geoffrey Heber's Sydney based garage, and became one of the most respected brands in Australian aesthetics.

Ultraceuticals floor



Along with the Face2Face competition, Beauty Expo saw more makeup brands join in on the fun. Plenty of professional brands, but also heaps of Instagram sensations!

Anesthesia Contact Lenses - The biggest contact lens brand in the UAE.

Aurora Effect by Spectrum - Ring lights in all shapes and sizes for photography and video from large models to clip on selfie lights.

Clockwise from top left: Anesthesia Contact Lenses, Aurora Effect by Spectrum, Eye of Horus, Downunder Cosmetix

Down Under Cosmetix - A vibrant range of loose pigments and glitter inspired by Australia.

Eye of Horus - Vivid colours and beautiful formulas inspired by Egypt and designed in Byron Bay.

Garbo & Kelly - A makeup line inspired by Gretta Garbo and Grace Kelly, born in Australia, and doing wonders for our eyebrows.

Glitter Haven - Every single colour of cosmetic glitter imaginable for use on face, body and nails.

Clockwise from top left: Garbo & Kelly, Glitter Haven, Mj Cosmetics, Laglam Minerals

Laglam Minerals - High performance and sweat resistant natural mineral makeup.

Luk Beautifood - Natural lipsticks and balms for beautifully natural kisses.

Makeup Cartel - Umbrella brands include brow legends PONi Cosmetics and mineral based makeup and skincare, Esmi.

Makeup Cartel brands PONi and Esmi

Makeupnet - Online retailer and store in Melbourne stocking international brands such as Lime Crime, L.A. Girl and Gerard Cosmetics.

Clockwise from top left: Makeupnet brushes, L.A Colors and L.A. Girl, Modelrock Lashes, Lime Crime

MaqPro Australia
- French wax based colour cosmetics for use in professional makeup artistry.

Mj Cosmetics - A cruelty free and hypoallergenic makeup line designed by makeup artist Miss Jayne.

Modelrock Lashes - Aussie lash brand rocking hundreds of styles for makeup artists and consumers alike.

Clockwise from top left: Luk Beautifood, Real Techniques and Shea Moisture, Youngblood Minerals, Whip Lashes

Real Techinques - Consumer favourite brushes founded by YouTube duo, PixiWoo, had great discounts for professionals.

Style Patisserie - An online store stocking international boutique beauty brands such as Butter London, Pixi By Petra, Lash Food, Velvet Concepts, and INC.redible.

Clockwise from top left: Style Patisserie brands Pixi By Petra, Velvet Concepts, LashFood, INC.redible

Whip Lashes - Faux mink lashes with flare. There's nothing subtle about this brand's philosophy, or its lashes. $1 from every sale goes to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Youngblood Minerals - Mineral makeup designed to cover and nourish skin after having laser treatments or cosmetic surgery.



Manicures, pedicures, massages, waxing, lashes, and more can be found at a beauty salon. You need to have supplies of disposables and something to manage your business with. Some of Australia's best nail artists also took part in the Nailympia competition.

Afterpay - We're all guilty of using this service to pay for products and services in small, fortnightly increments. Offering this payment option may bring more clientele to your salon.

Beauty In A Box Co - A company that converts cargo storage containers into your very own salon!

Clockwise from top left: Afterpay, Beauty in a Box Co, Dateline Imports, Caronlab

Biosculpture Gel - Products and training for the modern nail technician.

Caronlab - Waxing Australia for nearly 40 years, in salon, and at home with WaxAway's wax strips.

Dateline Imports - Every salon's best friend when it comes to equipment, tools, and disposables.

Lycon - Lydia Jordane's legendary wax products for a professional finish.

Lycon range of waxes including new PINKINI hot wax for intimate waxing.

Mancine Cosmetics - If you need to wax, tan, or massage, Melbourne based Mancine have you covered.

Natural Look - Hair and beauty products and supplies developed and tested by a team of in house professionals before hitting the salons.

Salon Concepts - Distributors of professional and consumer brands including Real Techniques, 1000 Hour, Shea Moisture, RapidLash and more.

Clockwise from top left: Natural Look, Mancine Cosmetics, vaporisers, spa and massage linen.

Spa Finder - A gift card service to help connect clients to local spas. Great gift idea.

The Social Media Network - All your salon business marketing needs with various packages for all budgets.



Where would the industry be without the quintessential trade magazine? Professionals want to know what's hot and what's not, and these magazines deliver this news. Another aspect is how content creators and editors deliver news to the industry.

Beauty Directory - This is the go-to directory for beauty media, brands, and PR. I use this website so often to check out industry news.

Beauty Heaven - A consumer website and largest beauty product review database in Australia. Trial teams, forums, free beauty products, video, articles, and more!

Clockwise from top left: Beauty Directory booth, Laud Magazine booth, Rivet with Benedetta from Beauty Reign and Caryl from The Caryl Edit, Rivet with Cameron Jane of Cameron Jane Makeup Academy Sydney

BHA Media - Main sponsors of Beauty Expo Australia. Includes publications such as Spa+Clinic and Professional Beauty.

Laud Magazine - A quarterly editorial and high fashion hair & makeup magazine headed by makeup artist Becca Gilmartin.

Rivet Licker - A cruelty free beauty and makeup blog with product reviews, product edits, and knowledge from both an industry and consumer perspective.



The one huge difference you notice when you look at brands from different geographical regions is how they are formulated and suited to skin of those who are living in that area. South Africa's demographic is a mix of primarily Black African, and minorities of Europeans (Dutch/Afrikaans), Indian/other Asian groups, and if they had not emigrated elsewhere, Jews like me. Just like Australia, the diversity in skin types need to be met - especially because of living in the Southern Hemisphere - such as that gaping hole in the Ozone Layer over Antarctica. We experience stronger sun than North America and Europe, so we have different skin needs to those markets.

While formulations of products are relatively similar, the use of native ingredients sets these brands apart from their Aussie counterparts. We have wonderful native ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Macadamia, and Lilly Pilly, but South Africa have their own. Kalahari Melon Oil, Boabab, and the currently trending, Marula Oil!

There were plenty of brands featured from all beauty categories, and here are some that caught my eye!

Black Rose - A beautiful rose based range of body products made with pure rose oil, rosewater, and yoghurt, that nourishes skin and leaves behind a gentle fragrance.

CocoBaci - Natural teeth whitening products made from coconut oil.

Clockwise from top left: Angel from Black Rose Cosmetics, Elim Spa, Hoelson Sisters, CocoBaci

Derca Products - High performance clinical grade natural skincare designed to treat acne and environmentally damaged skin to restore skin health.

Elim Spa Products - Sparkly body mists and mani/pedi luxury with these natural products.

Essel - Cosmeceutical and natural skincare formulas for targeting several skin concerns. Umbrella brands featured include DNA-Epinew for mature skin, DermaPlex for all skin, and Human Kind, natural body care.

Clockwise from top left: Essel brands, Nubian Nature, O'live, Le Natruel

Katavi Botanicals - Sustainable and eco-luxe skincare designed to protect skin and repair environmental damage with the big 5 cosmetic superfruits of Africa.

Le Naturel - Natural personal care and cosmetic products catered to the hospitality and travel industries.

Nubian Nature - Natural and fair-trade products for natural hair, skin, and body, featuring African botanicals.

Katavi Botanicals, Gary Rom Haircare, Derca Products, Seed Essential

O'live - Handmade artisan soaps by a husband and wife team from Cape Town.

Seed Essential - Skin healing oils for all ages, featuring Kalahari Melon, Marula, and Boabab.


Wow, wasn't that a lot?
Here are even more miscellaneous photos.

Have you been to an industry trade show? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Wow now that's a huge blog. You should be in a Company and write for them. Absolutely amazing to read and the pictures are done so well too.

  2. I've never been to one of these shows, but I've always been curious about Beauty Expo. All those brands, all these products, WOW! You certainly fitted a lot into that day Lara. Was surprised at the number of brands there that I'd already heard of & even more surprised to see the amount of South African brands there as well (I didn't really know if they had much of a home-grown beauty industry). Great read & great photos!

  3. How did you take all the information in? You must have made copious notes. I have heard of some of these brands.

    1. Surprisingly, I didn’t take notes! Let’s just say, brochures helped me, a lot!!!