Wednesday, November 7, 2018

$17 BRUSH CLEANER FROM ALDI?! || Lacura Brush Cleaner & Dryer || #RivetReview

Brush cleaning has to be one of the worst things about being into makeup. Trying to find ways to minimize time spent cleaning and drying your brushes can be a nightmare. With the recent advent of a brand name brush cleaner, dupes quickly became available, costing around $60.

Enter Aldi, with their own beauty brand, Lacura, giving access to popular makeup and beauty tools at budget prices. But does it work?


How does it work?

This brush cleaning system works to save time and water. Instead of having running water, which can add up pretty quickly, you only need about 1/2 a cup of water, and can wash several brushes in the solution before needing to change it. The rotary tool, much like an electric drill, spins the brush very fast in the cleaning solution, then dries by applying the centripetal force onto the bristles, which sends the cleaning solution crashing into the sides of the bowl.




The kit comes ready to use immediately and complete with:
1x Bowl
1x Bowl Neck
8x Collars
2x Spindles
1x Battery Operated Handheld Device
2x AAA Batteries
User Manual

The bowl is made of thin, slightly flexible plastic, so you can put dents in it if you press too hard (but don't). Both the bowl and drill have the Lacura logo on them.

The collars are made of silicone and are designed to fit most brush handles. They range from about 5mm to 30mm (will fit chubby kabuki type handles).



It claims to wash and dry brushes in 30 seconds using minimal water and liquid cleanser.

For water soluble products (such as powders), it is recommended to use approximately 4mL of cleanser, and for non-water soluble products (liquid and cream foundations), 10-20mL. The water level should be no higher than half the height of the brush.

After choosing the right sized collar for your brush handle, attach it to the drill and dip it into the solution for 5 or so seconds then turn on the drill and let the bristles spin in the liquid for about 10 seconds. Slowly lift the brush out of the solution and allow it to spin dry in 10 second bursts.

1. Contents of kit.
2. Brush spinning in cleansing solution.
3. Brush spinning dry.
4. Liquid/cream foundation brush is clean, dry, and ready to use.

1. Dirty blusher brush is being fit into the appropriate collar.
2. Brush is being dipped into cleansing solution.
3. Brush spinning dry.
4. Brush is clean, dry, and ready to use.

1. Brush spinning in cleansing solution.
2. Brush spinning dry.
3. Eyeshadow brush is clean, dry, and ready to use.
4. Bowl and neck rinsed clean.



+ I used the Daiso Puff & Sponge Detergent as my cleanser and cleaned several brushes using the same solution.

+ Some brushes were too thin to fit even into the smallest collar. This was rectified by tying a rubber band to widen the handle. I did this for extremely tapered handles too.

+ Brush handles need to fit snuggly into the collars so they don't fly out during use, and some handles are in between sizes, so go for the smaller size.

+ This tool works best on fluffy brushes, denser brushes may need to be cleaned more vigorously and rinsed well, but can be dried using the tool.

+ I recommend using a drying rack, even if the brushes are dry to the touch; water may be present in the ferrule.

+ Even though the brushes feel clean, I spritzed mine with isopropyl alcohol (70%) just to make sure there wasn't any kind of bacterial growth.

+ The drill part vibrates a lot, so I was left with a tingly arm when I finished up.


There's no doubt that this thing works. It saves water and cleanser, and it's pretty quick, except that if you need to wash your brush AGAIN. It took me the same amount of time as it would if I had stood there and washed them by hand, but I maybe had used about half a litre of water vs. the several I may have used just by rinsing.

My main issue was having to hold my arm up in the air, and keep it still, so as not to hit the sides of the bowl with the spinning brush. The vibrations were annoying, but nothing I couldn't handle, I probably wouldn't recommend this kind of thing to anybody with that kind of sensory issue, but it is otherwise a really clever device!


Have you tried a brush cleaner & dryer? Let me know what in the comments!

This product was purchased by myself, my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Thanks for your feedback on this one Rivetlicker. I was wondering how this would work. I appreciate the tips you give to get the best usage of it as well. Well done! :) Freaky xo