Friday, November 23, 2018

FIRST TIMER! || Rivet Gets A Fake Tan With MineTan 1 Hour Express Tans || #RivetReview

I don't buy or use fake tan at all. I'm okay with being all various shades of pale, where my darkest is lighter than most peoples' lightest. I'm not this pale by choice - my childhood days were filled with golden olive skin that disappeared as I got older and started developing rashes upon sun exposure, rather than producing a tan.

MineTan was a brand featured at the TVSN Beauty Bazaar this year, where we were told about its humble beginnings by its founder, Kristie Kirkham, and its rapid expansion into the professional and consumer beauty worlds.


Fake it till you make it.

Our sun is both a creator and destroyer. While it's essential for life, it can do a lot of damage, especially in parts of the world like Australia and other places in the Southern Hemisphere. We know better than to sit out in the sun or use sun beds to tan skin, and we also now know that 'tanning is skin cells in trauma', according to the ad, which is 100% true. Tanning exists as a defence mechanism against UV damage, and while it can look good to some, it's not ideal in this day and age where skin cancer is a rampant killer, even in dark skinned people. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Fake tanning has for the most part replaced sun bathing and solariums, although people still risk their health to lie on the beach until their skin winds up brown and leathery, a breeding ground for cancers.

The main ingredient in fake tan is DHA, or dihydroxyacetone. It is derived from sugar and works by basically undertaking a very slow caramelization reaction. As most people can tell you, caramel is an orange brown colour, so in conjunction with the DHA, complementary pigments are added to reduce the instances of making your skin orange and making you look like President Cheetoh.



MineTan have a range of professional and retail products.

The entire range is cruelty free and vegan, but I really don't need to tell anybody that, because if you're here, you know it's going to be cruelty free!

The specific product we were gifted was the Blue Black Self Tan Foam. It was inspired by the hair colour that's known as the cool version of jet black. The deep blue pigment counteracts yellow and warm tones to leave a cool bronzed glow. We were also gifted the Bronze On Applicator Mitt, so we had something to apply the product with!

MineTan packaging.

Bronze On Application Mitt.

I had actually received the original MineTan formula once before, but I never wound up using it and passed it on. This time was a little different!



As with all fake tan products, preparation of your skin is probably the most important step before choosing the right product for it. 24 hours prior, I scrubbed myself down and shaved my legs (it says you're supposed to shave 48 hours prior, but Kristie said it can be done sooner). I made sure to pay extra attention to my feet and ankles with the scrub.

I used the Lycon Mango & Guava Oil Free Sugar Scrub as my exfoliator. It smells so good!

I had a shower before applying the tan, then went out for 20 minutes. I came home and decided, yes, now is a good time to tan. To make sure my legs were clean, I just went over them with a wet cloth, and I also cleaned my feet. When my skin was dry, I began to apply the product.

Dark blue-green foam on the application mitt prior to application on my super pasty leg.

I buffed the product in with the mitt as I went. I was actually surprised that it didn't go on very dark and that it was as barely noticeable.

It rubs the lotion on its skin.

I used one layer and left the product on for an hour before rinsing off with luke warm water. I immediately moisturised and then went on with my day, allowing the product to deepen.



My skin is olive toned. I have a lot of yellow and green undertones that can be negated by adding blues and violet, so in theory, this should work well for me to counteract orange. I was honestly worried that I was going to go too dark. I haven't used a fake tanning product in at least a decade, back when they still made you go orange.

Comparing one leg against the other, there is a subtle difference. I don't think I've seen my legs with that much colour in them in a long time.

Product applied to left leg.

Mum says she couldn't tell the difference, and if anything, I looked grey.

It did keep developing, so I did go a bit darker. My arms aren't that dark at all, but in comparison, my legs are stark white and didn't even come close to the colour of my arms until 24 hours later.

The colour I am supposed to be when not tanned is the bottom one.

 I just need to remember to moisturise after every shower and start to scrub down again before I apply another round.



It was going to take some getting used to, but I think I am confident enough that I may try again, and go a little darker. Honestly, I feel that I would be more comfortable with slightly darker skin that what I have. I can't do it naturally, so I have to fake it.


MineTan Blue Black 1 Hour Express Tan - $29.99AUD
MineTan Bronze On Application Mitt - $7.95AUD

Available from TVSN.

Have you tried a fake tan? Let me know in the comments!

This product was supplied as a PR sample for review, my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Great review Rivet and thanks for your info on fake tanning. You've encouraged me to give it another go :) Freaky xo