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THIS IS THE TINGLIEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER TRIED! || Andalou CannaCell Glow Mask || #RivetReview

Hemp is here to stay! For a long time, hemp byproducts such as the oil and seeds were not allowed to be sold in Australia. It's weird, because hemp contains negligible concentrations of their psychoactive components, called cannabinoids, which means you won't get high or be able to treat medical conditions with plain ol' hemp.

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Hemp oil and other hemp products were few and far between, but the widespread mainstream availability has brought this humble plant into our diets and skincare, with many brands boasting the benefits of the oil and other components of the plant for the skin. Andalou steps in with their CannaCell range!


I honestly don't remember if I have tried any products with hemp in them, maybe in the past, but it just wasn't an easy ingredient to find in cosmetics here, nor do I ever remember it trending. Numerous brands have popped up that use hemp, but most have only been available in independent pharmacies, rather than major stores.

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Product + Claims

Andalou CannaCell Glow Mask is a jelly based mask packed with botanicals. It aims to brighten, exfoliate, and restore the skin's health.

Key Ingredients

All of Andalou Naturals products contain plant stem cell extracts. Hemp Stem Cells in the range act as antioxidants, helping to repair and prevent further free radical damage from exposure to the elements. They are blended with Hemp Oil, rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to nourish and moisturise skin, replenishing the skin's natural moisturising factors (NMFs).

Complementary ingredients include plant enzymes Bromelain (from pineapple) and Papain (from Papaya), which gently work to exfoliate dead skin cells and leave skin smoother, Aloe Vera Juice forms the bulk of the base, giving it a gel texture, Glycerine helps draw water into your skin, Reservatrol further offers antioxidant properties, Vitamin C helps to brighten and stimulate collagen production, and Allantoin soothes skin.

Physical Properties + Packaging

The product is light green in colour with a jelly texture. It feels very cold to the touch. It smells like fresh greens with a slight herbal citrus shift from the addition of Petitgrain, Roman Chamomile, and Tangerine essential oils.

Image description: A light green jelly-like product in a white jar.

50 grams of product comes in a solid white jar with a green lid with a cannabis leaf embossed into the top.

How To Use

Product is to be applied to clean and dry, or damp skin, and left for 10-20 minutes. It doesn't state how many times per week you should use it, which is weird. I'd say a maximum of two.


Thanks for reading all the way through, now you get to read about my results!

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I'm not kidding, this is the tingliest product I have ever tried! This beats out some in-salon treatments I've had. It's so cold on my skin! I don't think the cooler weather helps, but it's definitely not a warm sensation that I feel (papain and bromelain can sometimes have a warming effect on the skin), it just tingles a lot. I wouldn't say it's overly uncomfortable, but it's definitely something that sensitive and reactive skin wouldn't enjoy at all. The surprising thing is that I have used it over the top of broken skin and there was no stinging (although I don't recommend using on areas of broken skin, mine was just a little scratched pimple).

I've used the mask about four times in the past two weeks. I flushed with my last two uses, but my skin wasn't irritated. I definitely feel like my skin has been exfoliated well, and simultaneously hydrated. I can't tell you how dry I've been this winter, it's ridiculous! I was an oily mess over summer, and now my skin has decided to become bone dry, and even using AHAs and hyaluronic acid products haven't helped, but oh boy, this mask, this mask helped get rid of the flakes and plump my skin.

Image description: Photo of Rivet taken after rinsing off the product. There is a distinct mask of redness where the product was applied.

I can't say it's doing anything for my breakout... I've had an unusual menstrual period come out of the blue which has been giving me migraines (something I don't usually have) and terrible cramps, non-stop, plus has lasted over two weeks without any signs of stopping, so naturally, I have broken out too. It could also be a purge because I'm using a retinol serum every other night, but the cyst mountain on my chin is definitely hormonal. It's getting sorted, meanwhile, I'm on some heavy duty doses of pain meds and rest. I don't know what it causing is at this point in time and it is going to be investigated soon.

I'll see your tingle, and raise you a 'bet you'll love the results' if you try it for yourself (unless of course, you have sensitive skin!)


The Andalou Naturals CannaCell Glow Mask, RRP $22.95AUD,  and the rest of the CannaCell range are available at Priceline, Nourished Life,  and

Andalou Naturals are proudly cruelty free, vegetarian, and Choose Cruelty Free Certified.

Have you ever tried Hemp skincare? Let me know in the comments!

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This product was a gift, my thoughts are honest.
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  1. Mental note. Buy this around summer time!
    In all seriousness, excellent review. I have had my eye on this one. I’ve so far loved everything that I have tried from Andalou Naturals so I hope this is more of the same.

    Emily -

  2. I love the sound of this mask. Is it obvious you are wearing a mask? One of the reasons I don't sheet mask or other mask is because I'd either give my kids a fright or have them in hysterics.

    1. Ahahahahaha! This mask looks like you've slathered jelly on your face. I often scare my mum when I come out of the bathroom with an obvious mask (usually clay or something brightly coloured). Yes, scary!!!

  3. I have never tried Hemp products before either. This one sounds like a good place to start. Thanks for such a brilliant detailed review!

    1. The Body Shop have always had hemp products, but I think they're the only ones who ever did.