Friday, November 25, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part Seven

Part seven of the #RivetReview archive brings you Designer Brands going into hair care, and Model Co's ingenious face wipes that took my [then] eyebrows with them.

Here we go.
Note: Information not pertaining to the outcome of the product review may have been been edited. Purchase/PR sample/gift status has been stated on each item.

Those lashes though.
Designer Brands Dry Shampoo - Classic [Purchase]

Original review:
'I have been using my other Designer Brands dry shampoo recently, the classic formula. It works well, but I prefer the fragrance of the volume formula. No residue, just fresh, clean feeling hair. I love this dry shampoo, but I have no idea where to find it! I bought this in Melbourne from a cash and carry hair/beauty wholesaler. I hope that I can find them again (I'm in Sydney), because these are so cheap at $7.99RRP. If anybody could give me a heads up, that would be great!"

Any new thoughts?
I must say, I really liked this dry shampoo. I found out that my pharmacist stocks this, so it's really easy to get when I'm picking up my unusual mixture of prescriptions.

NB: Price Attack store and retailers that stock DB will most likely carry this!

Bye brows.
Model Co Double-Sided Facial Wipes [Purchase]

Original review:
"The Model Co Double Sided Facial Wipes are awesome. They have reassured me that there ARE facial wipes that don't burn everything they touch. These also have the added benefit of a side that does physical exfoliation (there are microbeads embedded into the cloth, wouldn't call these eco friendly, but they're not going into our waterways). They remove eye makeup and stubborn waterproof products, and don't leave my skin feeling tight and dry after. Sensitive skin friendly! 
These are available from Priceline (they often go on sale, too) or the Model Co website for $8AUD, for 25 wipes. Will be repurchasing."

Any new thoughts?

Guess who repurchased these and didn't open them? This girl. I got slightly (very) converted back to makeup remover on cotton pads, so the packet is sitting in a draw, sealed shut. 

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