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Swisse Skincare 2016 Releases - #RivetReview

Swisse, yes, the vitamin and wellness company, also make skincare, and have been for several years now. Just in case you have missed the memo, this brand has been one that has found a praise in my skincare cupboard. The botanical formulas and eco-friendly products make Swisse Skincare great for your skin and for your conscience.

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In June 2016, a new range of product hit pharmacy and supermarket shelves; including two BB Creams*, a sunblock, a clearing moisturiser, a body scrub and a body oil. These products joined the already flourishing range of some of my favourite makeup remover, oil cleanser, and toner mist.

What do I love about this brand? First and foremost, it's cruelty free. Secondly, it's affordable and almost always on sale. There probably isn't a huge need to continue why I love this line.

Media event for Swisse Skincare.
The media event to launch these newbies was beautiful; it was held at a private residence in Darling Point overlooking Sydney Harbour where we were treated to barista coffee, a plethora of fresh fruit and canapes, and wonderful company. As a first for Swisse, they introduced their new sun protection range and pregnancy-safe body oil.

Natural Defence SPF 15
Natural Defence Moisturiser SPF15 - $24.99
72 hours of moisture plus the added benefit of natural sun protection and skin brightening.

Zinc + Titanium Dioxide - Natural UVA/UVB protection
Knotgrass - Infrared filter [NB: some sources suggest infrared radiation at specific frequencies promote collagen (such as in skin therapies); others say it is damaging at specific frequencies, that it can cause pigmentation and a decrease in collagen formation. What is mentioned in this review is specifically at the unfiltered radiation that hits Earth - we feel this as heat from sunlight]
Tasmanian Pepper Leaf, St. Mary's Thistle +Broccoli Extracts - Assist in prevention of premature ageing
Rosehip Oil - High antioxidant (Vitamin A) oil
Sweet Almond Oil - All rounder emollient oil

I love this moisturiser. I know the low SPF can be a turn off, but because of the natural ingredients, any higher rating would come with a very unflattering white-cast effect (and in turn, horrid flashback). It's a great everyday moisturiser for me, however, I'll still use a higher rated sunscreen if I know I'll be out in the sun for longer. I use this when I know I'll be mostly indoors, but have to step outside for a few minutes.

Image credit: Swisse Wellness
Echinacea Clear Skin Moisturiser - $21.99
A lightweight, mattifying moisturiser for blemish prone skin and oil control.

Echinacea, Cornflower + Tea Tree - Soothes inflamed skin and has microbial properties
Salicylic Acid - Oil soluble chemical exfoliant (BHA)
Jojoba Oil - Liquid wax with similar molecular structures to skin's sebum
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) - Skin brightening active

You might think "Lara has dry skin and no acne", but I really went on the formula of this rather than the claims. This moisturiser is really nice on my skin, however, it doesn't contain any humectants, so I have to load up on hydrating serums before layering. Even though this product is based on a lot of oils, I like to mix it with extra facial oil just for the extra moisture (Swisse's Rosehip is pretty good for that).

Image credit: Swisse Wellness
Sea Salt Body Polish - $16.99
Scrub in a tube with an uplifting Lemon Myrtle fragrance.

Sea Salt + Coconut Shell - Sloughs through dead skin
Coconut Oil - Rich in saturated fatty acid, moisturises skin
Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil - Herbal lemon fragrance

I'm not sure whether it's because my skin is too damp when I use it and the sea salt just dissolves, or it just doesn't have enough physical particles (or large enough) that I crave in a body scrub, I find this product to be a little bit weak on delivering exfoliation in the shower. Perhaps I shall try it on dry skin a few times before coming to that judgement. I really love the fragrance, though!

Multivitamin Repair Body Oil
Multivitamin Body Repair Oil - $15.99 (50mL) - $24.99 (125mL)
Deeply moisturising oil, great for massage, free of fragrance and essential oils, safe for use during pregnancy.

Coconut, Sunflower, Sweet Almond + Macadamia Oils - Oil blend for deep moisturisation with Vitamins A, C and E, offers slip for massage
Beeswax - Occludent for barrier repair
Colloidal Silica - Calms skin and gives a dry finish

I'm a bit iffy with the texture of this product, I'm not 100% a fan of the silica, however, the formula really stands out with its blend of oils. I don't think I like having oils on my body, especially when it's hot, lotion is okay, but oils need to be wiped down immediately. It offers really good slip for massage, so if you know somebody who is pregnant, this is a nice item to add to a baby shower gift.

*The BB Creams were absolutely too dark for me, so they were sent to new homes, and the Medium Tint was reviewed by a fellow blogger; @tianabeautyy - check out the review here.

These products have been in my rotation since about June or July, so there has been a great delay in getting a story done. All in all, the products are nice, and probably just down to each individual's liking. I just could not bare the BB cream, even when mixed down, the Light shade was extremely red toned and made me look like I got tanned and sunburnt at the same time.

The Swisse Skincare range is available at Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse, selected supermarkets and leading pharmacies.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know!

These products were provided as PR samples, my opinions are honest.

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