Tuesday, February 14, 2017

HydroSkin: Hydrating Skincare - #RivetReview

Water is the elixir that keeps us alive – the simple H2O molecule makes up 70% of our body's structures and is CRITICAL to looking good, and you know, being not dead. Dehydration is a major factor in skin looking and functioning poorly, and a condition that isn't always easily treated by drinking more water; sometimes the skin needs a little bit of help from the outside with the hero active, HYALURONIC ACID.

HydroSkin Travel/Starter Pack - Cleanser, Hydro Mist, [HA] Serum and C Moisturiser

The aesthetically pleasing, sleek and shiny silver airless pump bottles are the perfect storage for volatile actives.

HydroSkin were exhibitors at Beauty Expo Sydney (back in August 2016), one of the vendors I visited and chatted to. Being a new brand on the market, they really got their marketing gear on with branded bottles of water, brochures and even running a competition in partnership with Australia's version of reality show The Bachelor. When I received a DM stating that I had won a Travel/Starter Pack, I was so excited!


"What began as a personal interest rapidly turned into an obsession to critically examine the claims made for skincare ingredients. After a year of reading scientific papers, reviewing controlled trials, talking to research chemists and cosmetic formulators they concluded that hyaluronic acid was a must have ingredient in skincare, everyone’s skincare. Among the other real heroes are niacinamide (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), ascorbic acid and retinol." - HydroSkin


Cleanser 5.5 pH - $35AUD
The first step to all routines, clean skin. Formulated with Coco Betaine (a new generation surfactant) and Polyglucose (derived from sugar), this cleanser starts as a gel and forms a gentle lather that removes dirt, oil, and yes, makeup. Roman Chamomile (infused in distilled water) offers skin calming properties and Olive Oil Esters (commonly used in soap-making) serve to leave skin moisturized.

I love the fact that this doesn't irritate eyes. It leaves my skin feeling soft, but not stripped, and my eyes come out of the cleanse without burning. There's also no fragrance, none. I tended to use the cleanser for my night time routine and have become quite partial to it.


Hydro Mist B5 & B3 - $39AUD
This spritz "toner" contains the coveted brightening active Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), paired up with a trio of humectants; d-Panthenol (Vitamin B5), miniHA (patented low molecular weight hyaluronic acid), and Glycerine, these ingredients serve to hydrate the skin and visibly brighten areas of pigmentation for a naturally glowing complexion. Aloe Vera calms the skin.
As the first of the three steps (after cleansing), a few pumps all over the face followed by the next two steps are all that's needed.

I usually don't think of this kind of step as being necessary, I do believe these ingredients could have been easily merged into the HA serum. Although I enjoy the refreshing properties of a spritz, I think this is probably a waste of time and packaging where a serum would ultimately do the same thing.

Clear skin thanks to HydroSkin Cleanser and HydroMist

Clear skin thanks to HydroSkin [HA] Serum and C Moisturiser

[HA] Serum - $79AUD
Two forms of Hyaluronic Acid, the stock standard HA, and its patented sibling, miniHA (which has the property of transdermal absorption due to its molecular weight)*, form a concentrated clear gel applied after Hydro Mist (HA can hold one thousand times its weight in water), to draw water back into the skin leaving it plump and youthful. The second step in the routine for great skin.

As mentioned above, I feel that this should have been combined with the Hydro Mist to create one product. I'm not sure if it is the use of the HA Serum in conjunction with the Hydro Mist, but I noticed that my skin doesn't feel sticky and sucked dry of water (tight) like some other serums have, which is what can happen to dry skin in low humidity (as humectants don't discriminate, they will draw water from wherever they can, even your own skin given the right conditions). I find that applying HA products over moisturisers help my skin better retain water over the traditional "serum under moisturiser" application, although when I tried this with C Moisturiser, it didn't quite have the same effect, so it goes between Hydro Mist and C.


C Moisturiser - $75AUD
The finishing touch to the three steps, a moisturiser packed with Vitamin C (the particular molecule is Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phosphate (AAP), which I could not find much information about, aside from the fact it is a patented ingredient, but is water soluble and stable). Vitamin C is vital for collagen synthesis in the deep dermal layers along with a host of other protective properties. The yellow tinted cream base is packed with Meadowfoam Seed, Avocado, and Sweet Almond Oils which soften and create a protective layer over the skin to lock in all the hydrating actives in the previous two steps. The product also contains Niacinamide and Glycerine.

I wish this moisturiser didn't smell floury, it is SO GOOD otherwise.


I used the products on and off for a few weeks, mostly only at night, and with other products, against the recommended usage (with the exception of sunscreen). Unfortunately, I didn't slowly introduce the products and went head-first into the routine, so the first few days were a bit questionable as I had an adverse reaction - itching, however, there were no visible eruptions on my skin and this calmed down after a few days. Even though I have been flaring up recently from the heat + high UV index, my skin is the only structure in my body that has not been affected by my poor recent health and copious amounts of codeine.

After treatment, my skin is bright, balanced, and behaving! I am fortunate to have good skin, but I am not immune to breakouts. Using these products in my routine has definitely improved the texture and appearance of my skin, including aiding in healing remnants of stubborn spots whilst inhibiting post-inflammatory pigmentation at the sites, and evening out the colour of my freckles. I have overall really enjoyed this set and I am so glad I got to try it.

The image below shows how clear my skin is looking, they were taken on the same day; before and after touching up my hair. I am not wearing foundation in either of the images, however, I am wearing lipstick and a bit of blush in the photo on the right, plus I filled in my brows.

Both photos were taken on Friday 10 Feb 2017, the before and after is my hair!

HydroSkin Travel/Starter Pack $99AUD, along with the rest of the range, are available from https://hydroskincare.com.au. Please note that prices on individual items are for full size products.

Have you tried any of HydroSkin's products? Let me know what you think!

This product was a gift/giveaway, my thoughts are honest.


  1. Hi Lara, Thank you for your Hydroskin review! We are so happy you enjoyed your experience of the product.

    A little note about the Mist and HA Serum: Hyaluronic Acid seeks out moisture so the application of the Mist gives the skin a moisture layer to begin its work and delivers the Serum deep into the skin.

    Lastly, you may ask, why apply the moisturiser on damp skin? Our C Moisturiser has a truly effective amount of Vitamin C to promote collagen production in the skin and it works because it takes a ride on the (HA) serums ability to deliver all of our active ingredients to the dermis where collagen is produced and new skin is made.

    Check out Hydroskins Blog post The 3 Steps - How and Why here: http://ow.ly/IV7H308YKvq


    Hydroskin Team!