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L'Unico Luxury Skincare: Product Range + Press Launch

It's rare that I get to trial the highest of the high-end products, mostly because I could never afford anything of this kind. What sets L'unico apart from the rest of the Luxe echelon of skincare (think La Mer or Sisley Paris, $400 for a jar of cream) is that it is not coming out of a luxe beauty house in France, but from a small business based in Sydney's south.

L'unico flat lay.

L'unico is your high-end, luxury formulation, designed by Sutherland Shire based compounding pharmacist, Magdy Sedrak, who has been working on bespoke formulations catered to his clientele from his laboratory in Miranda. I think I can just stop here and say, career goals.



L'unico - "The Only One"

The range consists of 10 products (including three different strengths of AHA exfoliation pads) formulated with the highest available amount of actives (peptides) for therapeutic benefit; the improvement of fine lines, dermal wrinkles, complexion and texture of the skin.

The carrier base is specially designed to be able to deliver the actives to the dermis layer with the use of an aqueous formula of nano particles. Some believe nano particles to be bad, and yes, some definitely are, however, there are some that are actually beneficial to skin health, such as ceramides and cholesterols (lipids/fats/waxes) which naturally occur in the skin, but deplete over time. The nano particles are small enough to carry actives and penetrate the very tough skin barrier by absorption. There are some ingredients that are able to wiggle their way through the epidermis.

The development of the line took a very long time in the pursuit to develop a stable product, find the appropriate packaging to protect the product from the environment, and allow each application after opening to be as effective as the first. The range is suitable for all skin types, but is aimed slightly more for kickstarting an anti-ageing regime, rather than preventative and maintenance, which I would go for. Those who are 35 and over will reap the most benefits of the peptides.

Distribution will be directly from the Miranda lab and online store, plus high end Skin Clinics and Medi-Spas, and other luxury retailers in the near future.

Custom candle and press pack.
Beauty Essentials Pack.
Gift box.
Two scientific research papers on ogliopeptides. These are thick!



Intercontinental Hotel Double Bay.

I was invited to a beautiful sit-down two course lunch at the Stockroom, Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay. Little did I know, I had got into the lift with Magdy and his wife, Adele!

Event banner.
Bathroom Selfie.
Venue and setting.

While we were having lunch, we learned about the range from Michelle Kearney of Bella Media (publisher of CosBeauty Magazine), plus a QandA with Magdy himself. I spoke to him later on and told him of my goals to get into pharmacology, and as news to all of you wonderful readers, I got an offer of placement in an undergrad program!

Table setting.

Products were available to test.

EntreƩ: Egg, Beans and Quinoa.
Table setting.
Main: Barramundi and Lentils.

Youth Essence Day Cream.
Table setting.
Testing the Intensive Hydration Mask.



I received the Essential Beauty Pack worth $350AUD, containing the Youth Essence Day Cream, Regenerative Neuropeptide Night Formula, Neuropeptide Firming Eye Therapy (all 15mL) and High Potency 30% Vitamin C Serum (15mL). All prices in AUD.

Youth Essence Day Cream [$240 - 50mL]
A hydrating formula enriched with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, and several other peptides (all in the top half of the formulation), along with cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, to aid in strengthening the collagen matrix, relaxing wrinkles, and allowing skin to maintain hydration during the day.
Note: this product does not contain UV protection, so use in conjunction with a sunscreen.

Youth Essence Day Cream.

Regenerative Neuropeptide Night Formula [$340 - 50mL]
Sleep is for skin to rebuild, and a rich cream is great to put on before bed. Encapsulated Retinol means you will get a hit of fresh active every single use and aids in speeding up cell renewal to improve the elasticity of the skin. Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid can be found further up the ingredients to keep skin hydrated.

Regenerative Neuropeptide Night Formula.

Neuropeptide Firming Eye Therapy [$160 - 30mL]
Four peptides, all taking the top 5 places in the ingredients, along with Vitamin E compounds make for this eye cream to reduce dark circles and puffiness, and improve the texture of the delicate skin around the eyes.

Neuropeptide Firming Eye Therapy.

High Potency 30% Vitamin C Serum [$100 - 15mL, $160 - 30mL]
A newer generation form of Vitamin C called Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate is a very stable oil-soluble (rather than water-soluble) ester and is a lot more expensive to use in skincare than other forms. This serum claims to be gentle, even on the most sensitive of skins and will last 18 months after opening. That's impressive!

High Potency 30% Vitamin C Serum.


I got to play with these products at the press launch.

Facial Cosmeceutical Cleanser [$70 - 250mL]
Removes makeup, dirt and oil without disrupting the pH of the skin.

Facial Protective Toner [$80 - 250mL]
Balances skin while tightening and moisturising.

Phyto Fruit AHA Micro Peels [$90 - 118mL]
A once a week exfoliating treatment at three different levels for different tolerances. Choose your level based on your Fitzpatrick Skin Type or general tolerance to AHA products.
Level 1 (pH 4.5): Type I-II
Level 2 (pH 4.0): Type III-IV
Level 3 (pH 3.5): Type V-VI
Note: Although my skin is Fitzpatrick I-II, my AHA tolerance is good and I would choose Level 2.

Intensive Hydrating Mask [$150 - 250mL]
A hydrating mud mask with clay from the Dead Sea.


I am very excited to try this range, particularly the Vitamin C Serum, and hope to review it in the future!

Have you tried the L'unico Laboratory range? Let me know!

For more information on peptides, you can read my Trending Ingredients post.

This article is presented as a non-sponsored feature of a brand and press launch. Some items from this range were provided as PR Samples and may appear in future posts. My thoughts are honest. For more information, see my Disclosure Policy.

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