Monday, May 1, 2017

Winter Goth - Beauty & Fashion Essentials

The weather is cooling down and we rejoice. I am staying indoors more often, but it's a relief that I can sleep with a blanket on and not wake up in a pool of sweat. This is also the time of year where I get more pain and fatigue, but it takes nothing out of my dark heart.

Rivet Licker's Winter Goth Beauty & Fashion Essentials

It's already May, and the heat waves seem to have finally died down, so it's on with the jackets and the deep leafy browns. Surely, I am not into Steampunk subculture, so I don't own any brown clothing, however, my face WILL wear shades of brown. Black is still a major player, but with the cool winds upon us, there are many cosmetic changes that need to be made.



The sun doesn't suddenly disappear in cooler weather (unless you live in polar regions), but we definitely see a lot less of it. It doesn't mean that a high SPF isn't important - this banshee still hisses.

Girl Lane Everyday Face Moisturiser SPF50+ 50mL - $14.99 - Priceline [PR Sample]
Although this line is designed for the tween girl market and is probably the most UN-GOTH thing you have ever seen, you could easily say I have the skin of a pre-pubescent girl (thanks to some hormonal imbalances treated with contraceptives). This moisturiser with SPF50+ surprisingly performs to the standard of my other fave sunscreen, To Save Face Superscreen SPF50+ from Mecca Cosmetica. Everyday Face Moisturiser is great for anybody with dry skin looking for a cruelty free and budget SPF moisturiser.

Touch In Sol In The Skin Renovation BB Cream SPF36+ 35mL - $34.99 - Priceline [PR Sample]
The great thing about Touch In Sol is that because it is a Korean designed beauty brand, they do cater to the fairer folk. Most BB creams on the western market really focus on the light through medium skin tones, which is quite unfair for the porcelain sun-avoiders, and tan to deep toned beauties out there that still need UV protection. In The Skin Renovation feels like a moisturiser on my face, but covers like a medium foundation.

Sun Bum Lip Balm SPF15 4.3g (Assorted Flavours) - $4.99 - Priceline [Purchase]
Lips get dry and you should really opt to care for your lips during the day. This lip balm offers day star protection!

SPF is important, even in winter!



Time to whip out an extra step in your beauty routine, especially if you have dry skin! Adding a rich moisturiser or even a straight up facial oil helps with dry flakes, and hydration is key. A darkling must care for their delicate skin.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter 50mL - $58.00 - Mecca Maxima [Sample w/ Purchase]
I have received this in at least TWO Beauty Loop Boxes, and from staff, so if I sound annoyed by this product, I am, however this moisturiser is so rich and luxurious, I'm happy to recommend it. Dry skin? A thing of the past.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil 50mL - $70.00 - Mecca Maxima [Purchase]
Following on the Argan Love, this Argan Oil (again, sample after sample!) is just pure delight on dry skin. Two drops will moisturise my whole face.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly 30mL - $39.99 - Priceline [PR Sample]
Water is essential, and so is hydration to keeping the skin functioning properly. Hydraluron Jelly is the perfect tool to get that water into your skin, especially if you're sitting in a heated room!

Klara Cosmetics Reset 3D Cream Daily 30mL - $34.99 - Priceline [Purchase] (not pictured)
These come in three flavours; Moisture Rejuvinate Anti-Ageing, Moisture Water Fuse Skin-Corrector & Moisture Brightening. I have trial sizes of the first two. I feel that they're the same in terms of what they look like and what they do, just varying slightly in formula, however, they do offer the hydration they promise, with an almost universal tint that gives a sheer coverage; but without being too dark or too light. These all have an SPF15 rating.

HYDRATE! Don't forget to drink water.



This is the perfect time to wear dark colours, because you're less likely to sweat and eyeliner will definitely not be ruined! Smokey and dark purples, plus blackened reds are more acceptable in cooler months, unless you're a Cyber Goth, and you're neon all year round!

Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Pressed Eyeshadows (four colour collaboration with Amelia Arsenic) 3.5g - $16.95 each - Beserk [Purchase]
Although this palette has been discontinued, the individual pressed shadows from this palette are still available to purchase! Three blackened metallic shades, Soot & Stars, Subterranean & Elemental Chaos, and a shimmery white, Diamond Eyes – a perfect combination of gothic goodness. Looks using this palette range from light and ethereal to deep and smokey. Definitely worthy of winter wear!

All my favourite palettes are either limited edition or discontinued, much like the Kat Von D Metal Matte palette, which has similar metallic shades AND some killer mattes!

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick 4mL - $14.95 - Priceline [Purchase]
I don't think this is the best liquid lipstick formula in the world, but the shade "Stone Fox" (pictured) cries at every goth, it's a wearable gunmetal grey. If a blood red is more your thing, "Vintage" might be your go-to!

Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner 0.5g - $21.95 - Priceline [Purchase] (not pictured)
Black eyeliner to create the spikiest wing you can imagine, all while making your lashes grow? This will make your eyes look dangerous!

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti-Ageing Concealer 8g - $42.00 - Sephora [PR Sample]
Not sure if the sparkling vampire trend is still around, although this won't give you glitter, it will help with the dark circles that make you look like you haven't had a feed in days. The "Light" shade will work for even the pastiest being.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 8mL - $33.00 - Mecca Maxima [Purchase]
I still swear that this mascara, no matter how badly it smudges, does the most amazing thing for my lashes. The packaging also speaks to pastel goths.

Makeup choices!



Okay, here is where we draw the line; many mainstream clothing outlets try to do the whole "goth" or "punk" thing, but really, they're missing the essence of the style - we don't actually follow trends! Surely, the trends of Tumblr/Nu Goth fashion is huge, but at the price of ripping off indie designers (including friends of mine) and seeing the same occult prints everywhere. I'm not really into the occult, unless you count me watching dodgy horror movies on Netflix^ as a piquing of my interests – plain black is still my favourite part of fashion.

^I really prefer Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk genres.

Generic basics to have on hand (more than one preferred):
* Long sleeve black shirt
* Full length black tights
* Plain black hoodie
* Long knitted black cardigan
* Knitted black pullover jumper
* Skinny cut black jeans
* Black or grey scarf

Broody Goth in her broody attire.

You can usually get ALL of these from Kmart and they never go out of style. Crossroads is also a great place to find black items, mostly jackets and pants – especially if you wear sizes 14-22.

Demonia Emily-315 Faux Leather Ankle Boots - $139.00 - Beserk [Purchase]
Swapping out sandals for cute boots (nobody has to know about all my cute childrens' socks!), I wound up purchasing, much to my wallet's dismay, a pair of Demonia boots. I haven't owned or worn any Demonia styles in years, so it was about time.

Demonia Emily-315.

Rubi Shoes Alexis High Top Sneakers - $29.95 - Rubi Shoes [Purchase]
Of course, for daily duties, there's these comfy flats for $30, black laces and all!

Rubi Shoes.



I love cute things like kitties, puppies, and woodland creatures (especially foxes), even Domo, so it's natural that I gravitate towards anything with such aesthetic. If I find something cute, I'll usually buy it, whether I'll use/wear it or not. If it's black, even better.

Kitten Face Handbag with Chain - $15 - Kmart [Purchase]
I saw this, and had to have it. I generally use this when I go to events, rather than for everyday errands.

Faux Pashmina Scarf with Owl Print - $5 - Clearance Outlet
This was a random find, along with a bunch of others, but I feel that this scarf really ties in with my aesthetic.

Owl Scarf and Kitten Face Handbag

8 Piece Black Ring Set - $12.99 - Lovisa
I don't usually wear rings, but I definitely find these useful for product shots! They're minimalist black, and super cute!

Lovisa rings.


The chills of winter will cool our bones. Stay warm, Baby Bats!


  1. Haha your post made me laugh so much! I loved it​!!

  2. Great boots! Are they comfy ?

    1. They actually are! I always put comfort insoles in mine, but these are fairly good to stand and walk in.