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#RivetEmpties Week - LUSH EMPTIES & PURGE - January To April Empties!

Welcome to #RivetEmpties Week!

Day 4

Today is an ultra special day, because I am going through a bunch of Lush products. I found a heap at the back of my bathroom cupboard, and decided that there needs to be a special "purge". Well, I can at least trade in a few for face masks!!!

Items that are being purged were ones I found in the cupboard.
Some of the the purge items were empty, or I used them to store other items.
And of course, the empties used up between January and April will be clearly stated!



A little glossary for non-Lushies:
* Retro – past items that were brought back during Retro specials, this is now known as "Lush Kitchen" and works slightly differently.
*Limited Edition – Holiday and specials not part of the main range.
*Oxford Street – An exclusive special retail store in London, items can only be bought in store and only some become available outside.
*Gorilla Perfume – The in-house perfumery that offers rounds of fragrances, including B-Sides (from B Never) and limited editions of main range products.
*B Never To Busy To Be Beautiful – The (now defunct) sister store to Lush that lent a few fragrances and product ideas.



Dusting Powder

In alphabetical order by product name.

Bare Naked Lady [Main Range, Discontinued, Second Hand]
I BAREly even remember buying this, but I do believe it was from another Lushie on the forums, many years ago, I think this one got discontinued in 2011 or so. It's so old, it was packaged in the original cardboard tube.

T For Toes [Main Range, Current]
I thought I'd use more of this, and that my Dad would use it, but we didn't, and it just sat there. I could've probably used it, it didn't smell too bad, but it was hiding for a while, and it needed to be disposed.
Purged. Might repurchase.

Vanilla Puff [Main Range, Discontinued, Gorilla Perfume]
I kept repurchasing this for a while, but I kind of forgot about it. Oops. May have been reincarnated as Vanillary, as it shared the fragrance.



Hair Styling and Body Scrubs

Cup O' Coffee [Main Range, Current]
I was so excited to try this, but I wasn't wholly impressed by it. It's different to all other coffee scrubs, because it is suspended in a moisturising base containing agave syrup. Very smokey, probably from the Vetiver.
Empty! Finished between January and April 2017! Probably won't repurchase.

Dirty Hair Styling Cream [Main Range, Discontinued, Gorilla Perfume]
Alas, another product I bought for my Dad that had not been given a chance. It didn't really smell bad, but it was just so old that I wouldn't even give it a chance. I like Dirty as a fragrance.

Ocean Salt [Main Range, Current]
I gave it a shot, it was not for my skin.
Empty in the cupboard. Won't repurchase.

Rub Rub Rub [Main Range, Current]
Not a fan at all, even if I love Sakura as a fragrance, this one is just not good enough.
Purged. Won't repurchase.



Shower Cream

Lord of Misrule [Oxford Street, Limited Edition]
My friend got this for me from a London trip around 2 years ago, but this just took way too long to finish. It was quite runny and I prefer the thicker shower cream formula.
Empty! Finished between January and April 2017! It may come back over Christmas or Halloween, but it's unlikely I'll repurchase.

The Comforter [Oxford Street, Main Range, Current]
This was runny and it leaked, but I loved it so.
Empty! Finished between January and April 2017! Very likely to repurchase.

Yuzu and Cocoa [Oxford Street, Main Range, Current]
The original formula was runny and gritty. Whilst it had its beauty with the fragrance, I wasn't a fan of this product. Took way too long to finish too.
Empty! Finished between January and April 2017! Only will repurchase if the formula has been changed to be a cream, rather than a runny mess.



Shower Gels

Don't Rain On My Parade [Oxford Street, Main Range, Current, Gorilla Perfume]
This felt like it was a reincarnation of the old Gorilla fragrance "Tuca Tuca", violets and vanilla, but felt too floral, like Bathos, rather than like the creamy violet fragrance of Tuca Tuca.
Empty! Finished between January and April 2017! I think I'll pass on this.

Flying Fox [Main Range, Discontinued, Gorilla Perfume]
This was so gross and sickly. It was supposed to smell like the perfume "Lust", but it was so full of honey that it made me gag.

Ghost [Limited Edition]
I bought this a few Halloweens ago and forgot about it. I used to love it, but I think my nose has changed its mind about this unusual yet ethereal fragrance.

Rose Jam [Retro, Limited Edition]
I'm pretty sure I bought this in a Retro round, and then it came out at Christmas. It may come back at Christmas, it's a very popular fragrance.
Purged. Might repurchase if it returns.

Slammer [Retro, Discontinued]
This was so gross that I never used it and pretty much wasted time and money on it. I expected it to be sweeter, but it just smelled like a sugarless margarita and stung every nook and cranny!

Tramp [Retro, Discontinued]
Despite this shower gel smelling like dirt (I do like petrichor), it was quite a pleasant fragrance. I had it in the shower for ages, just using it to clean my feet or the tub (when I used body scrubs and such). Going to miss it.
Empty! Finished between January and April 2017! I wish it would come back.

Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair [Oxford Street, Main Range, Current, Gorilla Perfume, B Never]
This smells like the perfume "Cocktail", but was so much smokier and heavy floral. It's not as I remember it.
Empty! Finished between January and April 2017! Very unlikely to repurchase.



Shower Jellies and Butter Cream

Happy Blooming [Retro, Limited Edition]
I can't actually believe I used the whole thing.
Empty in the cupboard, may have been repurposed for storage.

Iced Wine [Limited Edition, Retro]
I'm so glad that this was brought back from Christmases past, because it is the prettiest fragrance out there! I had it in the shower for ages and managed to finish it.
Empty! Finished between January and April 2017! If this ever comes back, I'm getting it!

Skinny Dip [Main Range, Discontinued]
Another item I bought second hand. I think it may have come from the UK or US. Not sure. I wasn't a fan of the "Butter Cream" cleansers, they are now known as a "Roulade". I prefer the shower cream formulation, but I still loved this fragrance.

Spank Me With Saplings [Retro, Discontinued]
Spank Me was a lot like Whoosh, but with a herbal twist. Very refreshing and peppery. It was in the shower for a very long time, but surprisingly survived, and even longer than Iced Wine!
Empty! Finished between January and April 2017! If it ever becomes a limited edition or something, I would.

Sweetie Pie [Main Range, Discontinued]
The Comforter as a shower jelly. I've used a few of these in my time, but this one somehow was forgotten.
Purged. It was recently available through the Lush Kitchen, but although I'm a fan of the fragrance, I won't go out of my way to buy this again.


Well, wasn't that a fun week?! What did you use up? Did you need to get rid of anything? Let me know!

I have already started collecting empties for May, and will be back with another #RivetEmpties week in a few months time.

All packaging will be responsibly disposed of; Lush packaging will be returned to a store, and all other packaging from the week will be recycled with TerraCycle.

Items in this post may have been gifted or received as PR Samples, my opinions are my own.

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