Tuesday, June 13, 2017

CO-WASHING || How To Wash Your Hair With Conditioner || Rivet Licker

Washing hair has pretty much remained consistent over the years – shampoo first (sometimes twice), conditioner second. This meant you had to cleanse (i.e. strip your hair within its life), then restore your keratin strands with a conditioner. For coloured hair, this means fading colour quickly!

The bad doodles are bad!

Fortunately, new formulations and techniques have been added to the market to clean the hair and scalp without ruining your colour! Welcome the Conditioner Washing Revolution, and here's how to do it!

There are a few simple steps to this technique, and you can even use regular conditioner or a treatment mask to do such.

1. Get your hair soaked
When you jump into the shower, wet your hair and make sure it is saturated. Massage your scalp in the process to dislodge clumps of oily hair. This is a critical step in getting the perfect cleanse.

2. Squeeze out excess water
You don't want to dilute your conditioner too much.

3. Apply conditioner and lather
Apply what you would to your hair, plus an extra 10-20% more. Massage the conditioner into a lather, and yes, it will, more about that later. You need to massage your scalp, the mid lengths AND ends.

4. Leave on for 3-5 minutes
Get all your other shower stuff done in the mean time.

5. Rinse
Simply rinse your hair. You can opt to use a little bit of shampoo, something like a quarter of what you would normally use, make sure to lather it in your hands before applying to the scalp and mid lengths.

6. Dry and style
Your hair is now clean, but not stripped! You have just successfully conditioner washed your hair!


Just like cleansing your face with the oil method, it's based on the principle that like dissolves like (loose science on that count, take it with a grain of salt).

Conditioner is formulated with the same surfactants found in shampoo, the agents that make the lather to wash away dirt and oil, however, they are included in far lesser amounts. If conditioners did not contain surfactants, the oils would stick to the hair and the conditioner would not be able to be rinsed out. You'd be left with a grease ball instead of hair that is easily managed.


You can purchase dedicated Cleansing Conditioners, which are low in surfactants, but offer a good cleanse, or you can use your regular favourite conditioner/treatment.

I have had success with the following products:

Grow Gorgeous 12 in 1 Cleansing Conditioner Color Protect - $33.00 - Skincare Store [Purchase]
A dedicated cleansing conditioner on the market. One product, 12 benefits.
Note: This brand is no longer owned by Deciem

Image Credit: Grow Gorgeous

OGX Heavenly Hydration Cherry Blossom Conditioner - $17.00 - Priceline [PR Sample]
A standard, yet softening conditioner that cleanses like a dream.

Image Credit: OGX Beauty

Natura Siberica Oblepikha Hair Mask for Severely Damaged Hair - $24.99 - Chemist Warehouse [PR Sample]
An intensive moisture mask with an unusual fruity fragrance.

Image Credit: Natura Siberica

BRITE Organix Masque for Split Ends "Tropical Pineapple" - $9.99 - Priceline [Purchase]
A thick treatment conditioner with a piña colada fragrance, makes hair very soft.

Image Credit: Brite Organix

Lush Avocado Co-Wash 100g - $15.95 - Lush [PR Sample]
A solid hair cleanser packed with avocado and cocoa butter. Full #RivetReview.

Image Credit: Lush


Have you tried this method of hair cleansing? Let me know what you think!

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  1. Ive heard of this method, but haven't found the courage to try it yet. I have dry ends with oily roots and I worry that I will be left with a greaseball on the noggin. But i will give it a go after your post.

    Lubz || http://lubzsays.com

    1. The beauty is that you don't strip your scalp of oils. It's a low-surfactant method, really!

      Hopefully you can regulate the grease!