Monday, June 26, 2017

Innoxa Restore Hydrating Cleansing Oil || #RivetReview

Cleansing oils are some of the most gentle cleansers you could use. They bind with dirt and oil (like mixes with like), melt off makeup, and leave skin feeling clean and soft.

Innoxa is a cruelty free brand that started in France, and moved around the world, all the way to its new home in Australia. Their motto is "first do no harm", and this has been the philosophy ever since.

This vegan cleansing oil claims to hydrate the skin, provide antioxidants from its rich botanical oils such as Argan, Jojoba and Rosehip, and promote a brighter complexion, all while removing every trace of the day. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.
The absolute beauty of this oil, is that when it is mixed with water, it converts from an oil into a milky consistency, thanks to the addition of Nonoxynol-1, a surfactant that allows oil and water to mix. This means it can be rinsed off with just water and there's no residue left.

The oil is light and moisturising with a pleasant sweet orange fragrance. It comes in a 150mL plastic bottle with a screw-top lid. The dispenser is a simple stopper with a small opening for controlling the flow of product. I really would have preferred a pump in place of this.

It is recommended to be massaged into dry skin, then with a few drops of water, emulsified into the milk phase.

I have had great success with this cleanser. It just cuts through everything on my face, including makeup. It's gentle on the eyes, and the milky texture rinses off so easilyMy face is clean and not stripped.

I love it so much that I bought a backup, but I was devastated that it was on clearance at my local Priceline, so I'm not sure whether they have ceased stocking this range.
Innoxa Restore Hydrating Cleansing Oil 150mL - $17.95AUD is available from Innoxa, plus selected Pharmacies, Priceline and Myer stores.

Have you tried this cleansing oil? Let me know what you think!  

This product was purchased by myself, my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Dang...I wasnt aware that Innoxa did a cleansing oil. I love their products and find that they are always very gentle. I just stocked up on the palmers cleansing oil in the recent Priceline goody bag which sadly Innoxa were not a part of. I think last year they were or it might have been the year before...I stocked up on their serums at the time but of course they were used and finished long ago.

    1. My local Priceline is actually clearing this product, but Myer probably stocks it. AFAIK, it's on the website and available for purchase. :)

      How is the Palmer's Cleansing Oil?


  2. I love gentle cleansers! I hope this one is not ceasing supply before I get the chance to try it!


    1. I think it was just my local priceline that was getting rid of it! :)

      I saw it on shelf at another one.

  3. This sounds so good Lara - haven't ever gotten into facial oils, but I reckon it's time I did! Thanks for a beaut and informative review. Love their philosophy xxx