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Beauty Heaven Natural Beauty Month || Event Recap + Haul || #RivetReview

I have been a Beauty Heaven member for a few years, and I was invited to another wonderful event held at BH HQ in Sydney to celebrate Natural Beauty Month.

Beauty Heaven is a website where Australian beauty consumers can review products for points and exchange them in the Rewards Room for free beauty products! You'll find almost every drugstore, pharmacy, and salon brand of cosmetics listed for review!


I took my Mum as my +1 to this event. It was the day of my "30th birthday party", and by that, I mean I starting drinking at 2pm and wound up at a pub karaoke night. I think I've had enough partying for now!

The venue was at Bauer Media headquarters, where Beauty Heaven's offices are, in one of the meeting rooms. My first instinct was to run to the media wall, because I would've forgot to otherwise. I bumped into Benedetta of Beauty Reign and we had coincidentally brought our Mums with us! After a few photos at the media wall (including a silly one with members of the forum), we were given a welcome presentation by Mirella Margi, marketing manager at Nude By Nature, and it was off to visit each stall!

Image Credit: Beauty Heaven/Bauer Media
Beauty Reign + Rivet Licker

The room was packed! It was a bit squishy getting around, but I did it! To my pleasant surprise, every brand was cruelty free, which isn't always the case with natural cosmetics, some still do sell in markets requiring mandatory animal testing.

It was crowded!

It was VERY crowded!

After the event, my Mum went home and I went to a little after party with the forum members I'm friends with and had an absolute blast. You ladies know who you are!

Beauty Heaven's little snippet: Beauty Heaven Natural Beauty Month


We all received a product from each brand stall to take home and try for ourselves with an incentive of double points. Woo hoo!

Blessed By Nature - Antioxidant Night Restoring Cream 125mL - RRP $14.95AUD
This quick absorbing cream that works while you're asleep contains Vitamins A, C, and E, known for their antioxidant properties, Jojoba Oil to hydrate and moisturise, plus Rose Oil for a pleasant fragrance.

Blessed By Nature display.

Blessed By Nature Antioxidant Night Restoring Cream.

I will definitely have to trial and review this one at a later time! I'm looking forward to it!


Lush - Angels On Bare Skin Fresh Cleanser 100g - RRP $17.50AUD
A gentle scrubby cleanser packed with Lavender, Chamomile Blue, Ground Almonds, and Kaolin Clay, to calm and cleanse sensitive skin, while also gently removing build up dead skin, without leaving skin feeling dry and stripped.

Lush display.

Lush Angels On Bare Skin.

Lush also did a demonstration of how Angels On Bare Skin is made.

This was the first Lush product I ever tried and fell in love with, and I'm so happy to have it in my hands again, I forgot why I loved it so much.


Nude By Nature - Natural Mineral Cover Foundation "Light" 15g + Bonus Powder Brush - RRP $39.95AUD
A natural mineral foundation powder that offers sheer to medium coverage enriched with Jojoba Esters and Kaolin Clay, and an SPF rating of 15. This product has been rated as the #1 Foundation in Pharmacy.

Nude By Nature display.

Nude By Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundation "Light" with free gift brush.

The marketing manager, Mirella Magri explained this product's benefits and how to use the product to achieve a flawless complexion. The stall offered three of the eight available shades; Light (yellow base), Light-Medium (pink base) and Medium (neutral base).

I generally don't like mineral or powder foundations because of my dry and crepey skin. I got the shade "Light", which has a strong yellow base, and while it is the correct tone, it's slightly too dark for me. Mum got "Medium", but it's quite dark, even for her, but I think mine would work better. I have tried mine out and have taken photos, but I will have to do a proper wear test to see how it goes and whether it will oxidize on my skin.


Sand & Sky - Flash Protection Exfoliating Treatment 100mL - RRP $59.90AUD
This brand is all over Instagram, with fans of their clay mask from all over the world, but its roots are here in Australia. Co-founder of Sand & Sky, Stephanie Michel, was happy to introduce this new dual action scrub treatment. It's packed with Australian Pink Clay, Bamboo and Macadamia Seed for scrubby action, Finger Lime Extract which is rich in AHAs, and botanical oils.

Sand & Sky display.

Sand & Sky Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment.

This is probably going to be opened very soon, but I think Mum will want to use it before I do!


Skin Physics - Nutraceuticals Collagen Beauty Elixir 120g - RRP $49.95AUD
Collagen is typically applied on the skin, but this is one that works from the inside out to help improve the structure and appearance of skin. Each tub contains a 30 day supply that can be mixed into smoothies, or just in water, packed with Marine Collagen (fish derived), Turmeric, Pre/Probiotics, and Berry Extracts for a light fruity taste. The red colour comes from Beetroot Powder.

Skin Physics display.

Skin Physics Nutraceuticals Collagen Beauty Elixir Powder.

I think we all know how I feel about supplements, that they can be hit or miss, and even just come down to expensive pee. I've got to be really careful with what I take, and I didn't see any ingredients in this supplement that would contraindicate my conditions or medications. It's mostly benign food ingredients, so I'm not worried. It does taste a bit weird, but I'll see if I notice anything in September.


Swisse - Hyaluro-Natural Hydrating Facial Mask 50mL - RRP $17.99AUD
This mask offers intensive hydration for all skin types, with its natural botanical alternative to Hyaluronic Acid, derived from Senna. It also contains Fruit & Botanical Extracts, Red Algae Extract, Vitamin E, and Avocado Oil.

Swisse Skincare display.

Swisse Skincare Hyaluro-Natural Hydrating Facial Mask.

I've been using this mask for a few months now, and it's so weird, but I think it works. It thickens when you massage it in and kind of feels sticky, but when you remove it (warm water and a cloth works best), my skin is pretty hydrated.


Trilogy - Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil 110mL - RRP $28.95AUD
A powerfully natural cleansing oil from New Zealand, containing Rosehip Oil, Papaya, and Sweet Almond Oil. It changes from an oil to cleansing milk when mixed with water to wash away the day's makeup, dirt and oil, and leave skin clean and soft.

Trilogy display.

Trilogy Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil.

Trilogy have always been Cruelty Free, but I'm not sure whether their recent acquisition by a parent company based in China means they will be selling there (and thus subjected to animal testing). Either way, I'm looking forward to trying this cleanser, because it sounds super luxurious!


What a day!
It was so wonderful catching up with the forumites again! We continued our party at Cellini's (QVB) with lunch and drinks. I can't have asked for a more beautiful afternoon.

Special thanks to TUD, Anne, Kassalee, Yohanna, Shell, Jaime, and Dara for such a darling afternoon.

And to those who I missed or only saw very briefly, Kats, Leah, mis8, sunjeanie, SJ, Oni + Diane, Sak, Marclair, Lindylou et al.

And a huge thank you to the Beauty Heaven team for hosting yet another incredible event!


Are you a member of Beauty Heaven? Let me know!

These products were generously gifted by Beauty Heaven and brand sponsors of the Natural Beauty Month event, my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

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