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SPELLS & POTIONS: EMPORIUM BEAUTY BOX JULY 2018 || Femme Fatale Cosmetics Bi-Monthly Indie Beauty Box || Rivet Licker

You're a wizard, Harry!

My third Emporium Beauty Box is Harry Potter themed. An enchanting world of spells and potions straight out of Hogwarts gives this box a little bit of magic on the side.


Emporium Beauty Box
This bi-monthly subscription box comes with a range of samples and full size products from indie beauty brands such as Notoriously Morbid, Hello Waffle Cosmetics, Shiro Cosmetics, Geek Fire Labs, Darling Girl Cosmetics, Concrete Minerals, Pretty Serious Polish, Aromaleigh, and more.

Previous Boxes

This Box
"I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses...."

This box contained four makeup products; two loose shadows, a loose highlighter, and a shimmery lip balm; two perfume oils; and soap.

All descriptions are as they appear on the information card.

Epically Epic Soap Company - AMORTENTIA Lip Balm - approx. RRP $5.25AUD
"A mother-of-pearl shimmer with a treacle tart and rose flavor/scent."

I've had this lip balm in my bag since I got it and have been using it religiously! I love the fragrance and how it feels when worn. It looks like a clear balm on my lips and just offers a sparkle here and there.


Shiro Cosmetics - EXPECTO PATRONUM Loose Highlighter 10g - approx. RRP $9.80AUD
"Something really mysterious and shimmery/shifty and cool leaning."

I can say I like the shifts and shimmers in this highlighter, but not the base colour. It blends away easily enough to leave behind a blue glow, but I generally don't gravitate towards pale blue silvers.


Eccentric Cosmetics - MISCHIEF MANAGED Mini Loose Eyeshadow - approx. RRP $4.78AUD
"A warm brown with gold shimmers and green and blue sparkles."

This is a very pigmented shadow, and I really love the colour with all the shifts. I really wish my camera would pick up all the sparkles it does give off.


Herba Apotheca - OBLIVION TRADITA EST Soap Bar 50g - approx. RRP $4.20AUD
"Scented in spearmint, basil, berry and vanilla. Pink with chunky green bits."

When I go to smell this soap, it just reminds me of Lush's discontinued 'Demon In The Dark', which had the same spearmint notes. All in all, a very refreshing fragrance, and I can't wait to get it into the shower!


Twisted Wonderland - RIDDIKULUS Perfume Oil Sample 1mL - approx. RRP $3.78AUD
"Lavender soda pop, sweet caramel drizzle, toasted vanilla marshmallows, fresh blueberry, & just a drop of black pepper."

I love this. It's sweet, it's fizzy, it lingers and just smells like awesome. It's very heavy on the sweet and tart berry notes, which just scream at me to put it on, despite my nose having a hissy fit!


Andromeda's Curse - SECTUMSEMPRA Perfume Oil Sample 1mL - approx. RRP $3.50AUD
"Lilies, sage, Egyptian musk, dirt, incense, & a streak of metallic blood."

If you recall my disappointment in the Occult box's perfume being overall too smokey, I think this fragrance is the quintessential witchy perfume. It's got the smokey notes, but has enough florals to balance it out.


Notoriously Morbid - VERDIMILLIOUS Mini Loose Eyeshadow - approx. RRP $4.90AUD
"A deep green base with a gold to pink to green multichrome and blue to red shifting sparkles."

My camera didn't really pick up the base well, but you can see the green being blended out. The shifts and sparkles really make this shadow something of a special one, where you only need one shadow to give you the look of four!


Bestiary Add-On
I did not purchase this bundle, but it came with soy wax melts, a tinted lip oil, and a spray moisturiser.


I managed to do one look using products from this month's box.

Makeup look using products from this box. Details on Instagram.


Have you tried a subscription beauty service before? Let me know in the comments!

This product was purchased by myself, my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

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