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TESTING OUT PRODUCTS FROM BRANDS I WON'T BUY || Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit || #RivetReview

Vogue Australia released their September 2018 issue featuring Kylie Jenner on the cover and a free Lip Kit worth $39. If you have been keeping up to date with the beauty community via The Makeup Social group on Facebook, you'll know the hype. People are buying swarms of magazines just for the freebie!

Here is me, doing my grocery shopping, and I spot the latest issue and I'm contemplating, even though I really don't care much for Kardashian/Jenner troupe.  $13 for a magazine is steep, but, FOR SCIENCE (and a beauty section to snoop in)!


Lip Kits are still a thing?
I thought Kylie's makeup empire was dying down because there really wasn't too much fuss on social media. Some brilliant people probably thought the same thing, and I guess it worked to get the hype. I remember two years ago, people were jumping online during the night and spending big dollars to get these lip kits, and here I am thinking that the price and colour range was just not my thing.

Two years later...
Are they still a thing? Well, the shade range has been expanded with colours I am drawn to, but they weren't something I would go out of my way to buy. Sure, they got good reviews, some of the time, but I just don't care enough about Kylie Jenner to warrant purchasing a lip kit, especially not at that price.

The Vogue hype, profiteering, and the ugliness of the beauty community...
Okay, the makeup community has been very intense since this dropped on the 27 August, and some people bought up several copies to get different shades of the lip kit. Of course, this meant some people would be buying many copies, on-selling for ridiculous prices and making a hefty profit. Yep, there's those jerks there. Given there were something like nine shades available, $13 for the magazine vs. $39 (not sure if that includes the currency conversion + shipping), it left quite a lot of temptation to the wants of consumers.

Flatlay featuring Sept '18 Vogue Australia + Free Kylie Lip Kit.

I'm not a huge fan of how many magazines are going to be left over and not being read because of this. If Vogue's idea was to sell magazines, they did it. If it was to not contribute waste or be good for advertisers, they failed. No one is interested in the magazine itself. I mean, I'll read it, and so will my Mum, but the feature on Kylie is not the selling point of this issue.

This whole thing has also brought out the ugliness in a lot of people, some resorting to name calling and socio-economic shaming. Yep, blame poor people for wanting to have an opportunity to try a lipstick they could never afford. You really get to see those who are grateful, and those who aren't. Why do these things make people think this is actually a game of survival? Lashing out and attacking people who feel bad for missing out. Then there are those complaining that they didn't get the colour they wanted. I mean, there is a level of greed involved, but I was honestly really happy with the colour I chose.

FOMO is real and it works very well for capitalism.



I got the shade "Wicked". As I mentioned earlier, I was never very drawn to the colours, particularly the peachy nudes which just don't work that great on my skin tone.

Flatlay of the Kylie Lip Kit.

I'm not going to complain about how they're packaged, it's pretty standard.

Wicked is a cool toned medium purple, much like grape candy, leaning slightly on the blue side. I really like the colour. I thought it was going to be a lot lighter than it is, and having only swatched and tried it on under artificial lighting (that's not my photobox lighting where I do all my swatches), it did come up a bit more on the reddish side.

I actually really love this colour.

Not huge on lip liner, so I'm not one to pass any judgements on that, but it's smooth. As for the liquid lipstick, I had thought the formula would have been a bit more mousse-like, but it's straight up liquidy (and siliconey). The first ingredient is isododecane, which is standard for liquid lipsticks, just makes them spread easier and also evaporates to leave a matte finish.

Another formula related note, it's well known that the company who manufactures Kylie Cosmetics is in fact ColourPop. There was the whole drama llama of "but ColourPop liquid lippies are $5, and Kylie's are $30", that's just how the marketing and sales of consumer goods work, I honestly don't care otherwise. I also cannot tell you anything about any comparisons between the two products, because I have never bought or used anything from ColourPop. I think the horrendous shipping costs when they started to ship to Australia were to blame.

Application + Wear
Note; my lips are still a little lumpy and bumpy from my last 1mL of filler, and honestly, they kinda look a bit Kylie's pout, not what I was aiming for, but oh well. I'm just waiting for the last of the swelling to go down, but I quite like the volume.

I have very shaky hands, and I'm not fantastic at application, but I try my best. The lip liner needs no effort, but because of the shape of my bottom lip, it has been difficult to apply any kind of lip liner. The liquid lipstick applies pretty smoothly and dries down relatively fast. I do think it's a tiny bit patchy if a light hand is used.

The liquid lipstick is completely smudge proof and feels very light on the lips. My first thoughts were that it was very comfortable and not too drying.

Application of the liner and then the lipstick.

I decided to apply and wear it about an hour after I had some toast. I had to take Mum somewhere and then we went grocery shopping. In the 90 minutes we were gone, the lipstick had not budged, even though I had a sinus attack (note, I always seem to wipe off anything on my lips when I blow my nose). It stayed the same when I got home. It passes the 2 hour test and it didn't wear on the inside of my lips. If you don't eat anything greasy, or use a lot of friction, it will wear all day.

When I got home, I reheated some pasta sauce, and my big mistake was putting that spoon in my mouth. Err, my sauce had a little bit [a lot] of fat in it, so the oil started to degrade the product around the inner part of my lips and edges of my mouth. Alas, I was hungry, and I ate a bowl of spaghetti. This is how well it survived, or didn't survive.

I decided to remove the product after lunch because I wasn't going to walk around like that. I did notice that this colour stains lips a nice deep pink, which is okay if you want to wear it like that, but some people might not. I have stains on my arm from where I swatched it too. It comes off with micellar water and oil based cleansers.

The formula reminds me of Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick and Lime Crime Velvetines.

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I tested out some other similar shades that I had lying around. They're not exact dupes, but you could tweak around with these colours to get it.

Swatches of similar shades of liquid lipstick and lip liner that I own.

Overall thoughts...
I don't get the hype because it's a stock standard liquid lipstick, there are dupes everywhere, and the only selling point is the Kylie name. For $13, I don't have any regrets, but I'd really like to have seen less bitching and moaning. I did not actively seek to buy it, I just did on a grocery shop.


I hope that this has been informative and helps my readers decide whether to fall for the hype of viral cosmetics. If you wish to purchase this Lip Kit, please only do so from the official website, as other sources may not be genuine.

Have you tried a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit? Let me know what you think!

This product was a gift with purchase, my thoughts are honest. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

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