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#RivetEmpties Week - MASKS & TREATMENTS - August to December Empties!

#RivetEmpties Week

Day 2

This particular post felt that it was carrying its own weight to justify a separate post. Masks and treatments target specific conditions, whether they are pesky pimples, dullness & dehydration, and even make a wide array of claims, such as "oxygenating", "peeling" and "detoxfying". Ahh, got to love marketing.

#RivetEmpties Masks & Treatments

"Masque" type masks.

#RivetEmpties - Masques

In alphabetical order by brand.

Juliette Armand
Elements 05 Exfo Line Mask [Trial Size] - an antioxidant and marine based mask with a few scrubby bits. You can feel it working.
Not for home use, but I'd love to have it used in a professional facial.

Manuka Doctor
apiclear Purifying Facial Peel [Full Size] - my first shot at Bee Venom. The fun part was peeling it off, so satisfying.
No, it's not for my skin type at all.

Swisse Skincare
Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask [Full Size] - a liquid clay masque that is supposed to be deep cleansing. I used it a few times with good success, especially around my T-Zone, but there was one last instance where I had the worst reaction to it.
No, not after that reaction.


Masks come in sheet form, too.

#RivetEmpties - Sheet Mask

Freeze Frame
Collagenesis O2 Mask [Single Use] - I can't even begin to describe how this feels on the skin. It's tingly but leaves my skin super hydrated. It's a two part mask, you have to put on the gel in the smaller packet in a thick layer, then place the sheet over the top. Smells like algae.
I have one more left from a pack of four.


Sheet masks also come in the hydrogel variety.

#RivetEmpties - Hydrogel Mask

Mecca Cosmetica
Lit From Within Brightening Hydrogel Mask [Single Use] - comes in two parts as well, but it's the sheets that are split in the middle, one for your upper face, one for your lower face. I do find hydrogel type masks to be really effective in getting hydration in, and this was the first full-face mask I have used.
Yes, definitely!


Don't forget the eyes.

#RivetEmpties - Eye Mask

Skin Republic
Brightening Eye Mask 3pk [Full Size] - these are sheets in a resealable bag that are soaked in brightening serum and make you look like a superhero when you wear them.
Maybe, but I do prefer the hydrogel types.


#RivetEmpties - Hydrogel Eye Patches

Dragon's Blood Eye Masks [Single Use] - I tried one, loved it, bought a box on sale, loved it. Still love it.
Yes, they are so cheap now!

Skin Republic
Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patch 3pk [Single Use] - these are individually wrapped pairs of eye patches, can't get enough of them! I wish they had the brightening serum from the other packet.
Yes, I really do prefer these.


Despite having a dry skin, I do get hormonal pimples.

#RivetEmpties - Spot Treatments

Formula 10.0.6
Over Night Success [Single Use] - okay, the packaging has them in 7 to a box, with 12 patches in each, so they're hygienic. I like that they have tea tree oil, they really help with the healing process.
Maybe, but I still have about 4 packets left.

Acne Clear Spots Purifying Spot Treatment [Full Size] - this turned rancid faster than I got pimples.


One would assume I'd have used more sheet masks in a period of 5 months. I like them, but I don't feel bothered to use them that often. It's also tricky to keep the packaging, hence why there were paper towels as the background for some photos! No matter how clean you think they are, they still have something in there that will spill out.

Have you gone through empties recently? Comment below, or tag @rivetlicker or #RivetEmpties on Instagram so I can see what you've got!

Items in this post may have been gifted or received as PR Samples, my opinions are my own.

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