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My Perfect Eyes - #RivetReview

Instant results cosmetics are all the rage, and Penny Lane's My Perfect Eyes doesn't need an introduction. I could repeat what the informercial and every other beauty editor is saying, but for those not already in the know; this is the "MIRACLE EYE CREAM" that made the tabloids in the UK.

My Perfect Eyes

My Perfect Eyes, previously branded under Eternal Essentials "Eyesential" (a product that my Mum has purchased before but didn't use), is a veil type product that instantly improves the texture and appearance of the under eye area, including fine lines and puffiness, for approximately 10 hours.

This product formula is actually very simple, but it is how it performs that sells it. The main ingredients are Magnesium Aluminium Silicate (a naturally occuring mineral found in clay, normally used as a filler agent) and Sodium Silicate (a pH controlling agent with the nickname "liquid glass") and Water. The pink tint comes from the addition of iron oxide, simply for aesthetic purposes and to better match to skin tone, plus it has a humectant, and a couple of preservatives to curb bacterial growth. After researching these ingredients and how they come together, I'm still baffled at how and why it works. My ultimate conclusion would have to aim towards the "veil" it creates.

It's easy to apply - shake the bottle vigorously, scoop out a tiny amount onto the back of your hand, and with your finger, pick up half of the product and smooth in sweeping motions from the inner corner of the eye outwards, whilst feathering the product down onto the cheek. Wait about 3 minutes until it tightens and dries completely, then apply moisturiser to only the perimeter where the feathering begins. Oil will dissolve the product.

How did I fare with the product? I personally don't think it does anything for me when I wear it on its own. It just blurs the area slightly and feels tight. I do have a significant line under both eyes and the product hasn't erased it completely.

My Perfect Eyes used on both eyes.

Come makeup. This makes ALL the difference.

Untreated and Treated with My Perfect Eyes, before and after foundation.

The difference My Perfect Eyes makes when used under foundation is incredible. The bags in the treated area are gone. The fine lines are gone. The texture is smooth and completely flawless when compared to the untreated eye.

The most important thing when using this product is to make sure the under eye area is clean and without residue of cleanser or moisturiser, and is completely dry. If you use foundation over the top, it needs to be water based and oil free, which makes it tricky for those of us with dry skin.

Now, at this point you are probably thinking "Rivet looks like a kid, it hasn't done much for her". At first, I thought this was the case too, as when I was talking to Penny about the product, I agreed to try it out on others who were older than me. It took a bit of convincing, but I actually managed to get my Mum, Regina, to be my model.

Untreated and Treated with My Perfect Eyes on Regina, 69 years.

Note: Regina does look young for her age, mostly because she hasn't accumulated dermal damage from sun exposure (the type that causes wrinkles and sun related thickening of the dermis aka "the leather handbag look"), and although she spent a lot of her youth in the sun, like most young women in the 1960s, she ceased to do so whilst she was young. In an unusual turn, she doesn't really take care of her skin like I do (cleanse, treat, hydrate/moisturise etc), so her youthful appearance probably comes down more to genetic factors than external ones. Mum is a true combination skin with a thinner dermis around the cheek area from being dry, along with a crepe paper texture (with two significantly visible lines) and slight puffiness in the area around her eye. Her T-Zone has enlarged pores and is prone to congestion.

On the treated side, you can see the the puffiness has been reduced and "blurred", whilst half of the bottom line has been made almost invisible.

The difference is there and it does what it claims to do. I don't think it works as dramatically for me; I have reason to believe that the more lines and puffiness in the eye area, the better it works. In having said that, this product is much better suited to more mature skin conditions and those with extreme puffiness in the under eye area.

I used My Perfect Eyes when I did this look.

Makeup look with My Perfect Eyes.

In comparison to a makeup look without MPE.

Makeup look without MPE.

My Perfect Eyes is available from
Watch Penny Lane's video below for more details about the product application and results that can be achieved.


Have you tried My Perfect Eyes? Let me know what you think!

This product was supplied as a PR sample for review, my thoughts are honest.

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