Thursday, January 12, 2017

#RivetEmpties Week - MAKEUP & MISC. - August to December Empties!

#RivetEmpties Week

Day 4

Some items in my makeup collection needed to go, like the mascaras I didn't completely use up, but have been opened for several months and smell like a rancid mix of waxes and plastic. Here are a bunch of things that were used up enough to warrant an “empty” tag.

#RivetEmpties - Makeup & Misc.

These are the lucky bits and bobs that ACTUALLY got finished. 

#RivetEmpties - Face
 In alphabetical order by brand.

VEIL Mineral Primer [Trial Size - Sachet] - this was from a Mecca Beauty Loop Box. I think I managed to get only a single use out of it, probably because I knew if I had put it away, I'd forget about it. Nice primer.
Probably not, it's quite pricey and there are drugstore dupes.

Models Prefer
Argan Infusion Concealer "Light" [Full Size] - this was a neat little concealer, and it was light enough for me (which is unheard of in a range with only two shades that is catered to not fair, but light and medium skintones). Did well.
Maybe, but I have quite a few concealers to get through before I can think of it.

Urban Decay
All Nighter & Naked Skin Foundations "0.5" [Trial Size] - I got a good three uses out of each. I had requested these samples to do wear tests in order to determine if they were a suitable foundation for my liking.
I initially said no, but I might consider All Nighter.


The eyes are the window to the soul, but the window cannot have 6 month old mascara on it.

#RivetEmpties - Eyes

Lash Grip Adhesive [Full Size] - I'm not even sure if this is the same as Duo brand, but it works really well. I'm a fan.
Maybe, but first, plenty of lash glue to last a long time.

Designer Brands
Beyond Amplyfing Mascara [Full Size] - my first "tubing" type mascara, and I instantly fell in love with it, even though all my classmates (and trainers) complained it was difficult to remove [sometimes I had to be a model for a lash tint]. I rate this high.
Definitely, once I get through the backlog of mascaras I have!

Glamour Goddess Lash Serum [Full Size] - one of those LE Aldi finds. I was trying to get into a habit of applying it every night and eventually forgot I had it. Hence why it is here.
If it comes back, I'll give it another go.

Physician's Formula
Lash Booster 2 in 1 Liquid Liner [Full Size] - I got this on recommendation by Victoria of Biohazardous Beauty and was not disappointed. The fine brush tip could get into the tiniest spots in my lashline and fill in gaps. The bonus was the lash serum base, but I hadn't used it often enough to warrant the effects, but the liner itself is fantastic.

Pur Cosmetics
 Eye Pencil "Hello Bright Eyes" & "Onyx" [Full Size] - these did me well and yes, I did finish them. Hello Bright Eyes is a brightening pencil for the waterline, and Onyx is a deep black. They were also convenient and easy to use because they're retractable. Quite a nice product.
I think they were reformulated or repackaged, so I'm not sure.
Full Review


The last bits that were used up.

#RivetEmpties - Misc.

Fake Face
Angled Liner Brush [Accessory] - this brush did not survive, it will be laid to rest. I think it was only good for the first few uses before the bristles gave up on me.
Not after this.

Rubbing Alcohol [Accessory] - what on earth is this, makeup? I use Isocol to clean and sanitize my brushes. I'd prefer hospital grade isopropyl alcohol (70%), but my pharmacist had pointed out that it is difficult to get due to hygiene regulations changing. Only professional applications can use the hospital grade stuff, Isocol will do for my own brushes.
Yes, I'll have to if I want an affordable spot cleaner.

Lip Volume [Full Size] - it's not a makeup product, but I didn't want to fit it into treatments, because this post was a little empty. To say the least, it's a lip gloss that plumps. Actually worked really well during my trial period.


It's a bit quiet in this post, but the next post will be HUGE! Can't wait to unleash my New Years PURGE!
Have you gone through empties recently? Comment below, or tag @rivetlicker or #RivetEmpties on Instagram so I can see what you've got!

Items in this post may have been gifted or received as PR Samples, my opinions are my own.


  1. I've never thought of using isopropyl alcohol to clean my brushes. Do you use this over shampooing your brushes?

    1. It's really only a spot cleaner - professionals use hospital grade isopropyl alcohol to spot clean between clients when they are unable to wash their brushes in soapy water. I wash my kit brushes properly, my personal ones, I'm too lazy. Haha.

      It doesn't always work though, especially for dense brushes that have been used with cream based products, they should be washed properly and hung to dry, but often if you need to sanitize a brush then and there, it is handy.