Friday, August 19, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part One

Once upon a time, I started reviewing products on Instagram. I didn't actually review them a formal sense, I just stated what I thought, and those thoughts were very vague (but honest). I give you the archive - Part 1 - my early #RivetReview posts.

#RivetReview had to start somewhere!

Even has a watermelon colour scheme!
Revo Lip Balm – Watermelon [Gift]

Original Review:
These little guys are so cute, and this tastes awesome. However, they are not without their cons, which are totally anecdotal. I find these do not moisturise my lips. I put it on and then it pretty much leaves my lips dry again after about 30 minutes, but I have dry skin. They're also a bit fiddly for us "no bag, just pockets" people. Mine always falls out!”

Any new thoughts?
After a while of using it, I did find that I just had an absolutely horrid case of dry lips at the time. A year after posting this, I've used Watermelon and Melon Mint at a later time with success. These lip balms are actually pretty good but can be difficult to find. I believe they are available at Woolworths these days.

Sugarbaby Sweet Cheeks Blush [Purchase] 

Original Review: 
I had been searching for Sugarbaby Sweet Cheeks Blush in “Peach” for months, and then my local Target had one! It is smooth and pigmented, so you don't have to use much, and it gives a lovely glow. It is perfect for a #porcelainprincess! There is another shade, "pink", which is darker and more, ironically, peach toned.”

Any new thoughts?
This blush remains one of my favourites. I've used it in so many looks and barely made a dent in it. It highlights and gives a flushed glow at the same time. Definitely a dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Hearts Baked Blush. Unfortunately, I think these might be discontinued as I have only seen these in clearance racks in Target.

Spray and wipe.
Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion [Purchase]

Original Review:
“Why do I love the Palmer's Spray Lotion? Because it is perfect for Spoonies*. No funny bending around, vigorous rubbing to let the product sink in or sensory distress. Just straight up spray, minimal energy used to spread product and it's done, in less than 30 seconds.”
*A Spoonie is a colloquialism coined by chronic illness and invisible disability support groups for young people.

Any new thoughts?I mix in Peppermint Oil with this for a nicer smelling alternative to Deep Heat. Still a great moisturiser in its own right.

1. Product. 2. Before cleansing. 3. After cleansing. 4. Finished.
Lush Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash [Purchase]

Original Review:
“I went to Lush in Bondi as I was interested in Kalamazoo Beard Wash for my friend Stew (aka Ned Kelly) since we were talking about hair oils the other night. A lovely sales assistant convinced me to have a demo. I really loved it, and I was sold. My first impressions of this product? It removes makeup really well. It's sort of like a Lush shower smoothie, but for your face. It cleanses without stripping. I can't say what it'll be like with beards, I don't have one, but my skin likes it! It is also super affordable, 240g for $18.95, which is an incredible amount of product for that price. So, if you don't have a beard, give this a go, and if you do, give this a go! I'm giving Stew some to play with.”

Any new thoughts?
Stew really liked it; his beard is glorious. I managed to use up the tub and get some great cleansing out of it. It's actually a very economical way to buy a cream cleanser for the face, and it performs well. I don't recommend going over the eyes with it, use an eye makeup remover first. Do leave it on for about a minute before you rinse it off, let the fruit enzymes do their exfoliating work!

NOTE: It is with great sadness that I announce the untimely passing of this wonderful bearded bloke on 6 Dec 2016. He was a good friend and I will miss him dearly. To Stew, aka Ned Kelly, I hope you're provided with the best beard grooming products that the universe has to offer.

The beard and face that used Kalamazoo.
Early days!

Note: Information not pertaining to the outcome of the product review may have been been edited. Purchase/PR sample/gift status has been stated on each item.

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