Monday, August 15, 2016


Welcome to my new official blog!

Posts here are more article-like in structure and will commence in a few days (or weeks, depending on how busy I am with college).

That fancy new logo I designed and stuff.
#RivetReview AND original content!
So I enjoy this writing thing way too much, and I finally motivated myself to get on the real-deal blogging bandwagon. I am slowly going to write new articles (1 or 2 per week for now) and in the mean time, archive my #RivetReview posts from Instagram on here and add to them! I have close to 150 posts under that hashtag, and I intend to get them all up here! I want to keep delivering product reviews!

What else will I be posting?
I hope to get some inspiration and write about all the awesome things that I see in Beauty Therapy, give the low-downs on how stuff works, in my own words. This blog will mainly be product focused, however, you'll see my mug here a lot! I'll be doing beauty event recaps.

What is happening to Instagram? 
It will continue, however, I will post links to new posts in the bio! I will aim to post everyday and have it become more of a casual type deal, rather than exclusively for product related content. I really love doing this, and it has taken way too long to get this happening. I really want to go across platforms to keep my options open, and staying only on one is not an ideal place to stay, have to keep moving!

See you when it starts!

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