Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sunday Riley Power Couple Kit - Good Genes & Luna - #RivetReview

Two best-sellers, one box, complementary actives.
Sunday Riley is a brand that resonates with cult beauty fiends because of its luxe status and powerful actives. The Power Couple, which was available at Mecca Cosmetica for a limited time, featured the two most popular products, Good Genes All-in-One and Luna Night Sleeping Oil.

These two were designed to be used together to assist with your skin's brightness, texture and cell turnover, using the AHA, Lactic Acid (in Good Genes) and Trans-Retinol Ester (in Luna). Simon Proietto of The Skincare Obsessive had told me about Good Genes a few years ago, and how his obsession with Retinol makes Luna one of his HG products, but what about my findings?

Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment claims to provide exfoliation (check), hydration (check) and a reduction in pigmentation (sort of check). 5% Lactic Acid partners with various Cactus extracts such as Prickly Pear and Blue Agave, along with the anti-inflammatory properties of Licorice and Arnica to create a daily exfoliating treatment that targets both hydration and pigmentation. Lactic acid works very effectively to loosen the dead skin cells that should have shed (a process called desquamation) to allow newer skin cells to show, and in turn, create a smooth and healthy complexion.

Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment
"Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment resonates with every Sunday Riley client. Its immediate plumping and lasting brightening, hyperpigmentation-reducing effects make it stand out as a key player in our lineup."
- Sunday Riley

It looks and feels like a very lightweight moisturiser, but has that classic yoghurt-like scent of lactic acid. Two pumps covers my whole face and neck. I found that by using Good Genes every second night (5 minutes after using Luna) to let it work as I slept; I woke up with glowing skin in the morning. Of course, I used sunscreen to protect my newly refreshed skin, it felt very hydrated and I did not have to use a physical exfoliant as often.

Deluxe size 15mL bottles share the same packaging as their full size counterparts.

Luna Night Sleeping Oil, on the other hand, is a facial oil that contains a Trans-Retinol Ester (a different molecule structure of Retinol, a precursor to Vitamin A), which is known to affect deeper skin cells, and assists in speeding up the cell renewal rate that slows down as you age. Luna is applied on clean skin in the evening to aid in smoothing lines and wrinkles, and targeting environmental damage from sun exposure and daily pollution from city living. The Trans-Retinol Ester is held in a luxurious blend of Avocado, Chia and Grapeseed oils for their moisturising and anti-oxidant properties, along with two kinds of Chamomile, Blue Tansy, and Rosemary essential oils.

Luna Night Sleeping Oil
"Luna Sleeping Night Oil is our answer to the age old question of how to create a powerful, anti-aging retinoid product that does not cause flakiness or irritation. Its gentle, but powerful trans-retinoic acid ester and soothing, blue essential oil blend ensures clear, bright, smooth skin without any negative side effects." - Sunday Riley

The beautiful blue colour (which matches my hair) drew me to the product, as well as the Retinol component. I unfortunately found that by using this every other night and for a week later, my skin had been so stimulated that I broke out. Little papules and blister-like marks on my chin, and horrid cystic zits that did not budge! I stopped using it for a while to let my skin heal and then restarted, the same occurrence. It seems like my skin does not like something in there. Don't know which ingredient, but I'm going to have to try other Retinol products to find out if my skin is just not accustomed to using it.

The Power Couple Kit was available at Mecca Cosmetica for a limited time and contained 15mL (half size) of each product for $128 vs $158 for 30mL for each individual product. As the exchange rate fluctuates, so do Mecca's prices, which are updated every three months.

This product was purchased myself.

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