Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lush - Avocado Co-Wash - #RivetReview

Avocado Co-Wash from Lush is a new product, being the first of its kind in the haircare range. Much like the oil cleansing method in skincare, this method of hair 'washing' (although not a new concept) has captivated me so much that I just had to try it out.
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I've heard of people doing the 'no-poo' hair cleansing method, one which really can create an uncomfortable environment for your scalp, and the 2-in-1 shampoo with conditioner saves time and space but is horrid for hair; haven't touched one of those since the 90s! Lush sent out 'Ideal Hair Day' kits to beauty media, and we got to chose between a few different packs. I chose the 'Quench' box which included a slice of the brand new co-wash product.

“What is co-washing exactly? Basically it means 'conditioner washing', in other words, cleansing your hair using a conditioner as opposed to a shampoo. By cutting down on the use of shampoo via a co-washing regime, hair is able to maintain its natural moisture levels and so becomes healthier and more resilient. However, co-washing is not just about skipping the shampoo and applying conditioner as you normally would; it assumes you will use your condition in place of your shampoo, too.” - Product Description, Lush Australia

Given that my hair is bleached from a very dark brown and dyed with semi-permanent blue, I don't wash it much (maybe a maximum of twice a week), and when I do, I tend to use shampoo designed for coloured hair and almost forego using standard conditioner with preference for a hair masque treatment, otherwise I wouldn't be able to brush my hair. I started using Avocado Co-Wash after refreshing my colour and needing to rinse excess product from my hair without compromising the pigment of the dye in my cuticle. As the dye sits on the outside of the hair shaft, it is susceptible to being rinsed away with every drop of water. This product is a block that you stroke over wet hair and massage ever so gently before rinsing out. It doesn't foam up at all.

Key ingredients in Avocado Co-Wash:
Fresh Avocado – Adds strength and promotes hair growth
Cocoa Butter – Moisturising agent
Cupuacu Butter – Moisturising agent
Rosemary, Nettle & Lavender Infusion – Rosemary is great for the scalp
Apple Cider Vinegar – Adds shine
Surfactants are present, they allow the product to be removed with water.

Kind of sounds like a salad dressing, doesn't it? It has a unique smell, much like a sweet, Greek style yoghurt, which comes down to the AC Vinegar. I originally thought it may have contained Lactic Acid because of the scent.

It was mint green.
It doesn't look fantastic now that it has been used, the red wax has come off and it's starting to wear down in the middle (hello splitsville). Three uses so far, my hair feels really clean after each use and the colour hasn't faded as quickly as it would have otherwise. The texture of my hair remains the same as if I were using regular shampoo and conditioner. I guess conditioner washing is better than those useless 2 in 1 shampoos! Avocado Co-Wash is going to be great in summer when I don't feel executing like the whole hair washing routine after I go swimming in chlorinated water. During the rest of winter, I'll wash my hair less often and use dry shampoo in between.

Avocado Co-Wash is available from Lush stores in Australia and online at for $15.95 per 100g.

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you think!

This product was supplied as a PR sample, my opinions are honest.


  1. I am so used to shampoo in a bottle it would be weird to use a soap style for hair washing. Keen to give it a try though. Feel free to link your posts up with me each weekend on my blog Flat Bum Mum. Bron

    1. Lush have done shampoo bars for years! :)