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If you watch morning television, you have no doubt seen this miracle ingredient flaunted around in paid segments that claim you can delay a face lift by using a cosmetic product; is it a marketing ploy or is there actual benefit? After researching products and the raw ingredient, does the ingredient live up to the claims?

Dragon's Blood is a colloquial term for the a red latex resin that is found in several flowering plants around the world, however, the one we are talking about here comes from Croton Lechliri (Sangre De Drago) plant that is native to Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. For many years, indigenous peoples have been using the sap as a “liquid bandage” to seal wounds and encourage healing.

* Anti-inflammatory (Taspine, an alkaloid found in the sap.#)
* Anti-bacterial
* Anti-viral
* Barrier function (second skin)
* Relieves sting from insect bites
* Assists with wound healing (Belgian study – found crude sap has the ability to contract wounds, form scabs and form collagen 10-20 times faster than nothing at all.#)
* FDA approved treatment for gastrointestinal manifestations of HIV (Proanthocyanidin – an antioxidant found in the sap.#)

Image: Sap liquid in Glycerine -   
It does seem to have practical and medical applications outside of cosmetic use, but what does it claim to do for your skin? In a nutshell, it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, plus loads of antioxidants; things that can turn a skincare product from therapeutic to active. As mentioned in the Belgian study, it assists in forming collagen.

Image: Sap powder -

Products using the ingredient as the star of the show claim to improve hydration and texture, however, there is no information pertaining to humectant properties, it really just comes down to the fact that several of these products also contain Hylauronic Acid. Dragon's Blood may be the star, but it has a completely different mechanism of action.

Products containing Dragon's Blood.
Not pictured: Skin Physics Gentle 3-in-1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser [PR], it lives in my shower, Klara Cosmetics RESET Dragon's Blood Mask [Purchase], could not find the product to purchase for this flatlay.

These products are all sold as having Dragon's Blood as the main active, and I have been playing around a lot with these products recently. They all have one thing in common; they all soothe my skin. The colour scheme of the packaging is just a given, since the resin is red. I do give credit to this powerhouse that leaves my skin feeling soft and soothed.

Reviews for each individual product will be linked as they are posted.

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