Tuesday, September 20, 2016

QV Cream - #RivetReview

If you have ever had sore, dry and highly sensitized skin, you will have probably been wandering up to your local pharmacy to find a product that is suitable to use for your condition. The famous white bottles with the blue logo have probably caught your eye. Ego Pharmaceuticals' QV have been saving Australian skin since 1975, mine included during periods of painful dermatitis. Sometimes, it's the simplest formulas that really stand out.
Image credit: https://qvskincare.com.au/product/qv-cream

QV Cream is a rich, emollient and occlusive cream that creates a barrier between your skin and the outside world, allowing to protect sore and dry conditions that may affect the function, which is to keep things out.

This is possibly one of the least irritating moisturising products on the market because of its simplicity. The basis of this product is Paraffin (highly refined Mineral Oil for cosmetic and medical use) because of the occludent properties, and it has practically zero toxicity to humans when applied topically. Glycerin and Squalene join in to create a water drawing and moisturising properties which are really needed for dry skin. The cream is thick and very rich, a little goes a long way.

Common irritants such as fragrances, essential oils and colourants are excluded, and are what make this really popular for use on babies and with the elderly population.

Seriously, the best.
This means business. When I start to itch, I go straight towards my QV Cream. I wouldn't call it a greasy moisturiser, it's actually quite softening, but it really does give that barrier effect. I use it anywhere and everywhere, that means even my face, which is sometimes necessary in order to really deeply moisturise and calm my skin, because there are times when face creams just do not cut it; dry skinned folk will understand.

QV Cream and the rest of the QV range are available at leading pharmacies, from $6.99RRP and comes in a 100g tube (as pictured), 250g and 500g tubs and a 1L pump bottle.

This product was supplied as a PR sample, my thoughts are honest.

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