Friday, September 16, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part Four

When reviewing products, you have to dig deep, analyze ingredients, claims, how to use the product and then you can give your final outcome. Not quite there yet, but as time went on, #RivetReview became more detailed. Future archive posts will be reduced to two products per post until we reach the point where my detail warrants individual posts.

The products in this part are in this photo!

Note: Information not pertaining to the outcome of the product review may have been been edited. Purchase/PR sample/gift status has been stated on each item.

Travel sized products rule!
Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream [Gift]

Original Review:
I do find that the whole "oxygenating" property (or more so, marketing terminology) to be a bit against biology, because excessive oxygen promotes cell destruction and/or mutation (by means of free radicals) and requires hardcore antioxidants to counteract this (because science), but aside from marketing mumbo jumbo, I kind of really like this cream for its humectant properties. Like the day cream, it doesn't evaporate. It leaves my skin feeling soft and plump and works really well with a facial oil.”

Any new thoughts?
My science was a little bit off, excessive oxygen can kill, but the cream itself is actually really nice. I still have another one floating around.

Chemist Warehouse has you covered.
W7 Double Up Volume Water-Proof Mascara [Purchase]

Original Review:
W7 make some really cool cosmetics and have loads of mascaras. I have only picked up this one, the Double Up Volume water-proof Mascara from the range. At first, it seems really gimmicky, and it is. It's a two step system that uses the same wand that I'm really not sure what it does in the first step? I can't describe it, but it's a wand within a wand when you get to step two. BUT, this mascara does its job and gives lovely volume without the clump. It's almost like a gel formula. I really like it as a formula (I mean, look at my lashes!!!)
I unfortunately had managed to get my usual watery eyes cutting onions, and this formula smudged, so I'm not 100% sure of its waterproof-ness, but I like it.”

Any new thoughts?

It wasn't very water-proof at all. Whilst my lashes did look nice, I didn't really like the mascara after a while because of its trickery and “two-step” system. I'm pretty sure this got discontinued.

Crappy packaging with really good product inside.
Boe Beauty Pressed Powder Compact “Fair” [Purchase]

Original Review:
A $2 face powder? What? Boe Beauty have an entire range of cosmetics for $2! This is their pressed powder in fair. Sure, $2 is getting you a rather flimsy package, but it's what's inside that counts. The powder! I am so thrilled to have bought this because it is my current fave pressed powder. It's actually a perfect match. I don't use it to set foundation, so I don't know how well it works for that, but I do use it over BB creams and the like. I also use it over my eyelids and to set eyebrow products (usually pencil or pomade) for stay put brows. Yes, $2 gets you something awesome!”

Any new thoughts?
 I cannot flaw this product, it is actually really good at setting foundation too. Since growing back my eyebrows, I don't set my pomade/pencil.

Putting on the Spritz!
Sukin Natural Deodorant [Purchase]

Original Review:
“Sukin make pretty nice stuff, and their deodorant spritz is no exception. It has a nice fragrance and does a decent job at making me stink-free, and without it being overly powerful and perfumed. Works well for when I'm doing animal shelter shifts, where I can't wear heavy perfumed deo. It smells like sweet citrus, lavender and vanilla, an overall pleasant cocktail of essential oils. I use this everyday, and the bottle lasts me several weeks, maybe 2 months. I actually came across this when I was searching for a cruelty free deodorant in a bottle, and given that I keep repurchasing it, means it's good, and it's also super cheap at around $5-6!”

Any new thoughts?
Several bottles later, quite a good product. It's really refreshing as a body spritz too. I have moved on to stick/roll-on deodorants with antiperspirants.

See, getting better and actually breaking down the product's components, rather than just my thoughts and uses.

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