Thursday, September 29, 2016

Travel Essentials: Rivet's packed her bags and gone to Melbourne!

If you are reading this between 28th September - 4th October 2016, I am currently away in Melbourne. I don't get to travel often, so when it is time to pack items to take for a stay away from the precious collection of dozens of beauty products, I'm generally useless. Here are the products I have managed to bring with me on this 6 day “I need to get out of Sydney for a few days, but not too many, because I'll miss my dog too much” getaway.

Reason 1 for visiting Melbourne.

Reason 2 for visiting Melbourne.
Melbourne is home to some of my family and many friends, including Simon Proietto of The Skincare Obsessive, my BFF in blogging and life.

Nobody really needs three moisutrisers.

Meet DERMALOGICA - $59.00AUD  (Currently $29.00 AUD from Dermalogica)
A collection of Dermalogica's most popular products in trial-size packaging, convenient for travel.
Cleanser – Special Cleansing Gel 50mL
Exfoliant – Daily Microfoliant 13g
Moisturiser – Skin Smoothing Cream 22mL
Eye Cream – Multivitamin Power Firm 5mL
I've used these products in treatments (on clients) plenty of times, and have had them used on me, but by my skin type, I would probably substitute Special Cleansing Gel with Essential Cleansing Solution as it is less drying than SCG, however, these products can be used on all skin types. This kit was gifted to me by my college after I attended an extracirricular activity.

Mecca Cosmetica: To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+ 30mL - $18.00AUD
Melbourne's weather is going to be unpredictable, and that looming giant hole in the ozone layer in Antarctica is closer to Melbourne than it is to Sydney, so a moon-tanner such as myself needs only the highest grade of sunscreen. My convenient purchase of this sunscreen in the travel size was a great investment.

Swisse: Micellar Nakeup Remover 125mL - $6.99AUD
There's no doubt that I'll be wearing makeup, and something has to take it off. This is one of my favourite makeup removers, and this convenient 125mL size is just what I need for my bag.

GAIA Skin Naturals: Refreshing Toner 50mL - $12.95AUD (for 125mL size)
A toner mist is a must. Sometimes I need that refreshing spritz during the day, or else there will be dry skin consequences. And maybe burning.

No BO, bad breath or dry skin!

LUSH: The Comforter Shower Cream 100mL - $10.50AUD
Lush is imporant for the shower, so a small bottle of the blackcurrant goodness of The Comforter will see me well.

Dermalogica: Environmental Control Deodorant 64g - $30.50AUD
There isn't enough product left in my current deodorant to justify taking it with me, so I decided to start up this product instead. A SOLID choice, no leaks.

QV Cream 100mL - $6.99AUD 
Can't afford any dry skin issues! Melbourne's climate is rather different, and it is still cold around October, but who knows what it will be like. It's actually so different from Sydney that my body suffers when I don't use a body cream.

DECIEM: Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream 30mL - $13.99AUD
Hands are really important and if they are not taken care of, I'll be in trouble! This hand cream is non-greasy and deeply hydrating, so it is definitely coming along.

LUSH: Oral Pleasure Toothy Tabs 50g - $10.95AUD
Surprise! I always take these with me to Melbourne, and if I get too sensitive, I'll steal my Dad's sensitive toothpaste. I chose this flavour because I like it and it's already open.

Eco-friendly hair care?

LUSH: Avocado Co-Wash 30g left out of 100g - $15.95AUD
This was a rather large chunk of product, but after several uses, it has dwindled to give me only a few more washes. All the better to carry in my bag and not have things spill everywhere. Solid products are so good for travel.

Ambiance: Dry Shampoo in No Tint 14g - $34.95AUD
Non-aerosol products are sometimes the best to travel with, even if they are tricky to use. This dry shampoo definitely needs a bit of skill, but the fact that I need to save space on cosmetics means that it has to come on this trip.

Richard Ward: Tangle Angel Cherub - $16.00AUD from Beauty Bay
A large hairbrush isn't something I want to drag around. This lives in my travel bag anyway.

Just the lone makeup brush, I don't intend on doing much.

The following products are going to come with me because of their versitility and travel-friendly nature; absolutely nothing to do with the fact they are always in my travel bag.
Eylure: Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Touch In Sol: Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream *SAMPLE SIZE*
REVO Lip Balm: Melon Mint
PUR Cosmetics: 4 in 1 Mineral Powder in Porcelain
Designer Brands: Beyond Amplifying Mascara
NYX Cosmetics: Lip Lingerie in Corset
+ more products that I actually don't need to take with me, but are just in my bag.

Fragrance Atomizers 5mL - $2.80AUD from Daiso
Etat Libre d'Orange: True Lust
Lush: Furze

Bags & Storage:
Manicare X We Are Handsome Flamingo Bag (LE gift)
Vaultz Leopard Pencil Case (purchased at Aldi)
Australis TAKE MY HEART BUT NOT MY MAKEUP (Blogger gift)

Who knows what Melbourne has in store for my skin. Remember to keep up on Instagram!

Some products featured in this post have been supplied by PR or given as gifts, some were purchased myself, these circumstances don't affect what has been featured in this post; this story is unsponsored and 100% honest. RRPs are accurate at time of publishing.


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