Friday, September 30, 2016

#RivetReview Archive - Part Six

Part six of the #RivetReview archive takes a look at WOTNOT Facial Wipes and the Antipodes Apostle Brightening Serum. I also find burning sensations and cosmetic chemistry go together hand in hand, and also my thoughts on these products below!

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Note: Information not pertaining to the outcome of the product review may have been been edited. Purchase/PR sample/gift status has been stated on each item. 

WOTNOT Naturals
WOTNOT Facial Wipes 5pk [Gift]

Original review:
"WOTNOT Naturals make eco-friendly facial wipes. I received this 5 pack from Glamour Affair and cracked it open the other day. I initially used it to wipe my feet instead of washing them so I could use a peel treatment. I used two for my face. I felt they were a little too strong for my skin, but if I rinsed my face after, it was fine. I do also find they sting my eyes a bit, so maybe I shouldn't use them to remove eye makeup. Ah well, sorry this review couldn't be more useful, but they work wonders for feet and body spot cleansing! I may have to try the sensitive version."

Any new thoughts?
I really did not like these because of how reactive my [facial] skin was. These wipes were okay for my feet and that's about it, I wouldn't use these on my face or near my eyes. Some natural things just don't want to play nice.

Apostle serum
Antipodes Apostle Brightening Serum [Gift]

Original review:
"I'm slowly getting through all the skincare I have accumulated (PR samples and purchases), and the last opening was the Antipodes Apostle Brightening Serum. I have been using this for about 2 weeks now as part of my routine. I find it dries and tightens my skin, but I mix it with 3-4 drops of Rosehip Oil and it does great. I have pigmentation from dermatitis and freckles. I have noticed the dark, dull spots from the dermatitis look less, crap, to say the least. As I have freckles, my skin stays the same colour in summer, with darker spots. My face doesn't tan uniformly. Actually, I don't even tan, I just become slightly more yellow. I hope I can diminish my freckles more. It has a bunch of botanical actives; enzymes from kiwi fruit and anti inflammatory agents from Pinot Noir leaves. I need to do more research into this. Forgive me, my brain has been dodgy these past few days!"

Any new thoughts?
This lasted me a while and the results were really visible. As my first brightening serum, I am really happy that I got to try this, I wouldn't mind repurchasing. Here is to Priceline's next big skincare sale! This product ticks all the boxes for brightening, so a dull complexion will be lifted.

End with footnote about reviews starting to get attention and assure readers that this paragraph was written on purpose.

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