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Juliette Armand - Skin Boosters CHRONOS Therapy - #RivetReview

The team at Juliette Armand, whom I met at Beauty Expo in August, were kind enough to invite me for a treatment to their Skin Moods Clinic up in Hornsby (a fairly long trek from my home in Sydney's South East). I took the opportunity when I needed a salon/clinic to do a case study for a module at college. Up to Hornsby I went on a pleasant Saturday morning.

The undercover, discrete car park.
 Juliette Armand are a self-sufficient Cosmeceutical and Para-Medical skin care company from Athens, Greece, run by Chemist Ioulia Armagou. They cater to all skin types, conditions and concerns, with the added bonus of customisability to create a personalised treatment plan with three different product categories.
The Elements range consists of 36 products that address 7 categories; Hydration, Eye Care, Prevention & Protection, Biological Ageing, Sensitive Skin, Oiliness & Acne, and Body.
The SkinBoosters range are para-medical in-salon treatments performed by a Dermal Therapist, and have five different therapies as an alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures such as injectibles and surgery. The treatments are followed up with complementary home care products.
The SunFilm range offers finishing products with SPF ratings suitable for the Australian UV index.

Modern purple and orange theme.
Main product display and treatment room.
 The Skin Moods Clinic:
The modern medi-spa clinic offers a range of treatments including Facials with Elements and SkinBoosters, along with offering Waxing, Tinting, Body treatments, and IPL, LED photorejuvination and skin-needling.
In the back area, there is a training centre for salons and clinics who wish to offer services using Juliette Armand products in their businesses.
The main office and distribution warehouse are in the same building.

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I received the Chronos Therapy treatment, the alternative to having wrinkle fillers. The treatment itself offers hydration and a plump appearance. My treatment was a one off as it was provided as a PR sample service for review, the treatment plan is generally performed 10 times, either 2x a week for 5 weeks, or 1x a week for 10 weeks, with the former being preferred for maximum results. The treatment can also be performed to prolong results of dermal fillers. Three home care products are recommended for use during the treatment.

The Treatment:
It was very interesting as a Beauty Therapist in training to be on the receiving end of a facial by somebody who has their own techniques outside of what you're used to. Maree, a Beauty and Dermal Therapist of 20+ years, performed my treatment.
Nightmare fuel.
Cleanser: Elements 03 Hydra Cleansing Milk
Second Cleanse: Elements 03 Hydra Cleansing Lotion
Peeling Gel: AHA/BHA professional concentration peel
Hydra Serum: Intense hydration serum packed with Hyaluronic Acid
Latex Mask: 20 minutes under a rubber mask to infuse the Hydra Serum (hilarity ensues)
Anti-Age Serum: Enriched with peptides
Ana-Plastic Mask: A second mask, left on for 5 minutes to activate and then massaged in for a further 5
Antioxidant Oil: Massaged into the skin to deeply moisturise
Anti-Age Cream: The final touch to the treatment
SPF: SunFilm Gel SPF 30+

The Result:
My skin was glowing, and felt really hydrated. It almost felt as though I had my favourite electrical modality used, the microcurrent "Non-Surgical Face Lift" machine. Just to have cosmetic products do close to the same as a machine is incredible. I'd say my lips were also plumped up.

Chronos in-salon and home care plus training centre.
Home care products (prices in AUD):
The following products are recommended to get maximum results from Chronos Therapy.
Hydra Anti-Tox Serum - 30mL - $111.95 
Wrinkle Correct Cream - 50mL - $133.95
Wrinkle Filler - 10mL - $127.95
Use for morning and night during SkinBoosters treatment.
SunFilm Gel SPF 30+ - 55mL - $55.50
Treatment parameters:
I'm in my late twenties, so the results from one treatment overall probably would mimic somebody with a more mature condition having several treatments. I got the results I was expecting, intense hydration and firmness. The fact that it even felt like a micro-current treatment astounded me, as they generally go for around the same price point per treatment, without a facial included. Chronos is $130 per treatment, but once you add up the cost of what fillers, or a series of non-surgical face lifts, or even a surgical face lift will set you back, you are in fact, saving yourself a lot of money on treatment and product. If you cannot have surgery or are contraindicated to receiving fillers or electric treatments, this is a great alternative option.

Myself with Maree, Jayne and a glowing face!

Want a treatment?

Maree Favier - 0408 997 922
By appointment only on Tuesdays and Saturdays
Unit 1/42 Leighton Place, Hornsby NSW 2077

 This story comes with a huge thanks to Maree and Jayne from Juliette Armand, who provided this service and product information for PR purposes. My opinions are honest.

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